Unique Puzzle Game Get Real Money Without Capital

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Games are one way to enjoy idle time. There are a wide variety of games that can be downloaded and played on mobile devices. Unique Puzzle Game is one of several options, and it's free to download from the Google Play Store.

Among the various forms of play, puzzle games are the simplest to play. This game is so easy to pick up and play that it's suitable for kids of all ages. What's great about this puzzle game is that players can earn money just by playing it.

Simple Unique Puzzle Game

Ever played Tetris? Almost identical to the original, this is a puzzle game with a retro feel. Tetris is similar to blocks that have different specific shapes. Your goal is to drop blocks into the correct row with the aim of clearing the row.

Simple Unique Puzzle Game

The blocks in this puzzle game are also shaped the same as those in Tetris. But in this game, players have to place blocks to complete rows horizontally or vertically. Fully filled lines will disappear, similar to the Tetris game.

This Chinese-made puzzle game contains blocks with attractive colors. The idea is to make the players feel at home and not get bored playing this interesting game.

Unique Puzzle Game Features

Unique Puzzle, like many other mobile games, contains many interesting elements that will force players to come back again and again to complete the game. Unique Puzzles are made even more interesting by this characteristic.

Permainan puzzle application ini berisi setidaknya empat fitur terbaik yang tersedia. Semua elemen ini diperkenalkan ke Puzzle Unik dengan tujuan agar game ini dapat diterima oleh semua orang, dari anak-anak hingga pengguna smartphone dewasa.

Can be played for free

The Play Store is full of games and apps that claim to be free to use. But it turns out that most of these free apps feature in-app purchases. For all the functions of the application, the user has to pay a monthly or annual membership price.

Application users can only access some of its functions if they pay a fee. This does not apply to Unique Puzzles. This puzzle game is completely accessible for free. There is no cost for interested gamers to play this entertaining game.

There is no membership fee so you can use all of Unique Puzzle's features right now. However, this game still has ads that occasionally appear when the game starts.

Suitable to be played by all people

This puzzle game is suitable for players of all age groups because of its attractive aesthetic and straightforward gameplay. Unique Puzzles can be done by adult smartphone users to fill their free time. The story is relatively light and can be appreciated.

Even though the plot is very light and doesn't stress players out, this puzzle game can still help players brush up their thinking skills. That's why this game is also very suitable for gamers who are still young.

Children's problem-solving abilities improve when they play the puzzle games they have.

There Is No Time Limit In The Game

Tetris games challenge players to think fast. The blocks will fall at a varying rate, depending on the level of the level. That is, the higher the level, the faster the game will go and make the participants feel scared.

While this is the case for many other puzzles, Unique Puzzle is a unique case. There is no set time limit for this game. That way, players can enjoy this game more comfortably and don't feel overwhelmed when trying to refresh by playing online games.

Children can also improve their ability to solve difficulties better. Players don't need to rush and maybe think about the best approach to clear the current line.

Very Interesting Blocks and Special Effects

When Tetris first came out, the blocks in the game were all the same color. Unique Puzzle is much more unique because the blocks have a variety of colors and are quite interesting. Players of this game will never get bored playing it.

Also, app developers often include Unique Puzzles with unique effects that make the game even more thrilling. Special effects are possible to make seemingly ordinary games much more unique.

Unfortunately, Unique Puzzle is currently only accessible for one type of device, namely those equipped with the Android operating system. You can only play it on your Android phone or tab.

How to Play Unique Puzzle Game

It's not just functionality that makes Unique Puzzle so appealing; it also has a striking aesthetic appearance. Plus, the app's creators have included a short game explaining the basics of Unique Puzzle so newcomers to the genre can jump right in and have fun.

If you've never played a puzzle game like this before, first understand how to play this game. That way, you can immediately start the game and win the game more easily and quickly.

How to Play Unique Puzzle Game

Learn how to play this Unique Puzzle:

Filling in the Blank Rows

When the game starts, two boxes will appear on your mobile device screen. The box above is larger and contains lots of randomly placed bricks and a few pieces that are still empty. Meanwhile, the second box is at the bottom of the screen.

The second box is much smaller and only contains three blocks. Each participant's goal is to drag every block that is in the second square to the empty column in the first square. Rows previously filled with blocks will be deleted.

The game will end when the first box is full of blocks and there is no more space to fill blocks from the second box below.

Delete Multiple Rows at Once

Like when playing Tetris, players may think about different techniques when playing Unique Puzzles. Think about the best approach to delete multiple rows at once with only one block. This strategy will give you a better score.

Rows can be deleted in either a vertical or horizontal direction. There will be three blocks in the second square, think of an ideal location so the three blocks can fill in the empty columns in the first square more efficiently so you can delete multiple rows at once.

Use the Skills Feature in the Unique Puzzle Game

When playing Unique Puzzle, each player has the option of using one of two helpers. The two assists are refresh and spin. You can use these two assists to play Unique Puzzle for a longer time or in other words to delay defeat.

You have a better chance of winning a game with a higher score if you play Unique Puzzle for a longer period of time. Help in the form of refresh or spin can change the block in the second box. As a result, another block will appear to replace the previous block.

you can use new blocks that better match the empty columns in the main box. The possibility of winning can also be greater and scores can go up faster.

