How to Get Free FF Game Diamonds – You must know how to get free FF diamonds because with diamonds, all players can get many interesting things in the game. Unfortunately, getting it is not as simple as it seems because you need to know some secret tactics.

You need to know that diamonds in Free Fire are a kind of virtual game that can be used to get various kinds of premium items that are already available. That is why most of his followers are looking for ways to get them faster.

At the current Free Fire diamond prices, it is clear that this option is not cheap, but must be forced through a top up. But not all players are able to achieve this. Therefore, currently many parties are taking advantage of this time, by creating various customized game programs with the aim of making it easier for users to get FF diamonds.

However, you don't need to worry, because we will show you how to get free FF Diamonds without spending a penny. For that, pay close attention to the following explanation.

Review of How to Get Free FF Diamonds

Who hasn't heard of Free Fire, the currently popular game on Google Play with over 1 million active downloads and around 101 million reviews, with a file size of 769 MB? Interestingly, this game is very liked by young children.

The existence of the FF game developed by Garena Free Fire provides its own entertainment for gamers. The game offers lots of interesting items to hunt. Skins, items and even Diamonds are just the beginning.

If you play Final Fantasy games and don't have Diamonds, you're missing out. More and more players are looking for ways to get free FF Diamonds because getting Diamonds is not as simple as it seems, especially if you have to top up your account with real money.

If you do this regularly, your financial health will deteriorate, especially for players who don't have a regular salary. Currently there are several ways to get FF game diamonds, including legal channels, illegal routes using customized programs, adding the use of other applications, and many more.

Review of How to Get Free FF Diamonds

Of course, it cannot be denied that there are a lot of additional cheat-type programs that are currently scattered, considering that the popularity of this one game cannot be doubted.

How to Get Trusted Free FF Diamonds

Here we want to provide the safest and most trusted technique to get free FF Diamonds. While there are a number of shortcuts you can use to get to them, you run the risk of being banned, which we'll cover in the following section.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of three proven methods to get free FF Diamonds:

Redeem Code from Free Fire

To get started, look for the Free Fire game redemption code, which gives amazing prizes in the form of Diamonds, to get free FF Diamonds. In order to facilitate the exchange of Diamond redemption coupons, Garena, as a game maker, often offers valuable Diamond prizes in return for redemption codes.

However, please note that this approach will not be simple, as there will be multiple competitors looking for redemption codes with different approaches. But who knows you are the lucky one to get the code, right? to double-check your work and make sure everything is in order.

Participate in Events from Garena

Furthermore, the best technique to be able to receive Free Fire game diamonds for free is to take part in every activity that is held regularly by the official Garena Free Fire itself. As it is known that official parties usually hold big events. Most of the time, these events are used to exchange skins, gifts and Diamonds between players.


The last way that proves useful to be able to get FF diamonds for free is to take part in a giveaway from Free Fire game YouTubers. You may observe that nowadays there are many YouTubers or video creators for FF games who regularly hold big giveaways with free Diamonds and premium items as prizes.

To avoid missing out on free FF Diamond prizes, make sure to subscribe to this YouTuber's channel and stay up to date with their latest videos.

How to Get Effective Free FF Diamonds Without Any Help

To get unlimited free Diamond FF, mod apk is the best choice. The type of apk or modification of Free Diamond Free Fire is the easiest alternative choice for you to test instantly, because it only requires a script.

As is known, the scenario was written by a third party, Garena, without the approval of the original creators of Final Fantasy or the FF developers. Even with so many giving thanks for being in a fast way.

How to Get Effective Free FF Diamonds Without Any Help


Here we will provide a download link for the script that you can try immediately, complete with parameters so that you can easily and for free get the Free Fire Diamond game.

However, you should be aware of the fact that there are three methods to get free FF Diamonds, as explained below.


Free FF Diamonds can be obtained by visiting the Poin site, whose domain name is, which is still active today. The process is pretty basic, just visit the site and complete all the tasks to earn points. You can exchange these points later to receive FF Diamonds for free and easily.

Exactly the same as Wb Points, on, every user can earn points by completing surveys or offers that are currently accessible in it. You can now use your earned points to get free FF Diamonds, PUBG UC coins, ML Diamonds and many other in-game items.

Shorten URLs on

This third method really requires you to shorten the URL on You can't get FF diamonds for free right away, but after that you will be rewarded with a minimum credit that has been sent to your cellphone number.

So, you can use this credit for FF diamond top-up fees without spending money from your wallet. It is very simple for users as all they have to do is create a URL and then shorten it before sharing it on other social media networks.

The more people who click on the URL, the more points it collects. That way, of course, it's quite easy for you to get these FF diamonds.

