Download the Latest Money-Making TikTok Lite Apk – As we know, the TikTok application is divided into two, namely TikTok Original and TikTok Lite. If you want to download the latest version of the TikTok Lite apk, you can easily get it in the article below.

In order to better understand this application, we will offer a thorough explanation. In order to determine the merits of this app, one must examine the differences between it and the original version.

What is Tiktok_

What is Tiktok?

But before discussing the TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS and the download link. Here you will also chat about one of the most popular video sharing services.

TikTok is social media based on video sharing which is very famous all over the world. This application has been used in almost all countries in the world. And Indonesia is one of the users with a very large number of active users.

Thus, it is clear that this app is the top choice among Indonesian users of all ages. It looks like he really enjoys the app because it's not only fun to use, it also offers a lot of advantages.

The program's initial application was that it could provide users with fun during their downtime. For the sake of entertainment, many people use this application to create very popular materials.

Users can also watch various interesting and entertaining videos. In addition, there are also hundreds of films that provide important advice and information for many individuals.

Zhang Yi Ming, a Chinese developer, discovered TikTok in 2016, which he created. However, as the virus spreads, this app goes viral.

When lockdowns are imposed in many countries, it is impossible to separate this from the large number of individuals looking for work. Until now, TikTok is increasingly famous and it's not uncommon for the video material in it to go viral.

 Review of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

In fact, TikTok was the main inspiration for the development of the ability to share short videos on other major social media platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram. TikTok-style short films have become popular on other platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

Review of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

TikTok has had many iterations due to its popularity as a widespread app. The Lite version is one of them. Because of this, many people mistakenly think that TikTok Lite is the same as TikTok.

Even though both clearly have quite large variations, both in terms of appearance, function and characteristics. TikTok Lite itself is a lighter version of the TikTok application which is much smaller in size compared to the normal version.

A development company called TikTok PTE ltd provides a unique design for TikTok Lite, which is in turn used to create the app.

And it is applied to TikTok Lite to be able to view a collection of short films more stably because of its lighter size.

Apart from that, this version also contains the main capabilities that are in regular TikTok such as tools for producing movies, cool and good filters. And to let the world know the video,

Many TikTok fans prefer TikTok Lite because of these advantages, especially because this application can be used on the iOS system for iPhone device users.

Features of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

When viewed from the functions and features, actually this version has not changed much compared to the original version. TikTok Lite is now much smaller as a result of the changes made in this new release.

Features of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

So it is more stable to use, especially for TikTok users who use devices with modest specifications.

The latest features are also included in this lite edition, making it an excellent choice for casual users. Following are some of the features available in the Lite edition of TikTok:

  1. Capable of capturing images using higher speeds. Because of the introduction feature that is complete and adapted to expressions
  2. It has details that can be displayed perfectly because it has a high quality
  3. Display interface or interface that is cleaner, neater so that it is free of bugs because it can make the display faster and instantaneous
  4. It has features that can turn a mobile device into an amazing recording studio, because it is equipped with unique and up-to-date filters
  5. Able to display special effects and synchronization with technological sophistication which is quite perfect
  6. Can make very creative videos and share them all over the world without any restrictions so that videos can go viral

Main Features of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

Similar to the standard version, this app provides a similar set of features and functions. And you can claim that some of the functions in this Lite edition have advantages when compared to the normal version.

Main Features of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

There are also certain features present in this Lite edition which will not be found in the full version. Because it says the Lite version is a development of the previous TikTok application.

Original TikTok doesn't cover everything, therefore don't be surprised to see certain things missing from TikTok Lite Apk for Android and iOS. And here are the main features of this Lite version:

1. Lighter Size

The difference in size between the Lite and standard editions is the most obvious. Of course, TikTok Lite has a much smaller file size. If the app is 75 MB or more in the normal version.

This is different from the 21MB Lite version. Isn't that more than double? This is for the download version only. As for the application version, TikTok Lite only requires up to 182MB.

