The Best Karaoke Application on Android and PC – The karaoke application that you must have to enjoy all the best features, who doesn't like karaoke, which is a fun entertainment that can reduce fatigue in a bad mood.

Then also this activity is usually carried out in a special room, but today with only a Smartphone you can enjoy karaoke wherever it is.

Therefore, we are here to comprehensively analyze the Best Karaoke Applications that you can install and install on your respective Smartphone devices easily and for free without the slightest cost.

You also need to know that there are actually a lot of them application karaoke which can be accessed online or offline.

The following are the best and most popular karaoke applications

The Best Karaoke Application is very important for you to have, especially if you are someone who likes to sing. You can make activities like this a fun event with friends wherever you are, because with this application you no longer need to come to the karaoke location which will definitely incur costs.

For more details, in the following, we present the best karaoke applications so far this year that you can try as soon as possible, including the following:


StarMaker, which has been downloaded by more than 100 million users, is the first Best Karaoke app. This is the busiest time of year for the app, especially among karaoke fans in general. StarMaker presents several options related to millions of song names that you can choose and sing freely along with background music and scrolling lyrics.

Then, using video filters and sound effects, anyone can apply their own edits to the recording. After that you also share it to other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more.

Pitch Correction is one of the tools available in the app, and it allows the user's voice to sound as professional as possible. Then you can use the Go Live tool to stream the recording of the singing itself. Apart from that, you might also want to have a concert, or simply enjoy it.


The Smule app

The second application is Smule which has lots of interesting features in it. The first is a sound enhancer that can make your voice look beautiful like a recording in a studio. Next is the duet mode option that you can use to sing with friends.

Song lyrics can be shared via various methods such as Facebook and WhatsApp or even Google Plus. You can also distribute it directly via SMS and Email services to all your friends.

Adding to the fun, the Smule app offers a wide variety of song genres, including hip-hop and country, as well as pop, blues, musical, rock and more. This makes the karaoke night even more exciting. Play Store on every device provides it for free download.

Smule creates the app, which has been downloaded by over 100 million users and has over 4 million reviews with an average rating of 4.0* and a file size of 46 MB. Here we provide the download link.

SingPlay Karaoke Application

Now you no longer need to go to karaoke if you just want to sing happily with friends or even in your own mode. The SingPlay karaoke application allows you to karaoke easily with only a sophisticated device from your Smartphone, both iOS and Android.

In the future, you won't need to download as much music as you can access it directly from your device's playlist. Please use the following link to download a copy.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record application

Red Karaoke has all the functions you need to record your karaoke shows and play them back at your leisure. Since the results are as pleasing as studio recordings, it's safe to say this method is worth a try. If the music you're looking for isn't in the list yet, you can always submit a request directly later.

You can even karaoke without an internet connection with this app, which is another interesting function. Wow, that's pretty cool. Below is the download link for the apk version.

The Voice: on Stage app

Here you will be given karaoke ideas that look different from other karaoke applications, because the concept itself is like a national talent search event session, or even like an international one. Like The Voice, you'll be blown away by how much fun you can have with just one app.

In the process, if you sing according to the tune of the song, you might get a high score, but conversely if you get confused or not, the result will be negative. The results of the recording are in the form of a video which you can then immediately publish on other social media.

Online Karaoke

As the name implies, Karaoke Online requires every user to be connected to the internet when using the application. Because of the options it offers, it makes it easy to find current and popular songs to sing later.

In addition, this application will also provide video shows when you sing using the karaoke application, as well as when you use the Smule application. For more information, please download using the link below.


Next is the karaoke application from WeSing which is a free application that is popular today. Around 80,000 users have downloaded the app from Google Play Store so far. Not much different from other karaoke applications, here you can also duet with other users, or even with artists.

Not only that, each user can modify and preserve the karaoke results that have been done. What's more, there are edit options to create extra interesting effects, so the results will be much better and pleasant to listen to.



Of course you don't realize that the Joox application itself is not only limited to playing music, but you can also use it for karaoke. In it you can freely karaoke with a large number of songs exceeding millions of songs, because it contains music from various worlds.

So that you can use it, please take advantage of the Sing function in the Joox application, so that later you can also record voice and video while singing alone, duet, or concurrently in a group. If interested, please visit the URL below, as it can be used on all platforms, be it PC, iPad, iOS or Android.

Yoke Karaoke

When you go to the Google Play Store, you will see the term Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs with a rainbow colored microphone logo sign next to it. This is a first for Google Play Store. The Yokee application itself provides music from within and outside the country.

Each user can also have fun singing and sharing videos with others. Sound options like Stage, Hall, and more make the app's output sound fairly close to the original, which is quite interesting.


Singo is the last app on our list because it doesn't require an internet network. Offline karaoke is easy to access later. Besides that, it is also equipped with attractive features, such as a karaoke room that is used to invite people to karaoke in the room.

