Douyin Apk Latest Version Free Download – The latest version of douyin apk has been released, you can use this latest application so that your tiktok videos can be fyp easily, let's see more information in this article.

Tiktok as a video-based social networking application has achieved immense popularity. More than a billion people worldwide have used Tiktok so far. But it turns out that many don't know, there is an application similar to Tiktok called Douyin apk specifically for domestic China.

Yes, this Douyin application can also be called the Chinese version of Tiktok. These two apps, though similar, are different from each other. For the first time in history, the same people are working on both apps. Why is it so? Take a peek at the following debate.

About Douyin Apk Latest Version

Douyin is another video-based social networking app, like Tiktok. Here, anyone can upload videos they think others will like and put them out there for all to see. In every video upload, every user can also be involved in it.

Visually, Douyin is very similar to TikTok. Because this application is practically the same application as Tiktok, but specifically for China. So you can find all the features on Tiktok on Douyin. On the other hand, functions on Douyin also exist on Tiktok.

Here you can still do live broadcasts like in the Tiktok application. Watching fyp videos is still an option, and if you want to make your own videos, you can do that on this site.

Although the Douyin apk is generally only accessible to people in China, by using innovative technology, you can also experience what it's like to use Chinese Tiktok.

Inevitably, there will be advantages and disadvantages of using applications that are not available to the public. If you want to use Douyin, you should familiarize yourself with this particular application first. The following are some of the features that distinguish Douyin.

Main Features of Douyin Apk Latest Version

As we explained in the previous paragraph, the Douyin app offers some features that are comparable to Tiktok. But what are these features? Douyin has the following impressive features.

Sharing Videos

Like Tiktok in many ways, this is the main feature that makes the app so popular in China. Every user in this application can post their videos for free for others to see.

Maximum upload time is a long time. So that's all for those of you who want to develop material and distribute it on the Douyin apk platform.

Later, the videos that you post may be responded to by other people with different forms of interaction. Giving the thumbs up, leaving a comment, or doing the stick are examples. They can even save or share the videos you share.

For Your Page (FYP)

This word should be familiar to everyone who has ever played Tiktok. When you first launch the Tiktok or Douyin apk application, you will see a page called For Your Page, or FYP for short.

This page will display random movies from Tiktok or Douyin users whose videos have made it to the FYP page. Many people watch, like and comment on videos that go to this page.

The videos featured on FYP aren't really that random. The technology of this application is smart enough to recognize your interests based on your interactions with previously offered material.

live streaming

Douyin app live streaming is the next interesting feature to note. The Tiktok app, as far as we know, also has this function as a constant. This tool allows you to broadcast live videos to your followers or anyone who wants to see them.

Yes, live streaming helps others to see it because basically live streaming can be done on FYP website. Now, when you live stream and successfully join FYP, it will give your live stream the potential to be seen by people who are not your followers.

Just like publishing videos, with live streaming viewers can also communicate directly with you. This connection may be in the form of likes or direct comments that they offer and will immediately appear on your smartphone screen.

Live streaming viewers can also communicate directly with you through the live likes or comments they offer and will be directly on your smartphone screen. Stitch lets you reply to other people's videos by posting your own.

Edit Videos

Currently, many films are converted using Tiktok with the addition of various types of funny effects and stickers that can only be done through Tiktok. This is inseparable from the size of the Tiktok application user community, so that there are many user-made filters scattered here.

Unfortunately, this also applies to the Douyin apk application. Since this app is comparable to Tiktok, you can also do video editing with it. There won't be any complicated edits like in a real video editing app, but that's not what we're talking about here.

You can only make minimal modifications such as adding tracks, adding effects, filters, stickers, and more. But with this ability, at least you will be helped because you no longer need to use a video editing application if you only want to offer basic effects.


The features of Stitch Douyin are really eye-catching. You can use this feature to reply to other people's videos by posting your own videos. That is, you mix your own films with those of people whose footage was damaged in some way.

In general, the video is a reaction to the stitched video. Plus, the resources at your disposal make it easy to create reaction videos like this one. For the first time, you can see the video producer's account, so you can know exactly where the video came from.

The availability of this stitching option helps the author of Douyin apk not have to have trouble when he wants to comment on other people's videos. There is no need to download the video and then mix it with the answer video because all of these steps can be completed directly in the Douyin application.

Download Videos

Douyin has the ability to download videos from Tiktok and similar. Safe to say that yes. You don't need to worry, because you can also download videos that you enjoy from other people here.

However, videos can only be downloaded with the consent of the video owner. Otherwise, the video download option will not be shown. But the answer is that you can copy the URL of the video to redirect to the downloading website or app.

Here you can also get video links in exactly the same way as on Tiktok. If you've ever done this on Tiktok, you know what happens on Douyin. I.e. click the share symbol and then select copy link.

Save Videos

Even if you prefer not to download videos from Douyin apk to your phone's memory, you can always save these videos to your computer and watch them later. Douyin provides this function as you might use in the Tiktok application.

