MX Player Pro Apk Latest Mod 2022 – Have you ever used MX Player Pro Apk Mod? If not, you can download MX Player pro apk mod in the article we have provided below, not only that we also discuss features, along with a review of MX Player pro apk mod.

Seperti yang kita tahu, perkembangan teknologi semakin berkembang. Kamu dapat download aplikasi menggunakan Google play store, baik itu aplikasi gratis ataupun berbayar.

With the MX Player Pro Apk application, it will be easier for you when you want to play video shows and play music, because this method looks practical and versatile.

Apart from that, you have the option to add or remove subtitles. If you are wondering about the application's better features, then pay attention to the following review.

What is MX Player Pro?

Videos are everywhere these days. It's everywhere from social media to internet streaming apps we watch it a lot.

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, we can now watch movies, television series and anime anywhere. We no longer need to continuously watch on our television. As a result, there is an increased need for video player applications.

Luckily, there are programs like MX Player Pro that can easily play lots of movies! Plus, the lightweight design packed with power will blow your mind.

This is why this app already has 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. Plus, this app is full of features you can't find anywhere else!

It supports hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, and more. Plus, it allows you to pinch to zoom and zoom and pan.

In MX Player Pro, you can easily zoom in and out videos by simply pinching and swiping on the screen. You can also change the magnification options by tapping the button.

You can select different video formats easily. Apart from that, the app also supports subtitles and subtitle gestures.

You can simply scroll forward/backward to move your subtitles. Then, you can also change the text size, color, background color, and subtitle position.

You can also access the kids lock where you can let your kids watch movies without having to worry about accidental touches.

MX Player Pro's easy-to-use and visually appealing interface further enhances the media file viewing experience.

Review About MX Player Pro Apk

As we explained above, if you want to enjoy video and music shows in an easy and practical way, please use the MX Player Pro Apk application.

Other than that, you won't be disappointed with the video quality. It's interesting to note that, similar to a PC, you can play multiple video formats.

You can get pretty good quality by using this video player application. you can play it right and happy even in HD definition.

Even so, assuming the characteristics of the smartphone you have actually support playback. Image and video quality will be very good if supported.

It is possible to play all kinds of films in any format with the MX Player application. For the most part, a PC or laptop can do everything that these complex applications do. Next time, please optimize your own usage to a minimum.

What's more, the MX Player Pro Apk application has a relatively light size capacity, so it won't take up a lot of internal storage space.

Even if your smartphone specs are above average, you may still appreciate the excellent image quality it offers.

Main Features of MX Player Pro Apk

MX Player Pro Apk has an interesting feature application that can help every user who wants to watch video and music shows in a simple, practical and no doubt fun way.

For additional specifications, below we will reveal some of the better advantages it offers, as follows:

1. Can Zoom Perfectly

The first amazing feature is that any user can zoom in or out using seemingly uncomplicated techniques and the result looks satisfying.

You should be aware that the image itself won't be damaged or blurry later on. It's important to note that everything here is flawless and crystal clear.

2. Hardware Acceleration

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the MX Player application to speed up hardware, so that the visual results will look much better and maximal.

Hardware that is maximized will not produce blurred images that are damaged and look cracked. So it is quite clear that this amazing function belongs exclusively to the MX Player Pro Apk application.

As a result of perfect operation, you can look forward to a satisfying viewing experience with a new aesthetic.

3. Subtitle Gestures

Now, with this one function, it means that all users can adjust the subtitles on the display screen. This movement is done to adjust the placement of the subtitles to better suit what is needed. In addition, you can also modify the size according to your wishes.

4. Smart Lock

Furthermore, besides the subtitle function, this one feature is very helpful so that toddlers don't carelessly open the application. Especially with films aimed at adults, which are not shown for young people at all.

With this feature, later you can lock it as well as enter a certain code with the aim that no one carelessly uses the application.

5. Multi-Core Decoding

This last amazing function allows you to use your smartphone in many ways, feeling better than before.

