Nekopoi Care Apk Watch Anime Without Ads – Good news for you anime lovers, you can easily watch anime just by using Nekopoi Care apk with good quality and without ads, you know.

You need to know that Nekopoi care apk is one of the "places" that anime lovers really like, you can use this application to watch anime without ads.

There are so many genres that you can watch alone or with people who appreciate them too. Either way, they're all accessible there and you just have to choose which one. Therefore, this site is sometimes dubbed as a paradise for anime lovers in Indonesia.

What is Nekopoi Care Apk

However, this one application is still unknown to many people. Yes, many of them are new generation anime fans who are not aware of this famous application. Therefore, we will explain it here, directly below:

What is Nekopoi Care Apk?

You may be wondering what Nekopoi is and what it has to offer on its website. Neko is a website or portal dedicated to showcasing the best of Japanese animation.

Men, in particular, love this website. you can find a lot of anime there. What distinguishes Neko from other anime sites is the availability of Indonesian subtitles.

This of course makes watching anime on this website even more entertaining. Indo subtitles help clarify many moments that weren't clear before.

Watching Japanese AV anime using this website can be done for free and without any restrictions. You have complete control over what you want to watch and for how long you want to watch it.

The Neko website has a comprehensive collection of Japanese anime series spanning the decades. Apart from the quantity, the quality of the anime there is also outstanding. If you save your quota, you can watch anime with SD 480p resolution.

Latest Nekopoi Review

If the connection is fast, the quota is fat, you can watch anime in 1080p FHD quality there freely and many times.

Latest Nekopoi Review

First of all, let's take a closer look at this application. Nekopoi is an application that provides a lot of Japanese cartoons or what is commonly called anime. The films that are released are always up-to-date so that everyone who uses them doesn't get bored.

This application itself is an application that is light enough to be placed on a smartphone. Yes, the size of this application is only 15 MB!

However, this app can only be used on Android devices running version 4.5 or higher. So, if your Android is not enough, don't download it because it won't run.

However, given the circumstances of this time period, it seems that anime fans already have Androids of a higher type. This application offers all the films that you can watch according to the genre you like.

How to use it is also very easy, just download and can be used immediately. However, since this is a third-party application, you cannot find it on official sites or institutions like Google PlayStore. As a result, HP will definitely ask for your approval at a later date.

This app has been downloaded millions of times due to the great enthusiasm of the community for anime. No wonder when you download the application you have to wait a little longer. The long wait will pay off, when the entire anime is seen.

Excess Nekopoi Apk

After knowing how the reviews above are sure you will be curious about what benefits are provided by Nekopoi? Take it easy, below are the various benefits that you might be able to get quickly.

List of Strengths and Weaknesses of Nekopoi Apk

1. Can Prevent You from Annoying Ads

Unlike programs that provide other anime films, Nekopoi has the advantage of being able to avoid advertisements. Ads are now a source of revenue for app creators.

However, this application is different. There are no ads in this app to make money. They don't charge for anything. This app, on the other hand, distributes movies that break the law.

By looking at it here, of course you don't appreciate the efforts of anime producers. This application is expressly designed by a third party and all videos displayed in it are without the consent of the owner.

As a result, the status of this application may change at any time without notice. This is because the artists who produce the anime themselves do not get royalties.

As a result, it is highly vulnerable to Google reporting and removal. Even if there aren't any annoying ads, you should be prepared for the app to die quickly.

2. No Need to Use a VPN, You Can Access Everything

To get access to blocked sites in Indonesia, many people use virtual private networks or VPNs. Very lucky this application can still run today.

Yes, this Nekopoi application may still be hanging around on Google so you can download it anytime and anywhere. No VPN or other tools needed; everything can be done with just a few clicks.

Please note that in order to use your own VPN, many phones will need to be rooted, so your warranty claims will be forfeited. Unlike using applications without a VPN, you don't need to root to stay safe.

In reality, without a VPN, these kinds of apps also force users to root and end up voiding their phone's warranty.

So, if your smartphone is experiencing difficulties due to manufacture, then you cannot claim warranty. Everything must be done by you.