Download and Play Unique Puzzle on Android

This is a new puzzle game for Android smartphones exclusively, as previously stated. Unique Puzzle can be played on smartphones or tablets with certain Android operating systems.

Android users do not need to download the program in the Apk file to play Unique Puzzle as this game application is accessible on Play Store. Just click on the download button given below to directly install the Unique Puzzle program.

  1. Unique Puzzle Application Name
  2. Application Version Version 1.0.7
  3. App Size 46.79 MB
  4. App Developer¸
  5. Last Updated January 24, 2022
  6. Android Only Operating System
  7. Free App Price

This unique puzzle game application can be installed automatically because it is downloaded directly from the Play Store. Just launch the program to start playing the game.

Unique Puzzle is completely free, therefore there is no need to register to become a member. All functions can be accessed instantly as soon as you launch this program. What's interesting about this game is that gamers can really make money just by playing this puzzle game.

How to Make Money with Unique Puzzle Game

Many gamers have pointed out that Unique Puzzle provides a unique program, that is, additional income for users of this application. Actually, how to get money from this game can be said to be quite simple. You have a choice of three alternatives.

Play Unique Puzzles

The first way to get rewards in the form of gems is to complete missions, namely clearing rows of blocks in the game. Players receive gems for removing rows of blocks. Collect the gems you get with this very easy method.

Later you can exchange it for real money. With each game you play, you will earn additional gems by clearing rows of blocks and thereby increasing your total. That way, the results of the money you can get will also be even greater.

Watching Ads displayed

Watching game ads can also give you gems. Unique Puzzle Game can compensate players for working with different ad impressions presented in the game. Watch the ad that appears after you click on the ad area.

After you finish viewing the ad, a message will be displayed stating that your gem count has increased. To increase your total amount of gems, view as many ads as possible. This means that the amount of money you earn will also increase.

Invite Friends to Play Unique Puzzle Game

You can also invite other people to play Unique Puzzle. If someone joins you will earn more gems which can later be exchanged for money. Invite as many friends as you can to play this simple but entertaining puzzle game.

There are more gems to win if you invite more people. Turn all these gems into real money so you can spend them on whatever you like.

How to Withdraw Money from Game Unique Puzzle

If the gems you have earned are large enough, you can start withdrawing cash. Before using Unique Puzzle's gem-to-money conversion technique, you need to know a few things.

The conversion rate used in this game is one hundred to one. This implies that the gamer must have 100 gems to get 1 rupiah worth of actual money. If you have enough gems ready to trade, find out how to withdraw cash below.

  1. To get started, open the Unique Puzzle app on your Android phone and make sure the app is connected to a reliable and stable internet connection.
  2. A good internet connection is essential so that the exchange procedure can be carried out quickly and without failures.
  3. Tap the gem symbol located at the top right of the Unique Puzzle window.
  4. Several withdrawal methods are available when you click on this gem icon.
  5. Choose the type of withdrawal you want.
  6. You can withdraw gift cards, money or items.
  7. It is highly recommended that you withdraw money instead of other types.
  8. Once you have decided to withdraw money, you must determine how much you want to withdraw.
  9. There is a nominal choice depending on the amount of gems that have been collected.
  10. The name and telephone number you used to register for Funds are mandatory fields that must be filled in.
  11. If you don't have the Dana application yet, register yourself first and validate the Dana registration.
  12. Next, confirm the cash withdrawal from the Unique Puzzle game.
  13. To confirm withdrawing money, simply press Yes button in the withdrawal box.
  14. The money will be transferred to your account and can be withdrawn to your bank account.
  15. If you do not have a Dana account, you cannot make this withdrawal.
  16. Creating a Dana account is a simple procedure.
  17. Download the Dana application available on the Play Store and register for an account.
  18. Verify your DANA account, don't forget!

Verifying your account is also very important for your safety and peace of mind. You can transfer funds from your Dana account to a bank account after being verified. That way you can spend money to acquire other requirements more easily.

Is Unique Puzzle Game Safe

Unique Game App is from Play Store and created by the mentioned developer. This application is completely safe to use and does not affect the functionality of your smartphone. Apk files are much less safe than games which can be downloaded directly from Play Store.

In addition, many players have also verified that Unique Puzzle does give out real money to its participants. You can prove yourself by playing this game and extracting cash from the gems that you have collected.

Is Unique Puzzle Game Safe

Once you understand everything about Unique Puzzle games, you are ready to play this easy but very fun puzzle game.

The plot is light and doesn't stress players, this puzzle game can still help players to hone their thinking skills. Children can also improve their ability to solve difficulties better.

The app's creators have included a short game explaining the basics of Unique Puzzle so newcomers can jump right in and have fail-safe fun.

Lack of Unique Puzzles

Unfortunately, currently the Unique Puzzle game is only available on the Android platform. It may be available on iOS or other platforms in the future so more people can play this game.


Unique Puzzle Game contains interesting elements that will force players to come back again and again to complete the game. It can be played for free from the Google Play Store, without in-app purchases.

Application users can access a limited number of functions if they pay a fee. There is no membership fee so you can use all of Unique Puzzle's features right now. Unique Puzzles can be done by adult smartphone users to fill their free time.

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