The goal is that all users can optimize or save more internal memory. That way, it won't burden the device's storage capacity, such as latency, errors, or other bottlenecks.

6. Ad-free

No ads is one of the benefits offered by the pro version and which the previous free version did not have.

If this is the case, then you might expect a low-impact viewing experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

7. Supports Many Video Formats

MX Player Pro also supports various video formats. So, there you have it. mp4, avi, mx or any video format, MX Player Pro lets you play them!

Comprehensive support for a wide range of video formats is unparalleled in MX Player Pro. Because in other apps they only support limited number of videos which limits the number of videos that user can view. With MX Player Pro, on the other hand, there are no limits on what you can view.

8. Convenience

This latest edition of MX Player Pro brings optimal comfort to your viewing experience. To provide a seamless viewing experience, this popular video player software has both basic and complex capabilities.

9. Other features

In addition, the Mod Apk version of MX Player provides application users with the ability to change the color of active subtitles, icons, rename movies and use a dark theme (Dark Theme).

Then besides being able to set many things, you can also delete the default language, except for Russian and English. Things like this can help relieve some of the pressure on the apps installed on the device.

Apart from that, this Mod Apk version is quite compatible with ARM and x86 processors, and can remove codecs that you think are not needed. So that the application can perform better and more efficiently in the future.

Link Download MX Player Pro Apk

The MX Player Pro Apk download link and application specifications are provided below for those of you who are already interested in the application.

Please note that for the best viewing experience on Android, you need a device with minimum specifications higher than Android 4.2.

The goal is to keep multitasking to a minimum to avoid performance issues. Here is the link to the file to download:

  1. Application Name MX Pro Player Apk
  2. Version V1.13.2
  3. File Size 14MB

Click the MX Player Pro download link:

Also make sure you download the application via the download URL that we have provided above, knowing that the application is currently vulnerable to site abuse.

This indicates that a large number of careless individuals are re-engineering applications for specific purposes, such as sensationalism or hacking and installing viruses.

Since it is a customized version of the app (Mod Apk) it is very easy for someone to avail it.

If you want to use another link, that option is of course available to you. It's just that being selective rather than reckless is what has to be taken into account. Make sure you receive it from a legitimate, highly secure and trustworthy source.

How to Install the MX Player Pro Apk Application on a Smartphone Device

You also need to know, because the application is an Apk Mod version that has gone through a modified stage, the installation method also has a slight variation from the application that you usually get from the Google Play Store service.

It's actually not as complicated as you think, because all you need is to get permission by activating from an unknown source.

Because after all, this application does not have official legality like what you receive at the respective gadget store.

Installing it on the device this time is a little different. If you want additional apps, you can refer to below procedure to install MX Player Pro Apk:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the application file in the browser of each device using the link that we have shared above
  2. If you have successfully downloaded it, make sure not to open it immediately
  3. Please first go to the Settings / Settings menu on the device
  4. Then go to the Privacy / Security menu
  5. Continue by ticking Unknown Sources for the process of granting permission or activation regarding the installation of the application on the smartphone that you are currently using.
  6. After that, please search for File Manager and search for the application then click Install
  7. Wait for the process until the application is actually successfully installed

Here we propose to follow all the installation steps like the tutorial that we have provided above, because if one step is guaranteed the application will be difficult to access.

That way, like it or not, you have to re-download and re-install the application. Because of this, we emphasize the need to be as specific and thorough as possible during installation to avoid repeating any process.

Differences between MX Player Pro Apk Mod and the Original Version

There are certain variations between the original MX Player app and the modified MX Player Pro Apk which you should know about.

For those of you who will use the original version and switch to the modified version, of course you will feel a slight difference from each version.

This difference is what you will then consider to determine which version will be far more profitable.

