Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk, Download the Latest Version Without Watermark and Ad-free – This popular application is widely used not only for editing photos and videos, but also has a variation, namely the kinemaster diamond mod apk.

Kinemaster is not only the most popular video editing application, but also has many variants, one of which is Kinemaster Diamond. Kinemaster Diamond edition is a solid application when it comes to editing free videos without any problems.

There are many features available, both paid and unpaid. To do this, you can use every feature at your disposal to produce the best possible movie and convey a professional image.

Reviews About Kinemaster Diamond Mod

Kinemaster diamond version is from original Kinemaster and has been modified. Thanks to the features developed by Diamond Kinemaster, this application is getting more and more popular. In terms of functionality, features, and the operating system itself.

Reviews About Kinemaster Diamond Mod

Many are attracted to take advantage of this Diamond edition because it is loaded with various features that you will not find in the regular or free version. All premium features can be unlocked.

That way, everyone who uses it can take advantage of this feature for free. This is the reason why the number of users of the Diamond edition of Kinemaster continues to grow. This app is specially developed for those people who are just starting to edit videos.

Getting the look of a professional videographer is the ultimate goal. For this reason, the developer has equipped it with various very interesting features and is able to meet the demands of filmmaking. An example is the inclusion of audio files such as music or voice recordings.

Text has been added as a new feature which can be easily customized. Apart from that, users can also modify the colors and control the illumination which can be increased or decreased.

Actually this application is paid, although there are some individuals who try to offer a special link. As a result, this application is available to use for free.

Features of Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk

The features that are owned by paid or Premium kinemaster are of course different from the features carried by this Diamond edition. Why is that? you can enjoy all the features offered by this kinemaster organization.

To find out more about what features are in it, see the following review:

No Watermark

The lack of a watermark in Kinemaster Diamond makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take advantage of it. This video editing application may look ordinary, but it means a lot to its users.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod No Ads

Ads are undoubtedly very unattractive, especially when they appear at the most inopportune times, especially when you are concentrating on video editing. But don't worry, because this Diamond edition doesn't offer ads at all.

So that each user can concentrate more on editing videos. The original edition, on the other hand, can be annoying due to the large number of ads it displays.

Can Record Directly

You don't need to open the camera app to record a video if you decide to record it while editing. Video recording is a feature included in this app. Live video recording and editing is now much faster thanks to this.

Spoiling Visuals

Using visual displays or backdrops in the video editing process can increase productivity. You can do this however you want and the results will be several times better.

There are also a number of interesting theme options that you won't find in other applications, apart from spoiling the aesthetics that you will get here.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Fast Export

The rate of export is greatly influenced in terms of quality. I don't know if it's the length of the resolution or something else. This export, on the other hand, is much faster than exports from other applications.

What's more, you can directly post the modified video to social media. Surely you want to show off your edited film on social media, right?

All Premium Features Unlocked

All kinds of premium features that can be accessed in it can be used free of charge without having to subscribe first. There are no prerequisites to be able to enjoy each of these features. For that you can immediately use it.

Unlock premium features like premium fonts, premium subtitles, premium effects, unlimited layers, Store assets, update mixing, sound tools, Pan and Zoom Tool changer speed control, keytool tool, unlimited effects, unlimited stickers, and chrome key tool.

High Speed Rendering

Kinemaster Diamond renders at a very fast speed. Especially when it's a video that you want to save. This, however, is highly dependent on a number of different factors. Usually this kinemaster can do rendering, even reaching up to 30 frames per second.

When compared to other types of editing applications, this application requires the shortest time. Please note before use, that the rendering process is greatly affected by various aspects. Like the specifications of the smartphone you are using.
A more powerful smartphone will make the process run faster and smoother.

4k Full Hd Video Editing

Many smartphone users have long dreamed of viewing 4K full HD videos. The reason is, with such a large capacity, the video may look very clear. Not only that, you also won't experience any shortage at all from this application.

