Here Are New Features Presented in IOS 14.5

Here Are New Features Presented in IOS 14.5 – Apple has just released the iOS 14.5 beta 1 developer update, after releasing the final version of iOS 14.4. This update brings a number of improvements aimed at Apple to make it easier for users to use their devices.

This iOS 14.5 beta 1 update for developers is available with support for a number of features, one of which is a form of Apple's effort to make it easier for iPhone users to unlock their cellphones even when they are wearing a mask, Unlock with Apple Watch.

This feature allows users to open their iPhone with Apple's smartwatch, without the need to open a mask or enter a passcode. To activate it, users can set it in Settings, Face ID & Passcode and slide the button to the right on the Unlock with Apple Watch option.

Apart from that, the iOS 14.5 update also allows users to activate AirPlay 2 for the Apple Fitness+ service. This feature is intended by Apple to enable customers to stream training sessions to a Smart TV or AirPlay 2 compatible device.

Another feature is support for dual SIM cards on 5G networks on the iPhone 12 line. With this feature, users can enjoy 5G services in other countries while traveling, without the need to swap the primary SIM card and reset settings.

Users who have updated to iOS 14.5 will also enjoy the ability to use DualSense PS5 and Xbox Series X on iPhone. Apart from the iPhone, this capability can also be utilized by users on Apple TV via the tvOS 14.5 update.

Meanwhile, when iOS 14.5 is officially released, developers are called to have to request and accept user permissions related to activity tracking across the board. application and websites, which take advantage of random ad identifier access.

iOS 14.5 also brings design changes to the Podcasts app, which now comes with episode descriptions and easier access to the Resume button. In addition, this design change also allows users to explore different categories that may be of interest.

The iOS 14.5 operating system also comes with a feature that allows Siri to call emergency services via the voice command "Hey SIri, call emergency". This feature is also said to have been available in previous versions of iOS, but is now getting an update on the server side.

On the iPad, this update displays the Apple logo in a horizontal orientation when loading in a horizontal device position. iOS 14.5 also brings an emergency alert setting.

To set it up, users need to access Settings, Notifications and scroll down to Emergency Alerts to be precise. Doing the setting allows the user to disable the Always Deliver feature, causing the emergency alert to not sound when the phone is in the silent or vibrate ringtone setting.

iOS 14.5 also brings the option to sort lists in the Reminder app by Due Date, Create Date, Priority, or Title. Apart from that, users can also take advantage of the option to print this Reminder list.

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