Complete Digital KTP Application with How to Use it – This app received a rating of 3.7 from 1,119 users. It has been installed 100K times by users. The digital KTP Check application that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store is not an official government application.

Oleh karena itu, sebaiknya masyarakat mengecek NIK KTP Elektronik di website resminya yaitu Application bernama Cek KTP yang bisa diunduh di Google Play Store ini memang menjadi aplikasi yang paling populer dibandingkan aplikasi sejenis.

Recently, the government through the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registry has planned a program for making digital e-KTP with a QR code through the digital KTP application. Trials on the execution of this idea have been carried out since last year.

The plan to use this digital e-KTP will be carried out in stages. The procedure for carrying out trials for making digital e-KTPs has only been carried out in several districts and cities in Indonesia.

What is the name of the Digital E-KTP Application?

So this digital-based KTP application is actually an application that can be used to transfer QR codes. This application is called the Dukcapil QR code reader application.

Dukcapil QR code reader application

Indonesia plans to implement digital KTP. The form will no longer be physical, but will be stored on the smartphone and a QR code will be available.

According to the Director General for Population and Civil Registry of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Zudan Arif Fakrulloh, when people need KTP data, they only need to scan a QR code.

"Documents are enough on the HP ID card photo to be digitized in the form of a QR Code. All you need is a qr scan. no need for photocopies, “explained Zudan quoted on Wednesday (26/1/2022).

What is E-KTP as Personal Identity

The intention to adopt digital e-KTP has made some people feel anxious because news suddenly appeared that prohibited photocopies of their identities. This is because it will damage the chip on the e-KTP.

Think of e-history KTPs as a kind of personal identification rather than the damage of the chips they contain to keep our curiosity at bay. Both about the use of chips and the advantages and uses of e-KTP for the community.

What is E-KTP as Personal Identity

Use of Chips in e-KTP

The chip is a microprocessor-based smart card that provides data security techniques. Where this snack is in the form of verification between chips. In addition, it is anti-cloning and can protect encrypted data security using the digital signature of the e-KTP owner.

As a result, data such as the signature of the owner of the e-KTP, portrait, or two data can be stored on the chip in the device. When the e-KTP is loaded, all of the user's personal information is stored on the chip.

e-KTP Physical Card

This type of smart card has a chip written directly on the surface of the card, which is known as a physical e-KTP. The physical e-KTP card consists of polyethylene material consisting of 7 layers. Thus, it can avoid various forms of misuse of e-KTP.

So that requires security measures that pay attention to various aspects. Resistance to pressure is one of them, as is resistance to extremes of heat and cold. It is also able to withstand certain chemicals.

Security Measures of e-KTP

It is a physical measurement tool for the use of e-KTP physical security, including a chip that contains the identity data of the e-KTP owner. As a result, the biometric approach is used as a security precaution in this e-KTP.

Utilization of this technology can determine the single identity of the owner of the e-KTP, namely NIK or identification number. This identification is obtained when the owner of the e-KTP makes a recording when making the e-KTP.

Benefits of Using e-KTP for the Community

The physical e-KTP which is now used by the public as a self-identity has the function of an e-KTP reader. Implementing this function in e-KTP helps ensure that e-KTP is accurate and genuine. You can also use this reader function to verify that the e-KTP belongs to the rightful owner.

In addition, by using the reader function on this e-KTP, identity owners can use e-KTP for various reasons. Here are some of the advantages of adopting an e-KTP, let's look at the facts and explanations.

  1. As Identity
    The advantage of the E-first KTP comes in the form of a personal identification card for the traveler. With this e-KTP, it can represent all the information needs of the owner's identity.
  2. Can Support Banking Processes
    One of the advantages of implementing e-KTP is to help process various financial transactions at banks and other organizations. Especially in terms of creating accounts and offering credit facilities,
  3. To Get Various Services
    Another advantage of e-KTP is for the purpose of receiving various types of services. Health BPJS services, government support such as Raskin and BLT, and other forms of government assistance are just some of the options available.