Regular TikTok, on the other hand, has a maximum limit of 300MB. From here alone can determine the difference.

With a reduced size, some of the functions that can be accessed on TikTok Lite are also limited. Some functions like block list, live picture, dues, wallet response function are removed in the TikTok Lite version.

It's not just the functionality that ends up being limited, to make this application also made with a look that's far more distinctive than the usual version of TikTok. However, on some screens, there is slight variation.

The logo area has the most obvious changes between the two, which can be seen at a glance. However, when viewed from the appearance of the two, they are not much different from the five menus that can be seen immediately when opened.

As you can see from the screenshots, there isn't much difference between the menus in these two programs.

The maximum video length on TikTok is now three minutes, which is an increase from the previous two minute limit. However, TikTok Lite can only produce movies up to 15 seconds long.

Pros and Cons of TikTok Lite

However, the strength of the Lite app is that it's small enough to run even on the cheapest smartphones on the current app. It's different from the usual TikTok which obviously requires bigger equipment.

As a result, potato mobile users don't have to worry about their phones getting buggy or slow when using TikTok.

2. Inviting New Users

It's no secret that the TikTok Lite Apk application for Android and iOS includes features that are beneficial to consumers. Because users can earn bonus points by referring their friends.

You can earn a lot of money by inviting your friends to join TikTok, because every successful referral gives you 60,000 points.

So, just count how many awards you might win every time you successfully invite a friend. Of course, the more people you invite, the more rewards you will receive.

Invitation links or codes sent via private chat or social media can be used to invite profitable friends. For example, consider services like WhatsApp and Instagram.

3. Watch Videos

Not only by inviting friends to receive awards, watching movies can also get abundant prizes. Just collect the prizes so you can get a lot of points.

Depending on how long you watched the movie, you can find out how many points you have accumulated.

The longer you watch the video, the more benefits you get. In this approach, earn points every day to receive additional benefits.

The difference between TikTok Lite and Regular TikTok

4. Uploading Videos

Uploading videos on regular apps on TikTok Lite can also earn you a lot of points. You will get 3000 points for every video or content you post.

If you donate movies or other materials every day, the rewards you will get are unlimited.

Pros and Cons of TikTok Lite

According to previous assessments, this application provides several advantages over the original. But even though it has advantages, it turns out that this application also has disadvantages.

Some of the features and functionality featured in the original edition cannot be found in the Lite version. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the TikTok Lite application.

Pros of TikTok Lite

TikTok Lite has certain features over the original app that you won't get in the free edition. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Can generate money directly that can be withdrawn to the account
  2. It has a low application size so it's light because it doesn't take up a lot of RAM capacity on the cellphone
  3. The small size will also make the quota more efficient when compared to using the regular version
  4. It can be used to create video content easily because it has a simple and easy to understand interface
  5. Can turn an ordinary cellphone into a sophisticated and unique studio
  6. Used to combine videos and pictures perfectly

Disadvantages of TikTok Lite

This application also has various shortcomings in the form of several features that are in the standard version but are missing in the Lite edition:

  1. Cannot be used to create videos that are about 15 seconds long
  2. There is no report feature
  3. The menu in Settings is not as complete as in the regular version
  4. It doesn't have a notification or message icon on the app


The difference between TikTok Lite and Regular TikTok

If you look closely at the advantages and disadvantages described above, these two applications do have differences.

For anyone interested in the specs, below are some of the variations between the two iterations of this app.

Applications vary in size, the Lite version is smaller in size while the standard version has a larger size of up to 500 MB.

While the Lite edition has less display, the visual difference between the two programs isn't as great as might be expected. That said, there isn't much of a visual difference.

In the standard version, of course, the Settings menu, features, configuration and privacy are wider than the lite edition.

If in conventional TikTok there is a report function with several reporting methods used. Since there is no exclamation mark symbol in your version, this function is not available to you.

