Config PUBG Mobile No Recoil Anti Banned – In this article we will discuss the pubg mobile config, which is a custom configuration whose creators are people who are good at changing various game codes.

By using settings, you can set your own performance before playing. By using settings, you can reduce or increase game performance.

Everyone in Indonesia and around the world have heard of and played the very popular game PUBG. You can check it out for yourself on the Google Play Store, where over 500 million downloads and 40 million reviews have been posted.

So, for optimal results, we suggest you use an additional file, which is called PUBG Configuration. The configuration file is able to handle latency and broken displays. Interestingly, you can download this PUBG game quickly and for free on any device store.

This game was built by Tencent which carries the premise of Battle Royale with ultra HD visuals. All players will be happy with all the features and views it provides, because this is really very interesting and amazing.

Of course you can imagine if one day you experience certain difficulties when entering a game whose name is an algorithmic system created by the developer, of course nothing is perfect. For those of you who are later interested in playing this Battle Royale game, make sure your cellphone specifications are appropriate.

This implies that if the specs are low, you will face a lot of problems. For example, such as broken display, latency, self-exit, and others. But you don't need to worry, because we are here to provide the best answers.

The solution to this problem is to use the PUBG Mobile Config file itself. Using these additional files has been demonstrated and considered capable of overcoming all the difficulties that you often encounter when using the program. We will examine it in the next review.

Description of Config PUBG Mobile

We want to make sure that PUBG gamers still have a lot of confusion about PUBG Configuration files. For this reason, below we will analyze everything in full, so that later you can play more optimally and more stunningly.

Description of Config PUBG Mobile

When you consider how much fun it is to play “Mabar” or with other people, first impressions change dramatically. Be aware that config is a file that contains text or content that only the computer system can read.

You can adjust the graphics quality and other aspects of the Android game after installing the configuration. As a result, it's not surprising that PUBG Config is the target of players with sub-standard smartphones. Suppose you are using a Smartphone with below average hardware, but are interested in playing the PUBG game.

This means that you must first upload the configuration file to the device and then make the necessary changes. In this method, even though the specifications are under PUBG game requirements, the device's system performance can be improved.

Overview of PUBG Mobile Config Files

PUBG Mobile is famous for its huge file size due to the game's high-quality visuals and HD resolution, which are very sharp and clear. Therefore, it is not surprising that a smartphone with very good specifications is required to play it.

However, thanks to the PUBG Config file, even low-end smartphones can play. So, if you are interested in the config file for playing PUBG Mobile, then below we will provide everything in full.

Of course, you are already aware of the various capabilities of configuration files and their diverse set of purposes. Here we provide various PUBG Config files consisting of Smooth, HDR Config, No Grass Config, FPS, and No Recoil.

Featured Features Config PUBG Mobile

What you need to know here is that the PUBG No Recoil Config file is the newest type with the main goal of being able to withstand the weapons that you normally use when playing. Players looking to squirt will find this very useful, in our opinion.

Of course, you already know that the recoil rate of every great weapon skin in PUBG is quite high. As with AKM and other similar weapons which are tough enough to operate, especially if you are not a pro player. So this is where the No Recoil feature is very important for you to take advantage of.

In other words, you also have a great chance to get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD). All of the configuration files were clearly in danger during their use, but someone still hunted them.

Very popular among PUBG players, who utilize the No Recoil to their advantage. Using a PUBG Configuration file makes it fairly easy to achieve even the simplest wins, like the Chicken win. As for the characteristics of the PUBG No Recoil configuration, you can see the following information:

No Permanent Recoil

That all users can activate in an easy and flexible way, without the slightest movement, is reflected in the file name itself. Since the configuration will create and stop recoil automatically, it will be quite stable. This implies that you will always be accurate and effective when shooting at enemies without missing a beat.

Auto Aim Lock

In addition to being able to make catches related to recoil, it also allows each user to get other interesting hockey. You will benefit from this advantage if you can quickly catch your opponent or fight them without wasting too much time.

Damage Increase

Not only that, the damage from each weapon skin will continue to increase. As a result, getting Chickens in the game will be much easier for you.

Anti Banned

All PUBG Configuration files have an anti-ban function to give the idea that players are protected from various dangers, including being banned by Tencent itself. You don't need to worry even if you use this cheat type file, because it's guaranteed to be safe.

It is important for you to know that whether you want to download the old version of the PUBG No Recoil Config file or the current version, you must first use a browser such as Chrome, Mozilla or another. Because this file is a form of cheat that can be downloaded via a browser.

The following is an explanation of the PUBG Config

In order to start downloading PUBG No Recoil right away, you need to create a definite link. That said, if you're worried about playing this Battle Royale game easily, don't worry. We have prepared it for you. Also make sure you follow all the instructions that we offer so that the file can operate properly.

The following is an explanation of the PUBG Config

PUBG Mobile No Grass Configuration

You need to know that PUBG No Grass Config operates as a grass remover which generally appears in the Battle Royale game. So that way you can more easily find or find out the whereabouts of opponents hidden in the grass.

If you've ever played a game where you've reached the last stretch, you've probably noticed that the other players tend to fall behind in the grass.

The importance of installing this kind of cheat file is to make it easier for you to mislead existing enemies. So, to be able to access the configuration file, the method is quite easy, not as difficult as one might think. We've created it for free for those of you who then need the file.