What is the Digital KTP Application?

Before talking further about this digital e-KTP, it's good to quickly find out what is termed a digital KTP application. Mobile app users will be able to use this digital ID card with a QR code as it is specially designed for them.

When you need information about your personal identity, all you have to do is scan this QR code. you do it by scanning the QR code. Thus, smartphone users no longer need a photocopy of their identity data.

Whereas for individuals who do not use smartphones, they will continue to use e-KTP in physical form as it is today. Therefore, the Department of Population and Civil Registration will continue to provide services for making physical e-KTPs as usual for the community.

An application called Dukcapil QR code reader has been developed by Dukcapil specifically for this digital-based e-KTP package and is available to all smartphone users for free download.

Then what exactly is the digital KTP application? In essence, this digital KTP application is a QR code transfer application. The application is called the Dukcapil QR code reader application.

Personal information included in electronic identification data, such as e-KTP, is stored in an application known as “digital-based KTP application” (or abbreviated as “dB-KTP”).

Apart from importing personal data, this digital e-KTP also includes various additional owner data such as NPWP, immunizations, vehicle ownership, family cards and other documents. This particular app resembles a maintenance protection app in many ways.

Before using this digital-based KTP application, smartphone users must download the application. After that, you can register by comparing your personal information with that listed on the standard e-KTP.

This digital identification or KTP will be available on the user's smartphone via a QR code, thanks to this digital-based KTP application. When and how will this digital KTP be combined into population data?

This digital KTP will be issued online by the Dukcapil admin as well as services from each smartphone that are utilized by individuals from various backgrounds. Therefore, this digital e-KTP application must use a smartphone.

Purpose of Digital-Based e-KTP

The purpose of establishing a digital e-KTP is none other than to streamline and speed up transactions for accessing various public services in digital form. In addition, the identity data of the e-KTP owner must be protected.

The security of digital e-KTP owner identity data is carried out through an authentication mechanism. By implementing this security method, the potential for data fabrication can be minimized.

Unlike the e-KTP that is currently used by the public, this digital e-KTP will not be printed. However, each smartphone user will have their own copy of the digital e-KTP.

Purpose of Digital-Based e-KTP

What If the Digital-Based e-KTP is Lost?

As explained above, this digital-based e-KTP will be stored in the digital KTP application on each smartphone. Then what if the smartphone used is lost?

If this happens, the only solution is to call the local Dukcapil to send the digital e-KTP to another smartphone. In this way, there will be no more worries about losing your e-KTP. As previously stated, this is because the e-KTP has become a digital e-KTP.

In addition, because this digital e-KTP is integrated with the use of a QR code which is a digital identification for e-KTP owners. As a result, even if the smartphone is misplaced, the digital e-KTP remains intact.

Identity owners don't need to be confused because they can just ask the Dukcapil for digital e-KTP so that it can be sent via smartphone. This will definitely make life simpler for individuals, especially for those who have lost their devices.

What are the characteristics of the Digital KTP Application?

This application has three main menu uses to make it easier for people to use information about their digital identity. So that users can make the most of this digital-based KTP application.

With this digital-based KTP application, smartphone users can access many of the menus offered in the application. Following is the main menu of this digital KTP application:

  1. Family data menu
  2. Resident documents
  3. Other documents from e-KTP integration such as NPWP, immunization, car ownership, employment status and others
  4. Apart from that, on several main menus, users of this digital-based KTP application can also show a QR code.
  5. Apart from that, it can also provide biodata and history of application usage that has been carried out in the application.

Terms and Conditions for Using the Digital KTP Application

The general public must meet a number of prerequisites and limitations to be able to use this digital KTP application. Some of these needs will make it easier to use this application. Some of these needs include the following.

  1. Have a smartphone
  2. Register the Smartphone number used in Dukcapil \sinternet connection network
  3. Internet connection can be found here.
  4. Have the ability to use a smartphone
  5. What if any of these conditions cannot be met by some individuals? Moreover, there are still many areas that do not allow the use of a proper internet connection network.

