Understanding Computer Operating Systems and How They Work

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Generally a computer operating system is needed to connect software with hardware.

Operating system computer is very important for the overall functioning of the device. An operating system is a software package that enables a computer to operate.

This is because the operating system offers commands as well as a mediator between the user and the computer. Learn how to use a computer operating system.

What is the Work of a Computer Operating System

A computer operating system is a system that consists of a number of work components to work procedures. These parts are used in computer transmission and operation of electronic gadgets.

In addition, a computer operating system is a component and function technique that is on a computer. Its main function is to connect computers, software, and hardware together for users.

Understanding Computer Operating Systems

Computer Operating System Functions

After knowing the meaning of a computer operating system, now we will explore how a computer operating system works. The basic role of a computer operating system is to administer and manage the resources on the computer.

Apart from that, the computer operating system is responsible for providing the essential features and functions to the end users. Children, it will be simpler and more efficient to use computer equipment. An important role of the computer operating system is to manage the data stored on the computer.

How Computer Operating Systems Work

  1. The computer operating system performs process management or performs scheduling, file creation, and others.
  2. After receiving the user's instructions, the computer's operating system will start working.
  3. If instructions have been received, they are translated into data by the computer software.
  4. After the operating system processes and executes the instructions, the appearance of the computer or hardware will change.

How Computer Operating Systems Work

Examples of Computer Operating Systems

Windows, for example, is one of the most widely used operating systems today. This operating system continues to progress like Windows 10, Windows Vista, and so on.

Not only Windows because there are also Linux and MacOS operating systems. This operating system is featured on many Apple devices, this operating system continues to experience development. Quoting from the book (2020), the fundamental role of the operating system is to manage resources on the computer.

In addition, the operating system functions as a service to users, making it easier for them to take advantage of the many available computer resources.

In addition, a computer's operating system is responsible for keeping track of all data stored on it, and ensuring all software and hardware are functioning properly.

Types of Computer Operating Systems

In the book Smart Conveyor Development on IoT-Based Goods Tracking (2020) by Syafrial Fachri Pane, et al, there are four types of computer operating systems, namely:

MS-DOS (Disk Operating System)

MS DOS is the earliest computer operating system. It appears to be different from today's computer operating systems, in that instructions are conveyed in writing.

The main benefit of MS DOS is that it doesn't take up as many computer resources as RAM. However, the problem is that the instructions are presented on paper and there are no pictures at all.

Windows Operating System

Windows is the most widely used operating system globally. Not only that, Windows is also easy to find on various desktops or laptops.

It is very easy to use and set up the Windows operating system. Viruses are the biggest threat, but there are other dangers too.

Linux Operating System

Linux is also quite commonly used by computer users, but the numbers are not as big as the Windows operating system. The flexibility of the Linux operating system lends itself to customization by end users.

The fundamental benefit of the Linux operating system is that it can be customized as needed, but this can only be done by someone who is tech-savvy. The biggest problem is that the installation technique is more difficult than Windows.

Computer Operating System Functions

Mac OS Operating System

Macintosh is another name for Mac OS. Only Apple machines can use this operating system. There are substantially fewer MacOS users than Windows and Linux users.

The main benefit of the MacOS operating system is that it is not easily susceptible to viruses. The biggest disadvantage is that it is more difficult to run the operating system than Windows or Linux.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about computer operating systems, as follows:

What Is The Main Purpose Of A Computer System?

The main purpose of a computer system is to manage data to produce information so it needs to be supported by elements consisting of hardware, software and brainware.


An operating system is a software package that enables a computer to operate. Windows, for example, is one of the most widely used operating systems today. Kids, it's simpler and more efficient if you use a computer device instead of an 'operating system'.

That's an article about understanding a computer operating system and how it works, I hope the above information can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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