Youtube Veris IOS Finally Released By Google

Youtube Veris IOS Finally Released By Google – became the first version of the iOS program to receive an update from Google last December 2020. The crawler giant said it has provided a bug update to the video sharing program.

However, there is no news regarding updates for other specific programs such as Gmail, Photos, Search and Docs.

Taken from The Verge, Tuesday (16/2/2021), while the argument that no updates to Gmail, Docs, Search, and Photos versus iOS is at stake is an attempt to circumvent Apple's new privacy stamp, Google is explicitly against it.

The company explained in an upload on its website on January 12 that it would add a stamp to its app when improvements were available.

As you know, this is the first enhancement by Google when Apple adds a privacy cap policy to all programs that reside on the base AppStore.

"As the Google versus iOS program is updated with new features or to fix bugs, you will see improvements to our program site list that include the new Program Privacy Details," he wrote.

Apple Requires Privacy Label

The privacy label in question will tell the user the categories of data collected by the app.

"The data provided to Google products will make the service more useful to you, and users can always control privacy settings by visiting their Google Account or directly opening the Google product used on iOS," he added.

Apple requires companies to implement a privacy label, rolling out on December 14, before they can update their existing iOS apps.

Several other Google apps like Stadia, Authenticator, Translate, and Classroom, for example, have already received the iOS update.

Internet Smart Tips for Parents and Children

Google has just launched the Internet Agile Family program. As the name implies, this program is here to educate parents, children, including teaching staff so they can access the internet safely and comfortably.

This program comes in the form of webinars and short educational videos for parents. Google is working with a number of parties to support this program, one of which is the Sejiwa Foundation.

At the launch of this program, the Program Coordinator of the Sejiwa Foundation, Andika Zakiy, also had time to share Internet Smart tips contained in the Internet Agile module and can be accessed from the official Internet Agile Family website.

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