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Rancakmedia.com – The WhatsApp application is said to have been updated in many ways. One of them is like Whatsapp Plus apk. Android users, especially teenagers, are the most likely to use this customized version of WhatsApp.

This is because the WA+ application itself includes various features that cannot be found in the basic WhatsApp application type. For those of you who are bored with the current standard WhatsApp features, it never hurts to test WhatsApp Mod.

WhatsApp Plus is the famous WA Mod application. On this occasion, android62 will evaluate this article about WA Plus and help you get the latest version. WhatsApp Plus is a well-known WA Mod and is an alternative version of the WA application.

One of the most popular smartphone talking apps. The developers from WA Plus have changed the official WA to include some interesting features such as hiding multiple ticks, changing themes, setting online status, and much more.

This WhatsApp mod offers greater privacy that can be accessed in it. you don't need to pay anything to use this Apk.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Review

WA+ is a WhatsApp application that has been modified by a third party. One of the adjustments made was to add several interesting features and these features were not present in the original version of WhatsApp.

Even the creators of the Wa Plus app are always trying to make it better for everyone who uses it, and this includes adding support for all the features of the app. If you want a customized version of WhatsApp with unique and interesting features, you can download it.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Review

Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk

This modified version of WhatsApp undoubtedly has more interesting features than the regular old Whatsapp. For this reason, customized apps have a lot of devotees.

The Mod app itself, however, is listed as a prohibited app by the FTC. Following are some of the most in-depth features of WA plus:

Anti Delete Message feature

Everyone who owns a Wa plus phone can take advantage of the anti-delete message function, which is the first in a long list. For Whatsapp Plus, it actually makes it very easy for customers to be able to access Whatsapp messages that have been deleted by the sender of the message.

Not only that, this modified WhatsApp user can also read WhatsApp statuses that have been deleted from the owner's contacts. Basically, this implies that you can still view deleted messages even if the original sender has revoked the message.

If one of your contacts creates a WhatsApp status and then deletes it, this also applies to the WhatsApp status. The status won't be deleted, but you can still see it for 24 hours.


In addition to the great features mentioned earlier, the WA modification is very useful. However, it also contains customization features that cannot be obtained in the original WhatsApp, but also pays attention to the convenience of each user.

For example, there are additional features in the form of customization embedded in the application. Through this capability, users can modify application settings as needed. Not only that, users can make adjustments on the main screen.

You can also make changes to the chat screen and chat header, for example. Messages and app snippets can also be customized by the user.

Message replay feature

Wa Plus, a customized version of WhatsApp, has the ability to automatically react to messages sent through the application. You can configure settings so that this WhatsApp mod application can react to messages automatically.

It's easy to automate answers when you're busy and can't respond to incoming messages, such as when you're not in the office. For example, like ordering a car, "Sorry, I'm busy, the message will be replied to as soon as possible"

Messages sent to future WhatsApp numbers can be customized in this way. With this option, of course, it will be quite profitable for those of you who are busy, can't even reply to messages directly.

Hiding Online Status

In the regular WhatsApp application, you can set whether you don't want to see the online status feature. It is possible to hide your online status in the WA profile if you have the WA + application.

Apart from that, you can also define settings for who can view online status. With this function, you are free to choose the settings you want.

Hide Typing Status

When using the standard WhatsApp application, you will get a typing status while you are receiving a message. But sometimes the status is a bit scary when in certain settings.

Whereas the WA+ application has a rule setting feature that tries to allow you to hide the status that you enter in the current privacy menu.

Longer Status

If on normal WhatsApp you have a limited number of characters, but this doesn't happen with the WA Plus application. Users can post extended long statuses up to 7 minutes.

Of course, this function is ideal for those of you who usually have problems publishing material in the form of films on WhatsApp status because they are limited by length.

Varied Character and Theme Packs

Many interesting features are available to Whatsapp Plus users, such as the ability to choose from different themes and colors. Apart from that, you have the option to customize the theme to your liking. Upload to WA so others can benefit from it.

Please make your own stickers, because WA Plus has a built-in sticker pack that can be used for free. These stickers look great and look a lot better when they are applied.

Anti Blur Image

The upgraded WhatsApp application itself has a media capacity of 50 GB, so you can be sure that if you send pictures, they won't be blurry and corrupted. This is different from using the original WhatsApp.

If you send a picture or image it will be compressed automatically by the WhatsApp application and this is what makes the image appear blurry. Be happy if you use the Whatsapp Plus mod because you can send HD photos without worrying about blur.

Custom Whatsapp Display

Changing the theme every day is not the only advantage you will get. However, wa Plus mod also offers a personalized WhatsApp display. That way, you can make appearance adjustments that can be changed according to taste.

For example, such as setting the layout size, font, font size, font size, color and even the Whatsapp header. A custom display on WhatsApp is certainly much more entertaining because it is guaranteed not to bore users.

File Sharing feature

When you use the original WhatsApp, of course, the ability to share files will be limited to only 16 MB. However, with the wa mod you can exchange files up to 50 MB. Surely this is simple enough for every user right?

Cleaning feature

For the Wa Plus mod version, the screen features offered are much more sophisticated. Thus, you can delete different conversations and files according to your preferences. The steps are also quite easy.

Users can make better use of their phone's storage space by deleting the photos they no longer need. Especially for those of you who have several WA groups.

