Sakura School Simulator Apk Latest Version – If you want to download a unique and interesting simulator game, you can download the latest version of Sakura School Simulator Apk which is available on the Google Play Store.

On Android devices, Sakura School Simulator can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. Unfortunately, at the moment not all Android devices can be used to play this unusual and funny simulation game.

About the game Sakura School Simulator Apk

Sakura Simulator is a game that has a mobile device simulation genre that you can easily download the file for.

About the game Sakura School Simulator Apk

This game was developed by developer Garusoft Development Inc. which is based in Japan and is known for various types of anime cartoons.

This includes the game Sakura School Simulator Apk when viewed from the point of view of users who like adorable and unusual anime characters.

Because you can play as many different anime characters in our Sakura School games from around the world.

The game is also an open game that lets all players explore anything that has a normal school feel to it. That is, in this game you will actually be a student who is in a school like in the real world.

Apart from that, in this Sakura School game you can also interact with other characters controlled by other people.

You will definitely be brought into the school environment by becoming a high school student who receives a proper education at the Sakura Town school.

The title as the best game in its class is not wrong if it is given to this Sakura School Simulator Apk game. because if you look at it as a whole, the narrative in the game is certainly interesting and of course this one game has the most complete structure and mechanism in its class.

Because you will be able to interact with other students and have full control over the actions of your character. Meanwhile, if you download this game in the apk mode version, then you can enjoy many of the free features provided by the maker.

Not only that, as in general, there are many benefits from a game that uses the apk mod system.

Then all players can enjoy one of the endless money feature which is without a doubt one of the most desirable advantages for everyone who tries to play it.

Of course, this comes with additional benefits which incidentally can benefit all players who have downloaded it to play.

For example, the game removes all ads, then unlocks all gear and skins, allowing you to customize your character any way you choose.

Description of New Sakura School Simulator Apk Game

Although then there are two versions of this Sakura School game which is recommended for all gamers who want to download it.

But of the two versions you may try to play, what's more, you can quickly download it using the free download service.

After that, you can play this Sakura School game as much as you like on your Android device. It's a good idea to listen to the following explanation to the end to satisfy your curiosity about this game:

Description of New Sakura School Simulator Apk Game

As said before, it is a simulation game in which the player assumes the game of various school students.

Even though they were at a disadvantage, the characters in the Sakura School game might be able to get back up to continue the game, making it more entertaining.

You can play to your heart's content in this Sakura School Simulator Apk game at any time and you don't need to root the device you are using.

Because this game does not have a large capacity and can be modified to various types of Android mobile devices.

To play Sakura School on a device other than an Android phone or tablet, you only need to use an Android emulator. Installing games on your PC or computer will be very easy from then on.

As a high school student in this Sakura School game, you will interact with other students and teachers. Apart from that, there will be other characters trying to attack you throughout the game and of course you have to avoid or even fight.

This game has a capacity of 169 MB which requires you to leave free space on the device that you will use if you want to download it.

At least you have 3GB of RAM or more so that this Sakura School game can perform well when you play.

Awesome Features in the Original Sakura School Simulator Apk

So this game is very basic in the mechanics of its use and of course this game is quite suitable for you to play. Controlling the game character is as easy as using two fingers to perform the appropriate task.

Your right hand can control the character in this Sakura School Simulator Apk game to move like attacking and so on.

Meanwhile, the left hand can control your character to carry out scenarios or explore actions in this unique game.

Just like in the everyday life of people or students studying in Sakura City, you can achieve anything in the game too.

You can engage with other friends, visit your classmate's residence, or commit acts of anarchy in the game.

Interestingly, in this game you can choose and build characters as you wish, such as choosing the female or male genre. Changes to the appearance of the characters in this game include everything from eye color to hairstyles.

You can also customize your character's appearance by choosing clothes that you think are suitable for this Sakura School game. much more interesting you can attack other players who are also involved in this unique game.

You won't have any trouble installing Sakura School on your smartphone, of course. You just need to click on the download button that we have provided in this post and then you can easily follow the installation process.

Awesome Features in the Original Sakura School Simulator Apk

Sakura School Simulator is a fun game that lets players carry out lots of daily tasks with a pretty realistic look.

Fun Gameplay in Original Sakura School Simulator Apk

The more you play it and do a lot of tasks, the more you can become a winner in Sakura School Simulator.

This unique game includes a lot of excellent elements that you should check before downloading it. Below are the interesting elements of Sakura School Simulator that you can enjoy.

1. Very Unique Character Outfit

One of the characters in this simulation game is Gemini. Gemini displays quite a lot of clothing and has an interesting style.