One need not worry or be bothered if this happens. Because they still rely on the current standard of community identity, known as KTP, which is issued in physical form.

No need to worry or be confused if you don't meet all the criteria for using a digital KTP. Because the Dukcapil will continue to provide identity creation services manually in two ways.

E-KTP services with digital techniques and physical e-KTP services. For this reason, the use of this digital KTP application is currently quite limited. Only 58 districts and cities in Indonesia can participate in the current trial.

How to Get the Digital KTP Application on Your Computer

To get various service benefits from using this digital KTP application, smartphone users must first download the application. To get the digital e-KTP application, download the following steps:

  1. First and foremost, smartphone owners can access the Google Play Store directly.
  2. Then in the search field, just enter the name of the application
  3. Next, just click download
  4. You then have to wait for the app to download onto your smartphone, which will take a while.
  5. Then immediately install and the application can be directly used to produce digital e-KTP

How to Get the Digital KTP Application on Your Computer

Here's How to Make an e-KTP Using the Digital KTP Application

Previously, smartphone users had to download the digital KTP application on their device to create this digital e-KTP. Follow these simple instructions to start the app on your smartphone after you download it.

  1. Smartphone users can register for a digital ID card right away from the app they download on their phones.
  2. ID card number, email address and smartphone number are all required to complete the process.
  3. You must then use facial recognition technology to double-check your data.
  4. Then proceed to issue a verification request via email
  5. To return to the e-KTP application, smartphone users can also do this.
  6. Then you can log in right away so you can access different personally identifiable data.
  7. Among them are e-KTP, family cards, NPWP and others.
    Regular e-KTP and Digital-Based e-KTP have several differences.

Between physical e-KTP and digital e-KTP, both of them have similarities regarding the owner's identity data. Apart from sharing similarities, the two e-KTPs also have certain variants that must be understood.

An e-KTP that utilizes digital technology has the following advantages compared to analog ones. Let's look at the facts and explanations of the differences between the two types of e-KTP below:

  1. Real e-KTPs do exist and are in physical form, especially e-KTPs, while digital e-KTPs are only in the form of photos that can be viewed on the user's smartphone.
  2. Physical e-KTP if needed must be duplicated but digital e-KTP does not need to be photocopied, just copy the QR code
  3. Physical e-KTP only stores the owner's personal data, but digital e-KTP besides storing personal data also includes additional owner data such as NPWP, vaccines or others.
  4. If the physical e-KTP is lost, it will take longer to reproduce it, but the digital e-KTP only needs to be re-submitted by Dukcapil and sending it back to a new device.
  5. In contrast to digital e-KTPs which do not need to be printed and are already stored in each user's device, physical e-KTPs are less practical because they have to be stored in card form.
  6. From these several characteristics it can be seen that the difference between standard e-KTP in physical form and e-KTP
  7. Digital KTP lies in its shape. Traditional e-KTP is a card, but digital e-KTP is an application.

From these differences, of course, digital-based e-KTP offers many conveniences as well as practicality. This is especially true when QR codes are used for multiple purposes and there is no need to duplicate anything.

In addition, e-KTP based on digital technology is safer because it is not prone to data loss. It is different from e-KTP in physical form which is prone to experiencing difficulties losing it. Not only that, the procedure is also more difficult if you have to face a loss.

With this digital e-KTP, it will be easier and more practical for users to access various population data services. This is inseparable from the use of the QR code found on the digital e-KTP as a digital identification for the owner of the e-KTP.

That's some information about digital e-KTP with its various conveniences. For different benefits and conveniences, smartphone users can access it using the digital KTP application. Hopefully this knowledge can be useful.


The government has plans for a digital e-KTP creation program with a QR code. e-KTP Chip is a microprocessor-based smart card that provides data security techniques. It is anti-cloning and can protect the security of encrypted data using the digital signature of the owner.

Digital KTP application users will be able to take advantage of this digital ID card with a QR code. An application called Dukcapil QR code reader has been specially developed for this digital-based e-KTP package and is available for all smartphone users for free download.

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