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Kingroot for Pc Download Latest Version Free – The latest version of Kingroot for PC and Android devices is now available for you to download for free, please see the information in this article.

Rooting devices is now routinely done by smartphone users for various purposes. Kingroot for PC & android is a popular application for gaining root access, either via computer or smartphone.

Rooting itself has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are advantages and disadvantages to anything, and you have to be prepared for both. Let's focus on rooting and the Kingroot app for now.

What is Root?

The term root itself is an English word which has a basic meaning. If it is associated with the root process on a smartphone device, it may be interpreted as taking over basic control or full access to the smartphone being rooted.

So far, if you use a smartphone regularly without ever rooting it, then all data processing and system operations are carried out by the operating system software which has been integrated with the smartphone since it was made at the factory.

However, for some people, this procedure is unpleasant. Or for those who prefer to play with a smartphone, then they root it to get full control over their smartphone and configure it as they wish.

There are also some users who root their applications because they want to install certain applications. Yes, certain applications, especially applications that have been modified, some require the smartphone device to be rooted first.

Users who use root applications such as Kingroot for PC & apk, which was developed by Google as the company that created the Android operating system, are not prohibited from carrying out these actions. But remember that this hobby is very risky, especially if you are inexperienced and not careful.

Therefore Google never prohibits consumers from rooting their Android smartphones but does not guarantee protection if something bad happens to their devices.

As a result, if you're just starting out with rooting, we recommend reading all the ins and outs of the process first.

About Kingroot App for PC & Apk

So, now that you know what root is, let's now move on to the applications that Android smartphone users usually use to root their devices. Namely Kingroot. This is one of many applications that can be used, but it is the most widely used.

Kingroot itself, as you might have guessed, is an application that allows basic access from your Android smartphone. You have full access to Android firmware using Kingroot.

This application is an application that will make it very easy for users to root without needing to have a deep understanding of the software. Because it is possible to root your computer with one mouse click.

That still doesn't mean that anyone can do it safely. Since rooting is a potentially dangerous activity, it is recommended that people unfamiliar with the rooting process get help from those who do.

You can also learn on your own. Because now many people are posting on Youtube various things about rooting Android. Make sure you check it well so that nothing undesirable happens.

The PC and Android versions of the Kingroot app include two different types of apps. This is an application that can be run from a PC or directly on an Android smartphone. On this occasion, we will explain each of these applications so you can choose one.

Installing the Kingroot Application for PC

For the first, there is the Kingroot application for PC. Even though this application is for PC, it doesn't mean you can use this application to root your PC and operating system. This application is still used for rooting Android smartphones.

The PC is only used as a channel for you to complete the rooting procedure on your smartphone. Here are some of the features that Kingroot for PC has:

Features and Advantages of Kingroot for PC

Using Kingroot for PC & apk for PC version has the following features and benefits:

Root PC with 1 Click

The Kingroot application on this PC makes it easy for those of you who may not be very experienced in this field but may still root easily and smoothly. Due to its convenience Kingroot can be activated with a single mouse click.

You don't need to spend a lot of time getting to know the Kingroot PC application this way. Likewise, the difficulty of adaptation is possible quickly due to the ease of use provided by this PC version.

However, as said before. However, you should be guided by an expert if you do not properly understand the root idea of the device.

Supports Almost All Windows Versions

Another benefit of using the PC version of Kingroot is that this application supports almost all versions of Windows. So for those of you who are still running ancient Windows, we don't believe there will be any problems when you want to root using our application.

In the same way, using Kingroot for PC with this apk will make your experience with the latest Windows smoother and more enjoyable.

Friendly for Low Specification PCs

The Kingroot app for PC can be used on a variety of PCs, including those running almost any version of Windows. Any PC or laptop, no matter how old or underpowered, can run this application if it meets the minimum system requirements.

The rooting procedure is also not too difficult. Rooting your Android phone doesn't require a high-end PC, so you can start now.

Eliminates Bloatware

This is quite an interesting feature that Kingroot provides, namely eliminating bloatware on smartphones. Bloatware itself is a default application that you usually receive immediately when you buy a device.

Bloatware, which is software that cannot be removed even though it is not very helpful, usually takes up too much memory. So, by using Kingroot PC & apk, you can easily remove bloatware on your device.

This way, your internal RAM will only accommodate the system launcher or operating system without having to be burdened with bloatware applications which are often underused or it is more efficient to use external applications.

Remove Root

Smartphones that have been rooted have various disadvantages, one of which is the loss of the smartphone's original warranty. Of course, if you still have warranty rights at this time, this is a major setback as those rights will be lost.

But many people do not understand that even root can be removed. This implies that you can unplug or restore a rooted smartphone to its basic state.

After the smartphone is unrooted, your device will be like before. In this method, you may be able to regain some of the profits you lost when your phone was rooted.

Unroot is also useful if you no longer need the benefits provided by rooting your smartphone and want to use your smartphone as before.

Root Android Device

Even though it is called Kingroot for PC, the main purpose of this application is to root Android smartphones. So don't get me wrong, PC is just a method for you to root your Android smartphone.