High-resolution images, because of their sheer size, take up a lot of storage space. Meanwhile, large resolutions are rarely supported by smartphone versions of video editing applications. However, the Diamond Kinemaster application allows editing of files on smartphones.

Luckily for those of you who use this application because it can provide support for many of the formats that are being used. Even though this kinemaster has drawbacks in terms of smoothness when editing which depends on the characteristics of the smartphone used.

Share To Social Media

Kinemaster Diamond has quite a unique feature, that is, you can post your adjustments to various social media. Using this feature, users can immediately post modified material to their social media profiles for easy distribution.

This kinemaster application has been able to handle a number of social networking platforms. Examples include Facebook, Instagram, or other types of social media sites.

Real Time Recording Feature

Users no longer have to use the camera app or other recording app when they want to record video, and it's no longer a debatable feature. If you take advantage of this feature, the quality of the material produced will automatically be lower.

If you don't use the built-in video recorder in your app, this is very important. Therefore, conducting a test run before recording a video is highly recommended.

Especially if the video you want to produce has a long enough duration. With this, users will be able to create better quality movies.

Kinemaster Diamond Chroma Key Mod

Chroma Key is a professional tool for changing movie backgrounds. To remove or completely change the movie background, use the chroma key feature of this fantastic video editing app. To remove the background from your film, you need a green screen. Add a creative background in your film to make it look professional and attractive.

Add Music or Song

Kinemaster Diamond lets you insert custom music or tunes into your videos. You can add music or songs of your choice. Trim or split the length of the song to suit your needs. Easily import tracks and audio in the timeline and volume controls.

Additionally, you can use the voiceover feature to record your own voice and create training films that can be shared with others right from the app.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Transition Premium

Videos may benefit most from using transitions at the beginning and end. There are several paid and free transitions in the app that you can explore and take advantage of in your movies. At the beginning or end of your video, you can use this transition. Video transitions can be used in movies, gifs and photos with this video editing app as well.

Lots of Effects and Filters

Effects and filters make movies more theatrical and enhance color and detail. Choose your favorite filters and effects from the app's filters and effects page and apply them to your videos. Use these effects to give your movies a black-and-white, distorted, blurred, oversaturated look and more. You can simply change the opacity and time duration of the various filters and effects. Add slow motion effects to make great videos.

The difference between Kinemaster Original and Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk

When it comes to differences, it is easy to observe them in the features they have. However, it turns out that that's not the only difference. However, there are some differences to be aware of.

The difference between Kinemaster Original and Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk

This gives you the freedom to pick and choose whatever kinemaster app you want to use. Diamond kinemaster, or official kinemaster? Here's how it works in more detail:

Original KineMaster

  1. There are still lots of ads popping up
  2. Limited font types
  3. No Chroma Key Feature
  4. There are several tools that cannot be opened, such as filters and layers
  5. All Premium features are locked
  6. Watermarks often appear
  7. Not yet support 0.1 second video cropping

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk

  1. Ad-free
  2. All types of fonts can be used
  3. Chroma Key is already active and you can use it immediately
  4. All available tools can be utilized freely
  5. All Premium features are open, enjoyed for free, and free
  6. No watermark 100%
  7. Already supports 0.1 second video cutting.

How to Use Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk

Some people don't really understand how to edit videos effectively and precisely. In particular, make the most of the available features. No need to worry, here are some lessons that can help you when you want to use Kinemaster Diamond.

Basic Video Inserting Tutorial

  1. The first step is to launch the kinemaster application that you previously downloaded.
  2. Then after that there will be an empty project and you can directly click on it so you can start a new video that you want to produce.
  3. Automatically a black and blue screen will be displayed.
  4. You can start by selecting the video you want to convert.
  5. If you just clicked on the media browser writing section in the right circle.
  6. Galleries are another option.
  7. After that go to the video

How to Cut Videos

If there are parts of the movie that are unnecessary and depressing, you can cut them out. As follows:

  1. In the screen area, select the video you just uploaded.
  2. To delete part of the video, simply drag a line over it with your mouse and release.
  3. If you wish to continue, please click here.
  4. The video you previously selected and the back side will be deleted when you select Ride playhard.

