VidNow Apk App Watch Videos to Make Money – VidNow Apk is a kind of application that can make rupiah coffers in a simple, flexible and practical way. Many are looking for this application now because only by using a Smartphone device can you make money from hundreds to millions of rupiah.

Saat ini, mencari uang tidak harus bekerja langsung di lapangan dengan mengerahkan segenap tenaga, mengingat zaman yang terus berkembang membawa banyak perubahan dari segi teknologi yang sangat kental. Munculnya banyak alternatif application merupakan salah satu pengaruh menguntungkan yang mewarnai aktivitas sehari-hari.

How not just by placing cash, you can get real money in a fairly fast way. See for yourself how many proven apps pay their users to follow the directions they offer.

One application that is currently popular for making money is VidNow Apk. Later, please use it as a medium to make extra money when you have free time that allows it, because just by viewing videos that are accessible in it, you will get a large fee that is different from other applications.

Similar to the Snack Video app model, which pays users to watch short movies, this model works in exactly the same way. Besides being able to make money here, you will also have its own thrilling pleasures. Curious? Please explain in more detail, read the review below.

VidNow Apk Review Earn money

As we have discussed above, VidNow Apk is an Android-based application that is claimed to be able to make real money in an easy and fast way. Actually the application is a platform that is arguably new when compared to other money-making applications.

VidNow Apk Review Earn money

Later the application will send payments that you can distribute using several e-wallets such as Gopay, DANA, OVO, or Banks. Of course, it's very different from other applications, where to get the money, you must first sell a number of coins, coupons, points, or the like.

Apart from that, using VidNow Apk gives a good feeling to the users as it not only concentrates on collecting money but also allows them to view interesting content programs which can sometimes make them laugh out loud. VidNow Apk. You know you can make money doing all these fun things, right?

Similar to other money-making apps, you have to complete a number of tasks and missions to get your rewards. For the tasks and missions themselves are very diverse and full of enjoyment for anyone. To be more specific, later we will provide information about the better quality it has and how to get the money for it.

For this application, VidNow Apk can never be found on the Google Play Store, therefore every application made by third parties has its own charm when compared to the official version. But its use does not imply that it is unsafe, because not all modified applications are dangerous.

VidNow Apk Application Features

VidNow Apk, the popular money making app, will be discussed in detail in the next section. Here are some of its many highlights:

  1. Free to Use
  2. No Watch Time Limit
  3. Quality Video Produced Quality
  4. Just One Tap
  5. Format Options Customization
  6. Has a Simple Display
  7. No Watch Time Limit
  8. No Term Bugs or Usage Errors

Here's How to Register the VidNow Apk Application

  1. To get started, go to the app's official website or use the link we provide to download the app.
  2. Opening the downloaded app and allowing access if a notification appears is the next step.
  3. Account Registration Process - Click on the words "Register" which can be accessed at Rp. 20 thousand today to be brought to the registration menu.
  4. Using a Gmail or Google account is one of the options for registering that can be accessed. Just complete the task given if you are logged in using a password.

Download the VidNow Apk application

Since this is an application built by a third party that has gone through the modification stage, in order to use it, you must first find a download link that is safe and reputable.

You should also be aware that, in today's world, many irresponsible parties take advantage of their success by changing download URLs.

Therefore, we want you to be more careful and vigilant when you want to download applications through download links that can be accessed on the internet with dubious security. The bad consequence, of course, is that this kind of modified application is often penetrated by malware viruses that can affect the performance of the device system itself.

But don't worry, because here we will provide a download link for the VidNow Apk application which has been verified to be safe and reliable along with its characteristics. For that, make sure you listen to the following review until it's finished.

  1. Application name Vidnow Apk Moneymaker
  2. Minimum OS Android 4.2 +
  3. Current Version V1.5.8
  4. Apk File Size 18 MB
  5. Watch Video Category
  6. Update Latest Version
  7. Publisher Vidnow

Also make sure here that you download application files only via the download URL that we have provided above, because many irresponsible parties influence it, so what is worrying is hacking or some type of data breach. However, you can download it confidently and safely from the URL mentioned above.

How to Install the VidNow Apk Application

It will be very easy for you to run smoothly without problems when you want to use the VidNow Apk application, because the file size is arguably very small and will not burden the storage memory space on the device. For those of you who want to know how to install it, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the application file using the download URL we have provided above, and make sure you also get the latest version.
  2. To start, please use zar or zip to extract the file if you have successfully downloaded it.
  3. Make sure you don't install the file immediately after you extract it.
  4. Please enter the Settings / Settings menu on each Smartphone device.
  5. Then navigate to Privacy and Security settings to allow app installation permission.
  6. Check the term Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources for file activation.
  7. After you activate it, click the file and install it
  8. Wait for the procedure until the application is completely installed.
  9. Success and congratulations soon you will earn real money in a simple and fast method.
  10. Here we hope that you follow the installation procedure carefully, lest something go wrong, because if you take one step, it is possible that the application may not launch and you will have to download and reload the application.