Kingroot Specifications for PC

Even though Kingroot for PC & apk is quite spec-friendly, you still have to meet the minimum requirements, as we discussed previously. To install Kingroot PC on your laptop or PC, you need at least the following hardware requirements:

  1. RAM memory: 2 GB
  2. Minimum remaining hard disk space: 15 GB
  3. Video memory: 256 MB
  4. Have a stable internet connection
  5. Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

To be able to use it smoothly, we also recommend that you activate USB debugging mode, use a real USB, and make sure your laptop or PC doesn't turn off halfway because it would be very dangerous if that happened. during the root process.

How to Install Kingroot for PC

If this is your first time, maybe you are not very familiar with it and are still confused about how to install the Kingroot application. Consequently, we will discuss how to set up Kingroot properly in this article. Simple steps are outlined below:

  1. Download the Kingroot application which is still in zip form
  2. Files can now be extracted to the new location you chose.
  3. Finder: Navigate to the directory where the extracted files are stored
  4. Run setup by double-clicking the file with the .exe extension
  5. Click accept with terms and then click next in the pop-up box displayed.
  6. Next, you have to determine the location where you will save the Kingroot installation. If you are not sure, you can immediately choose the default location determined by the application
  7. After that, the installation will start and you have to wait until it finishes.
  8. Click Finish to exit the window and complete the installation procedure
  9. Kingroot Android

This is the next version after discussing Kingroot for PC and the apk earlier. This is an application that you can use directly from your Android phone or tablet. Since you only need to use your phone and no other devices, this app offers certain different benefits.

The main purpose of Kingroot for Android is to root your smartphone, just like the PC version. In fact, this application is considered more efficient because it can be used directly on the smartphone that will be rooted.

However, in terms of features, this Android version of Kingroot doesn't have much. It's just that the rooting procedure is fast and painless. This has to do with Kingroot's main selling feature, one-click rooting.

This means, you can root your smartphone with just one click. You just need to wait for the root process to finish running by itself. Since all it takes is a click of a button, no prior understanding of the system is required.

But apart from that, make sure you have learned about rooting and the advantages and disadvantages of doing it so that you don't have too much information when you want to root.

Download and Install Kingroot for PC & Apk

On this occasion we will also provide a download link so you can quickly root your smartphone using the Kingroot application. Choose from two app categories, one for PC and the other for Android, below:

  1. Kingroot Android
  2. Application name KingRoot
  3. Version 4.8.5
  4. Developer Retrica, Inc.
  5. Size 9 MB

Since Kingroot for PC and this apk are not available through official app stores such as Google Play Store, there are several procedures that you must complete before it can be installed. Let's start right away:

  1. Open your cellphone settings
  2. Then click into Privacy and Security settings
  3. Go to Installation Settings or else you can go to your smartphone's security settings
  4. Look for the option to enable installation of apps from unknown sources if so, enable the option
  5. Done, you can start installing the Kingroot application for Android that we mentioned above.

Kingroot PC
Application name Kingroot
Windows operating system
Developer Kingroot Studio

We have explained how to install it in the points above. Just follow this procedure until the application is successfully installed properly.

Benefits of Smartphone After Rooting

Despite the many frightening dangers, of course there are many benefits you can get by rooting using Kingroot for PC & Android. Here are just a few examples:

No Need to Wait for Official Updates

Some default operating systems are often quite slow in providing updates to their customers. This may be a concern especially if the security system has not been updated for a long time.

But if you root your smartphone, then you can update yourself using another OS. However, please remember that the OS you are running may not be an official build so you still need to be careful.

Can Get Rid of Bloatware

The prevalence of bloatware is often very annoying because Android users usually already use external applications for daily operations. This reduces the use of bloatware programs, but it is not possible to remove them regularly.

Unless you root. Rooting gives you total command over your smartphone. As a result, you can get rid of unwanted software. This can help free up your RAM because previously bloatware applications took up quite a lot of memory.

Can Custom ROM

Smartphones that have been rooted can be flashed with a custom ROM using the Kingroot application for PC and apk or other applications, for those of you who like smartphone exploration. You can freely install any ROM according to your preferences.

But please note that this exercise demands a fairly deep understanding of ROMs and operating systems. If you are too new, it is recommended not to do it. Or you can do it with the help of skilled people.

This is to prevent unpleasant things from happening to your smartphone. Because under certain circumstances the smartphone actually experiences a bootloop when the procedure fails.

Because it is very simple, rooting using Kingroot for PC & Android is very fun. Yes, you should also be aware of the potential advantages and disadvantages of carrying out this rooting procedure.

Using Kingroot for PC & apk for PC version has the following features and benefits. The PC is only used as a channel for you to complete the rooting procedure on your smartphone. It works with almost all versions of Windows 2.0 or later.

If your smartphone uses Android Nougat version, please do not root your phone. There is still no way to bypass the security of this version of the Android operating system. Therefore, pressing to root your device might brick it.

Moreover, rooting is generally a risky operation for any Android phone. The results are not always consistent. There are still some risks that can also damage your phone, even if you are using an old version of Android OS. Root at your own risk.


The 2022 version of Kingroot for PC and Android is now available for download. This is a popular application for gaining root access, either via computer or smartphone. Google has never prohibited its consumers from rooting their Android smartphones but does not guarantee protection if something bad happens.

The PC and Android versions of the Kingroot app include two different types of apps. This article will explain each of these apps so you can choose one to find out what you need to know about rooting your PC or Android phone right from within the app itself.

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