Features of Nekopoi Care Apk

3. The quality is HD which is pleasing to the eye

Even if the Nekopoi application is banned, don't ask about its quality. Full HD image quality is provided by this application, and is guaranteed to spoil the eye. You will be able to capture the whole narration easily and comfortably if the video quality is the best.

Unlike other sites or applications that are both against the law. Many anime lovers flock here because they feel uncomfortable watching it. How could that be? The quality offered is so bad that it makes the eyes uncomfortable.

Yes, if there are apps that actually provide higher quality, why bother with the crappy ones, right? Few people will bother downloading this app because it looks so bad.

The most important thing is that your internet connection is running smoothly. It doesn't matter how fast your connection is if the image quality is poor. Image will automatically reject or stop waiting for internet connection.

4. Free Without Paying a Penny

This Nekopoi app is a free app for everyone. you don't have to spend a dime to watch hours of anime you love. Anime can be watched more efficiently and more satisfactorily.

This app is ideal for those of you with a limited budget who want to see a wide variety of anime. However, using legal software is preferable if you have a bigger budget.

As a result, you will not suffer financial losses. It's just that, to see it, you need access to the internet. So, if you use a data quota, then the money you have to spend is to buy it.

However, if you use free WIFI, you will not be charged for watching as much as you want. you can watch as much as you want every day.

5. The interface is simple and easy to use

This Nekopoi app offers a very clean and straightforward user interface. This application makes it very simple for anyone to use. All symbols have been made to be easy to understand even for beginners.

All texts are also very clear and straightforward so you can understand them quickly. This application only displays the button buttons.

There is a Home button, easy-to-use navigation buttons, and information on the banner that makes it easier for you to understand the purpose of this application. With this application, you can determine which anime you have watched and which ones you haven't.

So, if you are a beginner, you won't be confused and can start using it right away. For those who employ today's youth, who are more easily aware of the latest information and wisdom.

Download Nekopoi Care Apk

6. Safe from Viruses that Interfere with Software Devices and Systems

Because this application is haram, people wonder if this application is safe from viruses? Viruses, as we have all learned, are inextricably linked with illicit software. This makes anyone nervous.

But, for this application you may be calmer. This application can be downloaded quickly and for free without carrying any kind of infection. But keep in mind that to download it you have to visit a reliable source.

However, finding a reputable website is a difficult task. Therefore, you should also install an antivirus program. In this approach, the antivirus application will identify whether a virus has arrived and eradicate it immediately.

If you go to the right website, you will no longer need to use these additional applications. You will be protected from virus attacks if you use this method.

7. Downloading is very easy

The application used to view this one anime may be easy enough to download. What are you waiting for?

Just click on the link provided below. Then you just need to install it and you can start using it right away.

For your convenience, we've included step-by-step instructions on how to get your copy here. Without a long time this application is not wide in size. You can experience the app right away in less than 10 minutes.

But keep in mind that you have to make sure that the internet connection you are using is in decent condition before downloading it. If it is verified, the download process will be very fast.

If the internet connection at your home is not fast then the procedure will take longer. However, the download procedure is still just as easy.

The difference is only in the time it takes to download this application.

The Application Features You Can Get

Not only that, you can also experience features that will certainly encourage you to use this application. And here are some of the features you should know:

How to Install

1. Can Watch Anime Online or Offline

The first aspect of this application that you might find advantageous is being able to watch anime both online and offline. Yes, you can watch anime using an internet connection directly or commonly called streaming.

This approach requires the use of a stable internet connection. If not, your viewing session will be terminated. The image will quickly fade or may have to stop.

Well, if you don't have a decent internet network, you can download it first. If it is downloaded perfectly then you can see it next time. Even without using any connection.

You just need to search for the video in the app which is under the save menu and you can view it. When finished, just delete the file to avoid slowing down the performance of the application due to the size of the file stored.

2. New Anime Movies Every Day

As someone who likes anime, of course you want to get the latest movies every day. This fan's old fantasy has been fulfilled thanks to this app. Every day, new anime movies are available through this application.

When the show's time has come to broadcast, all the episodes will be there. This app has no word pending on anime movie broadcasts. you will always be aware of the latest releases.