This function is quite beneficial because you don't need to fill up your smartphone's memory. In addition, video saving can be done for all videos on Douyin. The download option, on the other hand, can only be used on videos that have been approved for download by the creator.

However, there are drawbacks to this feature. That is, unless the person owning the video decides to delete what you have saved. Then the videos in the list that you saved will also disappear. This applies even if the video owner chooses to save it on their computer.

The difference between Douyin Apk and Tiktok

When viewed from the design and features, Douyin and Tiktok are very similar. In fact, they are basically the same two apps, only the language is changed. But really if you look closely, you can see the difference between the two.

Here are some differences between Douyin and Tiktok that can answer your curiosity:

Language Difference

The first and most obvious difference is of course the difference in language. You can adjust the language used on Tiktok to one of the many languages spoken around the world. By default, Tiktok will also follow the language on any servers it downloads from.

For example, if you download Tiktok using an Indonesian language server, then you will get Tiktok with the default Indonesian language.

Unlike the Douyin application. This app is pre-configured to only work in Chinese when you first download it. Wherever you access it, you will still receive this language when you first download it.

Content Differences

There are definitely some differences in this app, considering that it's mainly aimed at Chinese internet users. What you will definitely find in the Douyin apk app is content provided by local Chinese people.

In contrast to Tiktok, the material is more general, but is usually dominated by local user content. For example, when you use Indonesian Tiktok, you will find many things from Indonesian users on FYP.

At least this variety of content will interfere with the use of the Douyin application. Since this app does not include subtitles, if you are Indonesian and use it, you might have a hard time deciphering what is said in the video.

Server Difference

You need to be aware that even though Douyin and Tiktok are very similar applications and it is like changing the language, in fact these two applications do not operate on the same server.

As the company behind these two apps, ByteDance hosts them on separate apps. Of course, this has several functions so that users in China are not too confused with other users outside their country.

So, in China you will not be able to find the Tiktok app and there is only the Douyin apk as it is the only app accessible there.

Majority Users

Usually on Tiktok you may see a comments area sorted by user. In Indonesia, you can see the FYP video where the top comments will be filled with Indonesian comments.

Smart Tiktok technology can combine comments depending on the user's country so that they can communicate in the same language with each other.

A Douyin, on the other hand, would make a significant impact. Since most of Douyin's users are Chinese, it's hard to find other people using the service.

To reiterate, Douyin is exclusively available to Chinese nationals. So it's no wonder that around 90 percent of users are local people there.

Pros and Cons of Douyin Apk

Before choosing to use this application, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Douyin that you can consider:


Fresher Content

Since this app is only available in China, you may experience fresher material than Tiktok, which offers more random stuff. If you're tired of the latest Tiktok trends, consider checking out Douyin.

By utilizing Douyin, you can find out what is going on in China and at the same time provide insight.

More Varied Filters

Many filters are already available on Tiktok, but if you're looking for a more diverse Tiktok, check out Douyin. Unlike Tiktok, you will find some new filters in this app.

The filters are made by the inventors from the country where this app was published. You can use it for your video editing purposes so that the movie you produce will look different because the filters are hard to find in other applications.

Different Creators

In Douyin apk, you will find works of creators that are completely different from the applications you use, especially Tiktok. This benefit is suitable for those of you who might be bored with the usual dramas on Tiktok.

You can use the Douyin application as a social media escape from the stress of social media on Indonesian servers.



Obviously, language is one of Douyin's greatest weaknesses. Douyin's default language is Chinese, as indicated earlier.

This will definitely be difficult for you, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the Chinese language at all.


If you are in Indonesia, you can see that Douyin is much slower than Tiktok. It has to do with the server this app is running on.

Douyin utilizes Chinese servers located in provinces far from Indonesia's geographical location. This has an impact on the latency you get, making the application work slower than usual.

Hard to Communicate with Other Users

Again, here we assume that you still do not have strong Chinese language skills. Thus, you will find it difficult when you want to connect with other users on Douyin.

Like when you want to comment, send messages, and so on. Of course the scenario will be different if you have learned their language.

Download and Install Douyin Apk Latest Version

  1. Application name Douyin Apk
  2. Country of China
  3. ByteDance developer
  4. Download links Douyin apk Click here

Installing this application is the same as other applications from outside the Play Store where you have to adjust your smartphone's security settings first. Here's how to do it in full:

  1. Navigate to your smartphone settings.
  2. Look for options to control the flow of personal information and security levels.
  3. Then check the application installation settings
  4. Find and enable Allow installation from unknown source
  5. After that, exit the settings and install the Douyin application.

Douyin which is an alternative to the Tiktok application is a very good choice when you are starting to get bored with Tiktok. Also consider the benefits of this application, so you have more confidence in Douyin.


Douyin apk is a video-based social networking application, like Tiktok. It's developed by the same people who work on both apps. When launching the application, you will see a page named For Your Page (FYP). On this page, random movies from Tiktok or Douyin users will be showcased.

Live streaming allows you to broadcast live video to your followers or anyone who wants to see it. The Douyin apk app is comparable to Tiktok but you can also do video editing with it.

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