Advertisements and the scan code or QR Code function to create an account can be seen on the search results page in the regular edition. But with the Lite edition there are no ad suggestions and QR Codes.

The message or DM notification logo is present on the standard version, but not on the Lite edition. On TikTok Lite, videos are only 15 seconds long; in the full version, the video may be 3 minutes long.

Despite some minor modifications, the core functionality of TikTok Lite Apk for Android and iOS is identical to full-featured TikTok. So both are equally entertaining.

Download TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

But if you want to taste this Lite version, just download it from the URL given below:

  1. Application Name TikTok Lite
  2. Latest Version 18.9.3
  3. Size 55MB
  4. Updated 30 April 2021
  5. Android 4.1+
  6. Developer TikTok PTE ltd

Link Download TikTok Lite Apk: Click here

Since it is an official app store supplier, users can get TikTok Lite Apk for Android and iOS for free from Google Play Store. Users of Apple's mobile operating system can get it through the App Store.

How to install TikTo

How to Install TikTok Lite Apk on Android and iOS

The application for installing TikTok Lite on Android is the same as installing any other application. But for the iOS version, for those who don't know how to install it, here's how to install the TikTok application for iOS:

  1. The first step that must be taken is of course to download the TikTok Lite Apk through the Play Store or App Store to download the TikTok Lite Apk for Android and IOS. Or you can also directly click on the link that we have provided above
  2. Then proceed by clicking the download button to start downloading the application
  3. Just wait until the download process is complete
  4. Continue to install this application on the device you are using by installing it as usual
  5. If the application is installed, you can use it to view interesting video collections or even create your own content so that it goes viral
  6. Done

Actually, if you look at it in general, how to install TikTok on Android and iOS is not much different, only the application store is different. Namely in the PlayStore for Android users and in the App Store for iOS users.

How to Get Money from TikTok Lite Moneymaker

If you want to make money with tiktok lite apk, you should learn more about it. Of course, many of you still don't understand the point exchange rate on the Tik Tok Lite application.

Only one Rupiah will be exchanged for every ten points. If you collect a large number of points, like 10,000, you will get a reward. Then the value is 10,000 rupiah, and you can use it to buy something.

How to Earn Money

You can get 600,000 points, or around 60 thousand rupiah, just by inviting friends once. Consider how much more money you might earn if you could bring in lots of guests.

And most importantly, this application is very safe if you don't use illegal methods. The reason is because the Tik Tok Lite app offers both legal and illegal methods to earn money.

Therefore, avoid unauthorized use. Much more interesting if this application is proven to pay its users and not fake.

Is TikTok Lite Safe?

Maybe the question "why can tiktok lite make money" with the proof of payment that they display on each social media makes you still doubt the truth and safety of this TikTok Lite.

Similar to the Snack Video application that went viral before, the organizers were willing to spend deeply to get users when the event was almost over.

The event that was held succeeded in attracting the interest of many people, even those who were not familiar with TikTok, both the standard and lite versions.

Results? Now TikTok lite is one of the top 10 most popular entertainment apps on the Google Play platform or Play Store for Android phones.

Tiktok lite is safe to use, if it helps answer your application about its safety. Because until now there have been no examples of switching accounts or hacking accounts that have befallen users of this application.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about TikTok Lite, as follows:

Is Tiktok Lite Illegal?

When addressing the legality of the TikTok lite apk, before this article was made there was no legal or illegal information about this lightweight version of the TikTok application. There has been no official statement from the financial services supervisory agency (OJK).

What is clear is that TikTok Lite is currently not registered with OJK Indonesia. Whether it's the normal version or the small version of this TikTok. We'll just have to wait for additional details on this subject. One thing that is certain is that the TikTok Lite software can really make money.


TikTok is a video-sharing-based social media which is very famous all over the world. This application has been used in almost all countries in the world. And Indonesia is one of the users with a very large number of active users.

Thus the article about downloading the latest version of TikTok lite apk to make money, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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