What is a Free Online Wordle Indonesia Game Website

Rancakmedia.com– Game Wordle which is a social networking game on Twitter, has surprised many users, you can play it on this game's website, because this game is being talked about a lot.

This Wordle game is a very easy English word guessing game that can only be played on a website.

Worlde is a basic guessing game in the browser, but there's something that makes it unique from conventional games besides going viral and famous on various social media! What exactly is Wordle? This is where you will find it!

Early Wordle Game Websites

Wordle was invented by Josh Wardle, a New York-based software developer, according to wsj.com. He started work on a prototype in 2013 and finished it just in time for the pandemic for his wordplay-loving partner.

Early Wordle Game Websites

The Wordle Game Website is Different from Other Games

Unlike conventional guessing games, Wordle deliberately limited his guessing questions to one word each day, and a maximum of five letters distinguishes the game to this day!

Interestingly, the game is built using basic terms, so the difficulty level of the quiz is very easy for players of all ages to approach, and of course confidentiality between players is most welcome when discussing results!

Originally for Fellow Relatives

For Josh Wardle and his girlfriend who both love wordplay, the New York Times reported that Josh Wardle created a charades game that was titled after playing on his last name.

Initially, there were only 90 people playing on November 1, 2021, but as of January 2022, the game has over 300,000 entrants. The concept for the green, yellow and black emoji boxes you receive when you submit your own results came from Wardle who found different players sharing their results secretly using the box codes, so he made an automated version of them later on!

There's an Indonesian Version!

Thanks to the success of this game, there is now an Indonesian adaptation called Katla, which can be accessed through the website katla.vercel.app with 5 words, six tries at a time, but with Indonesian vocabulary!

Instead of basic Indonesian terms, every fifth word in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is used in this parallel version, which increases the complexity.

How To Play Wordle Game Website

Getting into this game is quite easy. Use a desktop or mobile browser to access the game's website. Wordle can be found on this official site of powerlanguage, you get six chances to guess the secret five letter word today.

When you enter a word as a guess, the game will tell you which letters are or are not in the word you entered. This game is free and contains no ads.

The secret word must be found in as few guesses as possible to win. If you want to know details about how to play game world please see more detailed information in the following article.

What Are Green and Yellow Squares

As you guess in the game, the letter tiles change color to represent how close you are to the hidden word.

If you guess "tired," and the "W" turns green, it indicates a secret word starting with "W." It's in the word, but not where the "E" should be, otherwise the "E" turns yellow. Any letters not in the secret word are grayed out.

Does the Wordle Game Have an App

No. It's only playable on the game's website, and its inventor claims he didn't mean to turn it into an app. But that doesn't prevent other people from designing their own copycat games to cash in on the fad.

The fake Wordle software has climbed to the top of the most downloaded list on Apple Inc.'s App Store. in the past week. However, Apple said late on Tuesday that the program would be removed.

Played the Wordle Game More Than Once

Played the Wordle Game More Than Once

Some players have found a method to achieve this: They use the Wayback Machine, an open internet archive where you can access Wordle websites from the past and play ancient games.

To enter “hard mode”, there are settings to choose from. So if a letter turns green or yellow, you should use that letter on your next hunch! Whether it's challenging or not depends on how you play.

Some keep guessing the term using the right letters. Others, when they cannot find a word with the correct letter, guess with a term that has a different letter. To switch to hard mode, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the game and click to enable hard mode.

How the Wordle Game Website Goes Viral

Mr Wardle said the game started to take off in mid-November, when engineer Andy Baio posted a link to the game on his blog. Wardle then made it easy to share the results by publishing green and yellow boxes on Facebook, Twitter, and texting apps, and the game went global from there.

“The Tonight Show” presenter Jimmy Fallon tweeted frequently about the game, helping to increase its popularity.

How Many People Are Playing?

Still mentioning from wsj.com, around 1.8 million people participated on January 7, 2022, claims Wardle, while only 90 were playing on November 1, 2021. Wordle lets individuals guess secret words only once per day, publishing new ones at midnight in the zone. the. time for each player.

How to Good at Playing the Wordle Game

The once a day feature also helps the game go viral. It is possible for participants to discuss how they did it and the assumptions they made because everyone received the same game of Wordle at midnight local time around the world.

Wardle believes that if this is made into a shared experience, it will be more powerful. There is much debate among fans about the ideal approach to play. Wordle himself admitted that he did not know the ideal method. He corrected me, saying, “you asked the wrong person.” “I'm terrible at that,” he admits.

Good Way to Play Game World

Avid players often have a preferred opening phrase they believe gives them the quickest response. Two groups have emerged: those who use heavy vowel words first, such as "adieu" or "arose", and those who pursue frequent consonants with terms such as "glaring".

Some people have gone so far as to develop spreadsheets to keep track of the letters that appear most often in five-letter words. A player concludes that it is E, S, A, R and O and chooses to use "arose" as his first guess.

However, there are some who just flap their fingers and type whatever comes to mind. Look for Wordle Facebook groups such as WORDLE Friends where individuals discuss strategies, ideas, and pointers if you get stuck.


The Wordle game was invented by Josh Wardle, a New York-based software developer. There is an Indonesian adaptation called Katla, which can be accessed via the website katla.vercel.app with 5 words, 6 try at once.

Wordle lets you guess the secret five letter word of the day. The secret word must be found in as few guesses as possible. Apple has removed the Wordle software from its App Store, but others have designed their own copycat games.

Wordle allows individuals to guess a secret word only once per day, publishing a new one at midnight in each player's time zone. The once a day feature also helped the game go viral, allowing participants to discuss how they did it and what assumptions they made.

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