PUBG Smooth Extreme configuration

The next PUBG Configuration File is Smooth Extreme which you can get in a simple way and free of any cost. No need to worry, as we have provided a direct download link on the site shown below which is free for everyone to use.

Config Smooth High 30Fps

You can also get this Smooth High 30 Fps configuration right now using the URL we have provided for gamers who need it. Ultimately, so that you can fully enjoy the PUBG game in the future.

Config PUBG Smooth Ultra 40Fps

For the PUBG Smooth Ultra 40 Fps Config file, you can also get the URL by using the following address for free and there is no charge at all. Please use an alternative URL which we will provide.

Config PUBG Smooth Ultra 60 Fps

To start the process of downloading the Smooth Ultra 40 Fps type config file, gamers who are interested can immediately click the free download link provided below to get started right now.

PUBG Config No Recoil

PUBG Config No Recoil is based on the latest version of the PUBGM Config code. With this code, you will not be hit by recoil when spraying or shooting continuously at your opponent.

PUBG players are well aware of the fact that each weapon has a certain amount of recoil. For example, AKM has a fairly high recoil rate making it quite difficult to control. This is what sometimes causes your shot when using the AKM to miss.

With Config no recoil PUBG, you don't need to worry about the recoil that you might experience when using weapons like AKM. Because this code can eliminate recoil so you can control weapons easily.

Thus, you can easily defeat the enemies you meet, as well as ensure that your chicken meal is a success.

Download PUBG No Grass Config Files

In the file if you are one of the many PUBG gamers who need a grassless configuration file, we have provided a free link for you to use. Assuming the file is uploaded successfully, you will be able to access it immediately and link it with your iOS or Android smartphone. Please refer to the following review for more information.

How to Download PUBG Config on Android/iOS

Make sure you follow the instructions and instructions provided, so that the file can really provide benefits according to its purpose. Here's what you need to know:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have found the configuration download file and it is actually stored in the device storage location.
  2. If the download is successful, please use Zarchiver to extract the files.
  3. Continue with the process of copying files then moving them to the Android folder – Data – – files – UE4GAME – shadowtrackerextra – saved – paste here – replace.
  4. After that, please restart the Smartphone that is being used.
  5. Keep logging in to your PUBG account as usual.
  6. I wish you all the best of luck.

If in practice you still find grass or weeds are still visible, most likely there was an error in the procedure. To ensure that the file works as intended, it is important that you make sure all adjustments are made piecemeal.

PUBG Mobile Configuration Advantages

Using the PUBG Configuration when playing games has a number of benefits that you should know about. What reward will you get? First is gaming performance. This means that as long as you use the configuration file, your game performance will improve much better than before.

PUBG Mobile Configuration Advantages

This is because the main purpose of the configuration is to improve in-game performance, so that it can further reduce frame drops while the game is being processed. Moreover, items like this are often used by players who are completing many missions or for the benefit of the tier game itself.

The second benefit is less stuttering when you're facing a horde of enemies. The key is after that we can win the game simply and it doesn't take long. Although sometimes there are still frame dips when dealing with enemies. Apart from that, in reality there are still limitations in the use of configurations as in the following review.

Disadvantages of PUBG Mobile Configs

So what are the cons of using PUBG Config? For starters, if you have a device with lower specifications, the performance system can make your smartphone uncomfortable due to excessive heat. Simply because you can speed things up by configuring them to run faster than normal.

Imagine how hot the engine would be if pushed to the limit. It's the same with the device you're configuring it on, but it can really increase performance. This implies that the Smartphone for which you install the configuration will feel hotter than before.

Second, usually the battery life will run out quickly. Why did it happen? Due to the fact that the Smartphone is using its full potential, the ambient temperature will naturally increase and become very stressful as a result. So with hot air that might make the battery run out soon.

But, again, this is dictated by device specs. That is, if the device you are using to install the configuration is really above average, nothing will happen because the system from the device is much more supportive and powerful.

Is PUBG Mobile Config Safe?

To be clear, no Android game developer of any kind allows the use of configuration files, and that should be made abundantly clear. The PUBG Configuration File is no exception. This is why the official party (Tencent) often conducts periodic monitoring and takes strict action against gamers who use these fake files.

In fact, we recommend all PUBG players not to use additional configuration files for the sake of being more athletic. But so far, the use of config files in the PUBG game is quite safe. As a result, there are no complaints of players taking risks, either with each other or with other parties unrelated to the game.

Caution is one of the most important considerations, therefore if you wish to use the files in the future, we strongly recommend creating a backup account first. Since no one can predict the future, you don't use your main account sporadically. It could be that Tencent is more picky and strict when it comes to security.

This preventive step is very important for you to do to reduce unwanted things that can harm your PUBG game account. Moreover, you have done a lot of top up weapons and sultan skins. Of course it's very unfortunate isn't it?


PUBG Config is able to overcome latency and broken displays. This game was built by Tencent which carries the premise of Battle Royale with ultra HD visuals. Using these additional files has been demonstrated and considered capable of overcoming all the difficulties that you often encounter when using the program.

PUBG Mobile is famous for its huge file size due to the game's high-quality visuals and HD resolution, which are very sharp and clear. However, thanks to the PUBG Config file, even low-end smartphones can play.

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