MX Player Pro

  1. Paid Download – For those of you who later use the original version of the MX Player application, don't be surprised when the download process is subject to a certain fee. This is of course a natural thing, because that is the feedback and profit that the developer will get. So please later determine your own version. The point is that in the original version nothing is free, to be able to enjoy all the dishes in the application, you must first top up
  2. Lots of Ads - Furthermore, don't be surprised that while using the official version of the MX Player application, you are always faced with the appearance of advertisements. The ad is a profit value for the developer. For those of you who are annoyed by the appearance of these advertisements, there are only two ways. First you upgrade to the premium version, second use the Mod Apk version which has been designed in such a way
  3. Theme Colors and Styles Cannot Be Adjusted - You are not given access to being able to adjust the theme style and color while in use. This means that if you want it, you have to upgrade to the premium version first. The existence of a limit like this is certainly more difficult isn't it
  4. Available on the Play Store – And those of you who are loyal to want to use the original version of the MX Player application, of course, how to get the application file is very easy, isn't it? Because it is already available on the Google Play Store for each device. That way you don't have to bother looking for it in several sources that are already available on the internet

MX Player Pro Mod Apk

  1. Free Download – Next, for those of you who are interested in using the Mod Apk version of the MX Player application, all downloads are free, free access for anyone. This is what makes many users switch to the modified version. Apart from downloading it for free, of course it is much more cost-effective if you just download various files in the application
  2. Ad Free – Who isn't annoyed by the sudden appearance of advertisements, especially if the advertisements are in the form of videos that are hard to skip and must be watched anyway. Well, you don't need to worry while using the Mod Apk version of MX Player, because this latest version has been modified as attractive as possible. That way you will no longer be disturbed by the appearance of application advertisements
  3. Free to Change Theme Colors and Styles – It's different when you use the modified version, because you are given free access to be able to adjust the color and style of the theme according to your own mood and wishes
  4. Special Download Link – Here what you need to understand is that to be able to download and install the application on a device, of course there is a slight difference. Starting from the download link, it's not available in the Play Store, the installation method is different from most other applications. But you also don't need to be afraid of overdoing it, because we have shared the download link, moreover there are many sources that provide it too, all you have to do is search the internet.

Is the MX Player Pro Apk Mod App Safe for Devices?

Is it safe or not to use the current version of the MX Player Pro Apk application, so far we have not received any reports.

This means that while using it, you can still get the most out of it, including watching movies and music videos at the highest possible quality. Despite popular belief, not all Mod Apk programs are inherently harmful.

Whether it's dangerous or not depends on the source you get, for example through a download link, the source that offers it, and many other aspects.

The current edition is one of the biggest developments which we believe should be acknowledged. How could it not be, only armed with a smart gadget from your Smartphone, you may have seen thrilling video programs, ranging from movies, music, and so on.

The video quality is of course high resolution to produce an unusual impression and viewing experience, but it is interesting to note that it is also supported by the appropriate equipment specifications.

Now what else is still being considered? Let's immediately download the latest version of the MX Player Pro Apk application which is loaded with many unique features that can give you pleasure when watching movies.

List of Supported Subtitle Formats in the MX Player Pro Apk Application

  1. DVD, SSA/ASS Subtitle track, DVB
  2. SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) with Full Styling format
  3. SAMI (.smi) with “ruby tag” support
  4. WebVTT (.vtt)
  5. PJS (.pjs)
  6. Teletext
  7. TMPlayer (.txt)
  8. MPL2 (.mpl)
  9. 0 (.sub)
  10. VobSUb (.sub/.idx)
  11. MicroDVD (.sub)\SubRip (.srt)

Does the MX Player Pro Apk Work?

As long as the smartphone really supports or at least has an OS higher than Android 4.0, its utilization so far has been quite satisfactory.

What If During Its Use Frequent Errors?

If the app frequently crashes or gives you trouble, we suggest you re-download and reinstall, making sure to delete the previous app before doing so.


MX Player Pro Apk has an interesting feature application that can help every user who wants to watch video and music shows in a simple, practical and no doubt fun way.

Thus the article about the Latest MX Player Pro Apk Mod 2022, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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