Script to Get Free FF Diamonds

If you don't want to wait for the FF diamond script download for free, you can have it right now by clicking the link below. But also note that not all Smartphone devices support it, it's just that for the Android type, the conditions must be good. Here are the specifications and the download link:

  1. Script Name Diamond FF 99 999
  2. File Size 22KB
  3. Diamonds feature
  4. Script Type
  5. Android support

The free FF diamond apk script has a file size that looks small, so it's great if you use it to be able to receive FF diamonds for free. The device's internal memory will also not run out during the execution process.

Please wait to install it later if you want to see the difference in game performance. If you're not sure how to set it up, see the instructions below.

Install FF Script to Get Free FF Diamonds

Many gamers still cannot figure out how to set up scripts on their own computer or mobile device. As a result, we have put together this guide to show you how to properly set up the script so that it can start working right away. Here's how to install it:

  1. The first step, please first download the free diamond FF script from the URL that we have provided above.
  2. Continue by opening it using the extra ZArchiver application, and if you don't have it, get it directly at the Google Play Store service for free.
  3. After that, all you have to do is extract the script using the free ZArchiver application that you downloaded earlier.
  4. For the extraction technique, please transfer the file to Android – Data – com.dts.freefireth – file – contentcache – required – android.
  5. If you have relocated it, then immediately continue opening the Free Fire Game.
  6. Wait a few seconds before the diamonds successfully enter their respective game accounts.
  7. Good luck.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds with the Application

Besides without an application how to get free FF diamonds, you can also use a variety of special applications that we have described below. For that, just refer to the following explanation.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds with the Application


The AttaPoll application

The first approach to get free FF Diamonds is to take advantage of the AttaPoll application. Since it claims to be able to compensate users for each successfully completed survey, it's worth noting that this app is no different from any other survey app out there.

You will get a minimum cashout of $3 for each withdrawal later, which you can use to refill your Diamond FF.

WeSing application

Then also no one thought that this karaoke application was able to provide FF diamonds for free. This special application for karaoke fans produced by Tencent Music Entertainment is proven to compensate each user with money. In the procedure you have to sing, record and publish to the application.

Also make sure that after that you have a Paypal account to get the earnings given in USD. So that later you can use the money to buy FF diamonds which are now widely accessible on safe and trusted FF diamond vendor sites.

PulKuis application

Who hasn't heard of PulKuis, a quiz application with the slogan "Play Quiz Get Credit". Installing the app is all that's left to do, after that you should jump straight into the game. Credit is awarded for successfully completing quiz assignments. So that later it can be exchanged for FF diamonds. Easy isn't it?

Snack Video App

Snack Video, an application that is currently popular, is personally supervised by OJK, so users don't need to worry. Install and take advantage of the app afterwards to earn money by inviting friends and watching various videos to do so.

In this way you can easily and easily get FF diamonds for free and don't need to pay any fees because it's through an exchange.

The Google Opinion Rewards app

For the following applications, so that you can get FF diamonds for free, take advantage of Opinion Rewards. Later, please enter a review or review that is already in it. By filling out a survey or review in this application, you can get a prize in the form of a Google gift card which you can later use to buy diamonds from the FF game.

Codashop Apk

We highly recommend the Codashop apk for those of you who are trying to get free diamonds in the Free Fire game. The application in this apk version is of course very different from the original default version.

The apk version, on the other hand, often offers discounts to buy Diamonds for Final Fantasy games, but in the original version there aren't many big discounts to access. In addition to offering discounts, the app often holds several events with free FF Diamond prizes as part of the gift package.

The key to success is completing all available challenge tasks every day by logging in regularly. Meanwhile, if you are lucky, you will get free Diamonds to improve game performance, especially skins.

Is it Safe Script to Get Free FF Diamonds

Becaplus Apk

The last application that you can use to get free FF diamonds is the Becaplus apk version. Becaplus is the best app to get free Diamonds free fire, and we highly recommend it. To get points, you must complete tasks in the application.

If you succeed in completing all the goals and challenges, it's not difficult to get lots of coins which you can later exchange for FF game Diamonds. Wow, that's pretty cool.

This powerful application has been used by most of the FF games themselves. This is a great opportunity to get free Diamonds, and using them is easy as pie.

Is it Safe Script to Get Free FF Diamonds

However, it's important to point out that using the script itself is inherently more risky as it's fundamentally fraudulent. As is generally known, Garena itself routinely checks suspicious accounts.

As a result, if you insist on using a script to get Diamond free fire for free, we recommend creating a second account first. As a result, you don't need to stress.

So, that was an explanation of how to get free fire diamonds that you can immediately use to buy many important and premium things in the game. Please choose the approach that you think is simpler, safer, and more entertaining.


With Diamonds, all players can get many interesting things in the game. Getting your hands on it is not as simple as it seems because you need to know some secret tactics.

Diamonds in Free Fire is a kind of virtual game that can be used to get a variety of premium items that are already available.

We have shown you how to get diamond free fire without spending a penny. Currently there are several ways to get diamonds in the Free Fire game, please refer to the explanation above.

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