How to Make Money in the VidNow Apk Application

After you have successfully downloaded the VidNow Apk file, of course you still feel confused, isn't it related to how to get the money? So that later you can make money using the application, of course, the procedure is not as difficult as expected. There are many tasks to complete, among which are those listed below:

How to Make Money in the VidNow Apk Application

On Watching Videos

The first technique to earn money is that you have to watch videos on certain well-known applications, such as Youtube. The coins will be yours after you complete the task, but keep in mind that you have to see the whole movie. If you miss a lot, coins will not grow.

Invite Friends

Then later you can also get money in the application by asking friends to join. The number of invited friends also increases, ranging from 10 to 100 friends. The cash awards range from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 500,000.

Installing Apps

The last approach you also have to install the app. Later, you can install one application or several other popular applications, such as game applications to complete surveys.

The advantages of the VidNow Apk application

It is not surprising, that this new application is receiving more and more people looking for it, because its direct approach also allows use on all types of Smartphone devices themselves. So, if you check Google's search data, don't be surprised if lots of people are looking for the download link.

The capabilities available in the VidNow Apk application consist of various distinctive features available in the Google Play Store service. But it doesn't end there, because this rupiah-generating application is loaded with many other interesting additional features, and you won't find them in the official version.

Then what are the benefits of this application? Let's find out by listening to the following explanation:

Referral Program

If you want to make money with the application, you must first complete all activities in this referral program so that you can recommend your friends to register and use the application.

The more people you get, the more money you will earn. There are four levels of withdrawal available, ranging from a nominal value of IDR 15,000 to IDR 150,000, and each level has its own referral requirements. After that, you will receive IDR 15,000 for every four recommendations, up to a maximum of IDR 150,000 for 40 referrals.

If you can generate 40 recommendations per day, you can meet your goal within one month. Then click “Redeem Now” after selecting one of the four options you have provided so far. Exchange will be handled until the money is transferred to the Fund account before being linked to the e-wallet.

There are Fantastic Daily Quests

If later you have got the job and all the special benefits then you can also do certain daily tasks which can then get coins every day. Each of these activities is a repetition of the previous one.

You have to view videos, download them, share them and do many other things with them. That will then become a task or daily routine that you must complete every day. Don't miss a task, because coins can be dropped and at the same time you can see some of the other interesting video materials that have been offered.

This approach is one of the daily routines that allows you to have an unlimited number of coins. After that, using the app is the only challenging part.

Newbie Tasks and Special Bonuses

In the application to take advantage of the relatively new VidNow Apk system, you must first collect as many coins as possible, one of which is by getting certain jobs known as "starting tasks". New Google account holders can claim coins which will be credited to their Google wallet.

Following from their various social media accounts (like those of the company on platforms like YouTube and Telegram) will give you a number of coins that you can use later. For those of you who want to watch videos, you can view them and download them easily in the application.

In the future, you can also earn coins by watching videos. To do this, find videos that are fun to watch and worth sharing.

How to cash out in the VidNow Apk application

Here, the minimum balance that you collect and have is Rp. 8000, so please withdraw money to an e-wallet that can be accessed, starting from OVO, Gopay, Funds, and others. to be able to withdraw it, simply enter the “Daily Challenge” option, then “Withdraw”. After that, if possible, link your Fund account to another e-wallet.

For those of you who are still not clear on how to do it, please click "Connect your Dana account with Vidnow" and enter your Dana account info so you can make money. If you have filled in the data accurately and according to the minimum amount, you can now simply press the "Withdraw Now" button to distribute money to your e-wallet balance.

How simple is not it? How else can you make money the easy way by just viewing fun videos, inviting friends and downloading apps. Please use the application as best as possible so that the effect is really felt and increases your daily money.

Smartphone Specifications for Using the VidNow Apk Application

If you are going to use an app like VidNow Apk, a money making app, or whatever, it is very important that you understand the specifications of the app so you can determine whether the app is working fine with your device or not.

Smartphone Specifications for Using the VidNow Apk Application

The cellphone specs require the following. This application only requires a minimum RAM limit of 1GB for later if you are interested in installing and utilizing the application.

Do a quick memory capacity check to see if this works. Avoid waiting until after application before carrying out the check, as the results may be of no use.

In addition, because this application only has 18 MB, of course the size is quite small for this updated application file class, so it will not burden the working system of the device used. Furthermore, Android 4.2 or higher is required to run the operating system.

That's all you need to know about the VidNow Apk money-making application that you can use to supplement your main income. In addition to the simple way, of course you will also be presented with a choice of interesting items.

Vidnow Apk Application Is Safe

To earn money with VidNow, you have to complete a series of daily tasks. Users only need to view videos, movies and serials accessible on VidNow to complete tasks.

Due to the lack of registration on Google Play, this application cannot be considered safe. It has been found that the VidNow application is involved in malicious financial activities.

In addition, VidNow has the capacity to capture the personal data of its subscribers. Thus, users should consider before using this application.


VidNow Apk is an Android-based application that is claimed to be able to make real money in an easy and fast way. Similar to the Snack Video app model, which pays users to watch short movies, this model works in exactly the same way.

VidNow Apk is a popular money making app which can never be found on Google Play Store. There is no time limit for watching videos, and no term bugs or usage errors. VidNow Apk is an application built by a third party that has gone through the modification stage.

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