All Japanese episodes broadcast on the same day will be broadcast in English on the same day in the United States.

So, even in Indonesia, you will still follow what stories are hot in Japan. Of course this is the most interesting element among anime lovers.

Movies that haven't been officially launched on the app are sometimes already available. So instead of installing expensive, laggy programs, many consumers opt for fast, free apps like this one.

3. Indonesian subtitles that make it easy for you to understand

As an anime lover, you know that there are many sites that show the film but don't have subtitles.

How to watch on the Nekopoi Care application

This is often unpleasant because this film has been eagerly awaited but goes on for days without subtitles. Despite the fact that you are already curious and getting a little fed up with yourself.

Using this app, on the other hand, changes everything. As previously said, this app is adept at displaying the latest movies or episodes.

However, not only is the show lively, but the subtitles are also accessible and in Indonesian. Therefore, this application is very loved by anime lovers in Indonesia.

You don't need to be curious about the movies or series that you follow for days. After being screened in Japan, the film or series will be translated and presented immediately.

Download Nekopoi Apk

Are you getting interested in this one application? If you are interested and your gadget meets the criteria, you can download it immediately.

Yes, as we know that downloading it is very simple because you just click on it below:

To ensure a seamless experience, you need adequate free space on your smartphone to run this app.

If it doesn't work properly, try emptying the trash or cache on the smartphone and don't let the storage run out. If less will cause decreased application performance.

Latest Nekopoi Apk Download LinkDownload Here

How to Install Nekopoi Apk

You should know how to install Nekopoi once you know what it is. Yes, again this is a third party application so it does not have access authorization to enter your device.


But don't worry, this time we will explain how to install the application. In essence, the technique is as follows:

  1. First, make sure your download process is complete
  2. Then, go to settings
  3. Find additional settings options or security settings
  4. If there is, just click the Security / Privacy button
  5. Make sure you enter permissions, slide the lever until it is colored towards Unknown Sources
  6. Enter the File Manager or via Look for the file that you have downloaded
  7. Click on the application and click Install
  8. Wait until the installation process is free
  9. When it's finished you can play it very exciting for sure
  10. After listening to this explanation about Nekopoi, are you also interested in owning it? However, since this application is illegal we are not responsible for what happens next

How to watch on the Nekopoi Care Application?

So, after you have the application, of course you want to immediately see the anime in this application, right?

Why Choose to Use the Nekopoi Care Application

  1. First, you need to open the Nekopoi.Care application that was previously downloaded
  2. Then several choices from the anime immediately appear on the main menu
  3. Just select the desired anime category
  4. After you find your favorite anime, you can click on it
  5. Wait for the download to complete then tap on watch stream

Advantages of Using Nekopoi.Care Mod Apk

Besides having interesting features, in this application you can also find several benefits that you can get.

Here are some of the advantages of the Nekopoi Care application:

  1. You can watch various kinds of anime films for free
  2. The anime provided in this application is quite complete
  3. The display is so simple
  4. The interface is not confusing
  5. Anime films are updated every day

Why Choose to Use the Nekopoi Care Application?

Because it is in the form of an application, you no longer need to open and close the Nekopoi website and access it via a VPN.

This app has eliminated the need to use a VPN to enjoy streaming anime with different titles from its parent website. This will make things a lot simpler for you.

Turns out not having a VPN is a critical issue. It turns out that watching anime there with a VPN is sometimes affected by internet speed.

As a result, the pleasure while watching is reduced. Termination and sluggish onset of exhibitions are also possible results.

Using the app version also has the added benefit of letting you watch offline. As a result, internet usage is reduced.

When you stream for long periods of time, your internet usage will skyrocket, and you'll eat up your data quota quickly.

Every feature of the website is included in this mobile application. This means that you can also enjoy any material that you previously could access and enjoy on the website in the application.

you will not lose any of the functionality of the online version of Neko, and you will still have access to all previously published information.


Neko is a portal or website that provides a variety of the most popular Japanese animations. Nekopoi is an application that provides a lot of Japanese cartoons or what is commonly called anime.

Thus the article about Nekopoi Care Apk Watch Anime Without Ads, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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