The actual Japanese school uniform will be on display for your fictional character. But that's not the only outfit there is.

To attend some in-game events, you can change your character's wardrobe to one of the available clothing collections.

So the character you play will be much more interesting. To get all the interesting outfits you have to do goals and events.

2. Weapons to Beat Opponents

Like the Grand Theft Auto game, Sakura School Simulator is also armed with a variety of weapons. The amount of arsenal is large enough that you can use it to destroy your enemies and whoever you want to beat.

How to Download the Original Sakura School Simulator Apk

you have to defeat the bad guys to complete some objectives. To make work easier, take advantage of the weapons you already have. After the task is completed, you get a reward. Is there a place where you can get weapons?

One way to do this is by borrowing weapons from the Yakuza. Or you may also have your own weapon after completing missions or by buying it.

3. Vehicles to Move to Another Place

This unique simulator game also features a wide variety of cars. You can use a car to move from one site to another more easily and quickly. No need to walk far or waste time on the road anymore.

In the original Sakura School Simulator Apk, other vehicles that can be used include cars, airplanes and so on. The car that you can use is the car that is currently in the garage where your character is in the game.

If the car is not in the garage, then you cannot use the vehicle and must walk to go to other areas of the game.

4. Amusement Park for Refreshing

The “Amusement Park” from the game Sakura School Simulator has a playground that players can access whenever they want.

This place contains various facilities that can be used freely by the characters in the game. You can play games or do tasks here as your character.

Like the original playground, this one offers a wide variety of activities. From scary haunted houses to exhilarating carousels, there's something for everyone. There's even a castle in the latest version.

The amusement park in this game has a function like a playground in general, you can visit it when you are tired of doing quests or fighting with NPC characters.

1. Very Unique Character Outfit

5. Challenging Water Park

Apart from the Amusement Park, the Water Park is an interesting place in this Sakura simulator game. This water park has recently undergone a major overhaul, resulting in many new attractions. Characters have access to rides.

The pools in this water park are very demanding and must be explored by each character. In addition to having fun, the water park in the original Sakura School Simulator Apk can also be used as a site for performing purposes.

Your goal in this water park simulator game is to avoid getting lost or having trouble getting out because the park is huge and confusing.

6. Unique UFO Shaped Vehicles

Want to drive a car that's not only cool but also unusual? Then you should try this Sakura School Simulator game.

This game features quite strange vehicles, especially UFOs. You can use them to go to other areas of the game.

Apart from that, UFO vehicles can also be used to spy on enemies that you will destroy. Only the latest version of Sakura School Simulator has access to this thrilling new vehicle. That's why Sakura School Simulator is highly sought after.

7. Various Interesting Game Characters

There are several characters that you can play in this Sakura School Simulator game. Players can choose the character they like the most or even build their own character so that the character they play will be more distinctive and more in accordance with the wishes of each player.

2. Weapons to Beat Opponents

The presence of people involved in the game will make this game much more interesting than other simulation games.

Existing characters also will not make the players feel bored in playing this game. You can change character anytime you want.

Fun Gameplay in Original Sakura School Simulator Apk

Gameplay is the plot in a game that everyone who is interested in playing a particular game should know about.

Before downloading this Sakura game, you need to understand the plot first so that later you can follow the story more easily.

There are several aspects of Sakura School Simulator that must be mastered in order to progress, including exploration and lots of objectives to complete. The following is the gameplay of Sakura School Simulator.

1. Exploration

One of the simplest ways to play this simulation game is to explore or explore in the game. Every player must investigate first, especially when playing this game for the first time.

Exploration is carried out with the aim of knowing everything in the game. Players will be able to perform all kinds of tasks more easily once they master the locale of the game.

3. Vehicles to Move to Another Place

Jobs will be completed quickly and rewards can be earned instantly.

2. Complete Missions

Completing the objectives provided is the next major gameplay element on par with exploration.

The missions are also very different and interesting. There are a number of pre-existing missions that you can take on. Or you can also carry out the objectives given by the NPC characters in the game.

The tasks to be performed are also very different. you can go to a certain location or engage in combat, for example.

You have complete control over which missions you undertake and the rewards you get. There is no obligation to complete the task.

To carry out the objective in the form of a battle, the player must borrow a weapon or make use of the weapon currently owned. It is important for players to complete missions to get their bonuses and rewards.

3. The fight

Even though the name of the game is the original Sakura School Simulator Apk, this game is not only about the cheerful life of a schoolboy. Sakura School Simulator also allows its users to carry out very difficult combat missions.