No doubt there will be a large number of photos or files submitted. So it is very important to take advantage of the clean function so that the Smartphone's performance is not sluggish.

Supports Multiple File Sending

You don't need to worry about sending large amounts of files because you can send up to 90 photos at a time. This is different if you use the WhatsApp mod application which can only transfer 30 photos.

For this one aspect, it is ideal for people who run online retail companies.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus Apk

You must be aware of the dangers and disadvantages of modified WhatsApp plus in addition to the benefits described above. Despite the fact that the original WhatsApp developer verified that the modified WhatsApp application is completely banned.

However, remember this so that in the future you will not be the one who is at a disadvantage. Then what are the drawbacks of this wa plus? Here's the explanation:

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus Apk

Obtained Risk

The first issue that highlights the reason why this modified WhatsApp makes users feel scared is that there is a possibility of being blocked. Actually the WhatsApp maker has convinced and ensured that this application is anti-baned.

However, there is still a slight possibility that there is a danger to the user's WhatsApp account. Especially if you use wa plus to conduct commercial or financial matters, of course it's not recommended.

It's much safer to use the original WhatsApp which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If at any time the modified WhatsApp that you are using is blocked. While WhatsApp is used for business communication, of course it will be very detrimental right?

Account Security Risk

WhatsApp security data seems unreliable, besides the danger of someone's account being blocked. Indeed, the developer has claimed that account security is maintained. But as a user of an unlawful application, of course you also have to be aware of this.

After all, it's a customized version of a third-party app, and you don't know what's going on in the background. If you are dealing with money or business, don't use a customized version of WhatsApp to keep your account safe.

Irregular Updates

Inconsistent update potential is another problem you may encounter if you use Whatsapp Plus. The original version of WhatsApp will certainly be updated regularly. Meanwhile, WhatsApp plus modifications are waiting for the upgrade procedure from the developer.

Of course this is something to consider before using it. In the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal. But at least if WhatsApp hasn't been updated for a long time, maybe the Android device will automatically crash.

Therefore, you must be aware of potential dangers before using the WA plus application itself. So don't just look at the positive side.

Not Available on Google Play Store

The third problem that you might experience when using the WA+ application is that this application cannot be accessed on the App Store or Google Play Store. That way, when you want to download, you have to go through the official URL.

You don't need to bother to get the official URL, because some of the facts above can help you get this application. Google Play does not carry this application because the modified WhatsApp application has been deemed as an application that violates the law.

Harm Smartphones

Other dangers must be checked so that you do not regret using this application. Using the Wa plus application has the disadvantage that it has the potential to damage your smartphone because of its high potential.

The possible danger in question is that it can lead to privacy violations. While this privacy can copy data. Examples include names of people you have contacted, media messages you have sent, and so on.

It turns out that not only is it a violation of privacy, but this application can also infect the device used.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus Apk

For the process of installing customized applications or third applications, it's not much different when you install other applications. However, to ensure a successful installation, several considerations must be made.

Here's how to grant install rights for modified apps, including:

  1. Make sure the app has been downloaded using the URL above.
  2. Then, on your smartphone, go to settings or update the app.
  3. After that, you select the biometry menu
  4. Then select the install menu from an unknown application.
  5. Next select my files and don't forget to enable unknown app permissions. Toggle the switch in the right corner and you're done.

How to Use Whatsapp Plus Apk Safely

Naturally, many people feel doubtful and worried when they want to use the WA+ application. The reason is because it's probably blocked. To overcome this, you don't need to worry.

There are still several strategies to anticipate being banned in the Whatsapp Plus application, including:

  1. Make sure you are using a special WhatsApp that is always updated or using the current version.
  2. After that, visit the settings menu in the updated WhatsApp+ application that you are using.
  3. Next, select the menu
  4. Then click check for updates.
  5. If an update is available, please click download
  6. After that, open the website and get the WA plus application.
  7. The next step is to just install the application on the smartphone and the procedure is complete.

Settings for Whatsapp Plus Apk

This updated WA offers several important options that can help every user to feel more comfortable and at home when using this application. There are at least three crucial aspects that need to be known, including the following:

Settings for Whatsapp Plus Apk

Privacy Settings

After providing the main privacy features that are more promising than the previous features, with this menu, users can hide their online status effectively. As a result, it is impossible to know when a particular Whatsapp user is online.

Plus settings

Users have the option to download stickers from within the WhatsApp application using this setting. Apart from that, you can also delete messages and exchange wallpapers easily.

Users can use all the features to react automatically to incoming messages. In general, this function is suitable for people who manage companies. To make it easier to handle conversations, you can use WhatsApp Business.

General Settings

WhatsApp Customization comes with lots of additional options, such as the ability to access global settings. These additional options give people confidence in security when using this application.

Using a modded application like Whatsapp Plus is quite entertaining because of the many additional features available in it. Even so, you are still aware of the dangers that might occur.

Whatsapp Plus Apk itself includes a wide range of features that cannot be found in the basic type of WhatsApp application. This allows you to read deleted messages even if the original sender has revoked the message.


The app itself, however, is listed as a prohibited app by the FTC. Wa Plus is a special version of WhatsApp that can react to messages sent through the application. It is possible to hide your online status in your profile if you have the WA+ app.

Users can also make changes to the chat screen and chat header, for example. Users can post extended long statuses up to 7 minutes. The app also offers different themes and colors to customize a user's profile picture, as well as sticker packs.

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