Number 1 Best Game in the World, Apex Legends Included – You need to know the number 1 best game in the world, most of these games can be played on smartphones, laptops, and even computers.

Games consist of many types and genres so that everyone can choose whatever game they want to play. That's why there are games that are very popular and games that are very disliked. This is due to the large number of players playing this game.

Talking about popular games, of course there are certain games that are very well known by everyone, even by people who are not gamers. The popularity of the game extends far beyond popular lands to include the rest of the world.

Number 1 Game List in the World

Some of these games deserve the title of world's top games because of their wide appeal. Intrigued by this popular game? Check out the following reviews.

Number 1 Best Game List in the World

Online games, games that usually don't have a story and are of a competitive genre. Even so, the number 1 best game is very popular among gamers. So every player competes with each other's skills in the game, there are even big tournaments every year.

For example, like Dota 2 or Counter Strike, both of these games are competitive games with big competition. Games like these are usually liked by many people around the world.

Gaming fame ebbs and flows all the time. The popular games of 2010 will definitely be different from the popular games of 2021. So no game is top-rated in the world forever.

There will always be the number 1 popular game in the world that will be released some time later. So the starting positions for the most popular games will be constantly changing.

Gamers must be curious about the most popular games around the world. Especially now that mobile devices such as smartphones can be used to play games. It turns out that there are lots of contributions from smartphones in the popularity of a game. So, what are the most popular video games in the world, or are they likely to overtake?

Surely you are curious, right? Here are some games that are candidates for the number 1 game in the world today:

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG or Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is a game with the battle royale genre. This is a genre unto itself, where players compete against each other to see who can last the longest.

Several years ago, this game was recognized as one of the best personal computer games. Until now, its popularity is still great, especially with the presence of PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS smartphones

There are major battles in this game, and players are only allowed to bring their clothes with them. PUBG's game system is often considered to be the fairest system in the gaming world as players must scavenge for weapons and other materials in the arena.

When you work together with your team to stay alive, you will feel the joy of victory.

2. Mobile Legends

DOTA 2 is a very legendary MOBA game, this game has been around for a decade and is still being played today. However, for the problem of popularity, DOTA 2 is currently far behind compared to Mobile Legends, especially in Indonesia.

Mobile Legends, a MOBA for smartphones, is currently more popular and more frequently played by players than any other MOBA that existed before. Therefore, Mobile Legends deserves to be a competitor as game number 1.

Like other MOBAs, Mobile Legends has a diverse cast of characters. The 5 vs 5 battle and the presence of the magic chess mode make players feel at home playing it every day. Maybe you are a player who feels comfortable playing Mobile Legends with friends right?

3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends arrives on PC at a time when the foundations of the battle royale genre are firmly established. Unlike other battle royale games, where teams often have four players, Apex Legends only allows three players per team.

The game Apex Legends is a battle royale game that is based on being a shooter game with the special talents of the characters you play. In other words, you can use characters that have talents that are more suited to the way you want to play.

Because of the excitement of the game in Apex Legends, several well-known broadcasters also played in the game. With almost realistic visuals and with interesting character abilities, players can fight quite brutally and quickly.

The popularity of Apex Legends can be attributed to the behavior of the in-game characters and the reaction speed of the players.

4. Garena Free Fire

We will talk about Free Fire, the most popular shooting game in Indonesia, in terms of the battle royale game for smartphones. Free Fire is a battle royale game featuring exciting shootings.

Uniquely, this game is popular not because of its outstanding visuals or novel system, but because it's light to play. Therefore, players with potato smartphones can also play it and make this game popular.

You can also feel the excitement of this game with three of your friends because a team can consist of 4 people. In a similar way to Apex Legends, you can customize your team's playstyle by selecting characters with unique abilities. That way, you can build a unique plan to survive until you're the only one standing and collecting the Booyah!

5. Minecraft

Another iconic game that is in great demand by many groups, from children to adults, is Minecraft. When it comes to game play, the “checkered” look of the game is one of the most popular.

Computers, smartphones, and other game consoles are a good place to start. The Sandbox mode, where players can play whatever they choose, is where this game's popularity lies.

Building a residence or shelter using scrap materials requires the application of innovative thinking. There are also hundreds of Youtube tutorials for inspiration for building unique mechanisms in Minecraft.

Yes, Minecraft physics and the concept of natural law is very interesting. The laws of nature in Minecraft allow you to create all kinds of unique items, such as super-fast minecarts or huge explosions of TNT.


Online games, games that usually don't have a story and are of a competitive genre. Even so, online games are very popular among gamers. So every player competes with each other's skills in the game, there are even big tournaments every year.

Thus the article about the Number 1 Best Game in the World, Apex Legends Included. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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