List of the Best Karaoke Applications for Laptops and PCs

Here you also don't just want to share information about the Best Karaoke Applications for Smartphones, but there are many of the best karaoke applications that you can use on PC devices that are much more fun and entertaining to use. For this reason, we suggest listening to the following explanation carefully below.


You can use the KaraFun application or software to perform karaoke singing activities which are now popular among karaoke fans themselves. Also note that this app comes with an iTunes-like interface, thus allowing you to be easy to use.

Here you just need to enter a song, plug in a microphone, and click the play button to start karaoke. Furthermore, KaraFun itself is equipped with a special display library that accommodates 17 thousand songs. All you have to do is pay $5.99 for 48 hours of access if you want to get them.

List of the Best Karaoke Applications for Laptops and PCs

There is an annual subscription fee of $9.99 if you want to use it for that long. But if you don't want to install it, you can only access it from the website.

Interesting Features of the KaraFun Karaoke Application

  1. PitchChanges
  2. Live Recording
  3. Mic Effects
  4. Tempo Change
  5. etc.

VanBasco's Karaoke Player

VanBasco's Karaoke Player is a karaoke program that you can access for free with various attractive offers in it.

Attractive Features of VanBasco Karaoke Player

  1. Various fonts are available.
  2. There is an interesting background color.
  3. It has a simple appearance and is easy to use.
  4. Adjust tempo.
  5. Mutes Settings.
  6. There is a collection of songs.
  7. Free use of instrument options.

Karaoke 5

So that your PC sings along, the Karaoke 5 application and install it. This application is no less interesting than the others, because it has interesting features. Interestingly, it supports multi-languages, so you are free to choose the language you understand. Make sure that you have to register first.

Interesting Features of Karaoke Software 5

  1. There is a synchronizer.
  2. Syllabication is also available.
  3. Mixers available.
  4. Can be used to modify karaoke files.


KaraokeKanta is a karaoke application that allows you to sing along to your favorite songs. Because this application has various functions that give pleasure to you. There are various options for saving and organizing preferences regarding songs in a single folder.

This app is also available for a premium edition if you want to enjoy more complete access to its features. This page contains the download link for the KaraokeKanta karaoke app, which will make you feel yourself having fun.

Karaoke Kanta feature

  1. Can synchronize sound recordings and songs.
  2. Song player with KAR and MID formats.
  3. There is Swap Voice and you can create bands virtually.
  4. Can change the Tone and adjust the speed of the tempo of the song.


Apart from that, One Karaoke is one of the top apps that you should consider, like the others, it has a lot of interesting characteristics. In use, this application is great for you to use for karaoke in hotels, homes, restaurants, or maybe at the official karaoke place itself.

The process is simple enough for anyone to use, even individuals who are new to karaoke apps. Later each user can execute files with very diverse formats.

It's true that this app was created with karaoke fans in mind. What are you waiting for, let's download the application directly on your PC using the following link below.

Aria Karaoke Pro

Interestingly, Aria Karaoke Pro was designed by Digital 1 Media which of course cannot be denied for all the advantages and sensations of playing karaoke. The basic design makes this application easy to use and install on PC devices for entertainment in itself.

This app has many interesting features that you can explore in the future. If you don't want to buy tracks from the app, you can always use the buttons offered to add music of your own choice. For example, start by importing directories, scanning folders, and selecting music manually.

But it's a shame that the Best Karaoke application can only be accessed as a premium or paid edition. For those of you who want to get all the features, you have to get it through a pro license at a cost of 1.2 million.

Aria Karaoke Pro

Interesting Features of Aria Karaoke Pro

  1. Can adjust the volume and pitch of the sound when the song is running.
  2. Karaoke Locker to buy various types of song tracks.

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Not much different from its name, the Siglos application is one of the best karaoke applications that we recommend the most. Know that it provides many attractive and advanced features, especially having a distinctive design which is purposely made for professionals only.

you can't simply take advantage of all the complete functionality, as this program is marketed at $99. Then the price doesn't include all the material in the previous app, because individually you have to re-purchase the relevant music. But if you'd rather not spend money on music, there are plenty of alternatives available, including videos from sites like YouTube. Well, if you run a company in the entertainment sector, then this powerful software is a must have, because of the availability of online libraries.

Features of Siglos Karaoke Professional

  1. There is a Singer Rotation Management feature.
  2. Each user can set the singer's schedule.
  3. The Singer Announcement feature is available to announce the names of the singers.
  4. Promotions and Promoter features are also available for those who have karaoke bars or clubs.

These are some of the best karaoke software and apps which you can use to sing with your friends and have fun. Besides something that can be loaded on your smartphone, we also provide a download link for the karaoke application via


The best karaoke application is very important for you to have, especially if you are someone who likes to sing. It is very important that you have the best karaoke software, especially if you are someone who loves to sing.

You can make activities like this a fun place to have fun with friends wherever you are, because with this application you no longer need to visit karaoke places which will definitely incur costs.

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