How to Insert Video Transitions

  1. Select the empty box just below the video.
  2. After that, select the part where the transition should be applied.
  3. A transition can then be selected by clicking on it.
  4. To name just a few: traditional 2D or 3D translations, as well as full translations.
  5. Please select one of these options from the list.
  6. If you have selected your options, choose whether to zoom out or fade out.

How To Insert Text Into Video

  1. Then click
  2. Anything is allowed as long as it is in the spirit of freedom of expression.
  3. After that click the ok button.
  4. The text that appears in your video will do it by itself.
  5. You just need to change the layout, size and color.

How To Add Audio To Video

  1. Select audio located in the circle on the right, then click it.
  2. Among other things, recorded music has an inscription on the left side.
  3. Please select the sound you want to add. Consider the sound of music as an example.
  4. After that, select a song and press the button.
  5. If the inputted music is acceptable, you only need to change the volume.
  6. You can use a lower volume than 20 if you edit videos.
  7. The sound must be clear compared to the sound of the song if you want to add recorded sound.

How to share to social media

  1. You can post the modified video to your social media account if you are satisfied with the result.
  2. Click the share icon on your left to get started.
    This will immediately bring up various possibilities, especially saving in the gallery or posting it directly on your social networks.
  3. If you want to post a video on social media, you can first save it to the gallery to use as
  4. You can then choose the right quality for the video after saving.
  5. Stream in high definition for optimal clarity and the ability to post directly to social media.

How to Make a Stopwatch Video

  1. First of all, launch your phone clock app.
  2. Since the stopwatch is the smartphone's default timer, a clock app is almost always present on every phone.
  3. After that check the stopwatch.
  4. Before tapping start, you can open a screenshot of the video on your phone.
  5. Take a screenshot and save it.
  6. When the stopwatch starts, you can save it immediately and choose the best image to use as a screen for videos up to 20 minutes long.
  7. When the stopwatch moves, you can save it first.
  8. Then launch the Kinemaster Diamond application that you have.
  9. When it opens, it usually states the ratio you want to use. There are 3 options, namely the ratio 1:1, 9:16 and 16:9. Because you want to use a video stopwatch, you can set a 1:1 ratio.
  10. If it's already open, you just need to click on the Media Browser area in the circle on the right to grab a picture from your phone's gallery.
  11. If the image has entered the screen, please click the cut text on the right.
  12. After that, make necessary bottom and top photo adjustments.
  13. Just hit the equals symbol (=) and tick until it's done.
  14. Simply draw a line on the video and then expand the image when you're done.
  15. If you build a stopwatch that has a long duration then click on the layer written in the right circle.
  16. Then hit the input media as a free recorder.
  17. When finished, take a snapshot of the stopwatch.
  18. Then press Cut to be able to reduce the running time segment.
  19. Remove blank screen.
  20. Hold and drag the clock.
  21. If this is the case, mixed words will be displayed. Previous iterations of Kinemaster didn't have this feature.
  22. So that the video results are brighter, you can choose the menu
  23. Give it a try and see if it performs as desired.
  24. You can enhance the video with audio if you find that acceptable.
  25. Then insert a video by selecting it under audio features in the features circle on the right.
  26. If the audio is already installed, you just need to change the volume
  27. Procedure complete, good luck.
  28. Using Kinemaster Diamond is quite entertaining. Given the various features available. Not suprisingly
  29. if many people are interested in using this application to improve their video editing skills.

How to Make a Stopwatch Video


Kinemaster Diamond edition is a solid application when it comes to editing free videos without any problems. There are many features available, both paid and unpaid.

This app is specially developed for those people who are just starting to edit videos. The lack of a watermark makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take advantage of it. Live video recording and editing is now much faster thanks to this app.

The original edition might be annoying because of the large number of ads it displays, but this Diamond edition offers no ads at all. It renders at a very fast speed, even reaching 30 frames per second.

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