Yakuza gangsters are famous in Japan. you can fight Yakuza-style fights without seeing scenes of violence and gore, let alone causing the deaths of NPCs.

4. Amusement Park for Refreshing

The goal is for the enemy to lose blood and faint, not die. Because it does not know death, this game is quite safe to play. Your character will not die even if you have to face much tougher enemies.

4. Doing Decorations

You will earn a lot of money by completing each task. This money can be used to buy decorations which are also quite diverse. Decorate your character's house with the items you buy.

It's very easy to buy decorations, just visit the shop in this simulator game. The tasks that are given to the characters are more like jobs that need to be completed in order for them to earn money to upgrade their residence.

5. Change Character Appearance

To make the appearance of the characters in the game more attractive, you can add various kinds of accessories and costumes.

A more attractive character appearance might make you much more excited to play the game and complete as many tasks as possible.

How to Download the Original Sakura School Simulator Apk

Actually this game is already in the Play Store. Unfortunately, certain devices cannot access the Install button, so this game cannot be downloaded and installed directly from the most trusted sources.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of further strategies for this game. There are various methods available to get the original APK file for this simulator game. Later, APK files can be installed on Android devices so that games can be played as usual.

Here are some of the easiest ways you can try:

1. Download Sakura School Simulator with Evozi

It is possible to get application from the Google Play Store that are not available through the Play Store itself directly through the Evozi website.

5. Challenging Water Park

For starters, it's probably because Google thinks your Android device doesn't meet the app's install criteria.

Evozi will present the original version of the application as it is in the Play Store, except in the form of an APK file that must be installed manually. To use Evozi, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Open any web browser on an Android device, but it's more recommended to use Google Chrome
  2. Type Sakura School Simulator in Google search then wait for the Sakura School option to appear
  3. Simulator under the URL address
  4. Tap on the Sakura School Simulator app from the Play Store but choose to open it in the browser instead of the Play Store app. Next you need to copy the URL address of this simulation game so you can download it elsewhere
  5. After copying the original Sakura game URL link from the Play Store, open the Evozi website in the same web browser
  6. Type then tap the Enter button on your keyboard. The APK Downloader main page will appear, complete with a blank column below it
  7. Paste the Sakura School Simulator URL address or link that you copied earlier in the available column. This column is indeed designed to search for applications that are already registered in the Play Store
  8. Tap the blue Generate Download Link button which is right at the bottom of the application link column
  9. Wait a few seconds for Evozi to display the application you want. This process may also take up to 3 minutes, please be patient
  10. Information about the original Sakura School Simulator Apk will appear, such as the name of the application, its size, and the version that can be downloaded. To get the Sakura application download link, tap on the green Click here to download now button
  11. The download process will start automatically, wait a few minutes until the Sakura School Simulator game is successfully downloaded. Then immediately install the application manually so that the Sakura game can be played immediately

This method is the safest way to get the original version of the Sakura School Simulator game according to the Play Store.

Apart from this method, you can also try other methods. But make sure the other methods are safe and don't harm your Android smartphone.

2. Download Sakura School Simulator on Uptodown

Free Android apps can be found on Uptodown, a website dedicated to app discovery and distribution.

This website can be considered as an app repository as it contains almost all the apps available through Google Play Store.

There are also Mac and Windows programs available on Uptodown in addition to the Android platform. Follow these instructions to get Sakura School Emulator.

6. Unique UFO Shaped Vehicles

  1. Open any web browser installed on the Android device that will be used to play the Sakura School Simulator game. Type the Uptodown address i.e. then tap the Enter button on the keyboard to load the main page
  2. At the top right of the Uptodown main page, there is a magnifying glass icon that represents the search tool
  3. Tap the search tool then just type Sakura School Simulator. Then tap the Enter button again on your smartphone keyboard
  4. All apps related to the keyword you enter will appear on the Uptodown website page
  5. Game Sakura School Simulator will be in the very top position. Tap on the Sakura School Simulator game icon
  6. Uptodown will display all the information about this app, including its latest version and last updated date
  7. Tap on the Latest Version button to download the latest version of Sakura School Simulator game. Then tap the Download button to start the free download

Many complain that the original Sakura School Simulator Apk cannot be downloaded from the Play Store. Even though this game is filled with exciting gameplay and cool features. You can download this game by trying one of the two methods on this page.


Sakura Simulator is a game that has a mobile device simulation genre that you can easily download the file for. This game was developed by developer Garusoft Development Inc. which is based in Japan and is known for various types of anime cartoons.

Thus the article about Sakura School Simulator Apk Latest Version, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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