The Best Trading Application Has Been Registered by OJK – Here we recommend an application for trading that has been officially registered with the OJK, of course, the best and most trusted, let's find out the information in the following article.

Becoming a trader is of course one of the aspirations of many people, especially for you, the current millennial generation, because if you are in that area, the possibility of becoming a millionaire at a young age is very large. As a result, you now have multiple applications for the best and most reliable trading software.

Also know that trading is a process of buying and selling currencies which can be said to have become a lifestyle in today's contemporary era. Then also if later you decide to become a trader, it is important for you to need a trading application, or brokerage services to carry out these forex trading operations.

It can be said that one of the reasons you get results with significant profits lies in the determination of the forex broker. This is because if you don't choose the right broker, what will happen to the investment money you spend? For this reason, selectivity is important when choosing the best and most reputable trading apps to be safe.

In addition, for forex brokers currently operating in Indonesia, this indicates that the company is truly based in Indonesia, but it does not rule out that international level brokers, like a number of other applications, have set up shop in Indonesia.

In this section, you will find detailed information about the biggest and most reliable trading apps available to you. If you are right in a trusted trading application, it is clear that the potential for profit will be much greater.

List of OJK's Best Official Trading Applications

Here are 11 of the most reliable trading apps that are ready to use and completely secure! Register 100 percent online to be able to invest in stocks in just 5 minutes without meeting an agent, and no long-term verification procedures are required. Ajaib Alert will remind you about stock fluctuations in real time.

List of OJK's Best Official Trading Applications

If you want to register, you can go directly to the Click Here page and get the biggest discount. The Forextime FXTM application is an application that you can use to conduct live and automatic forex trading sessions. In fact this application has been widely used by traders who span 180 countries around the world. You will also be able to access multiple news sources in the future, including CNBC, Router, and Bloomberg.

So what are the biggest and most trusted trading apps? In the following we will provide a review, such as the following points:

The Magical Best Trading App

The Magic App, one of our top apps for remittance and buying and selling of stocks that has proven to be safe and reliable, is well known. PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia and PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia protect this Magic application. In it you will be given various kinds of stocks, mutual funds, and others.

Magic itself is the largest and most trusted trading application as well as a smart solution for you to trade stocks, mutual funds in just one application. Register 100 percent online to be able to invest in stocks in just 5 minutes without meeting an agent, and no long-term verification procedures are required.

Ajaib Alert will remind you about stock fluctuations in real time. Therefore, be the first and later be able to find out when is the right time to buy or cut your favorite stocks.

Competitive Ranking to assess the underlying (fundamental) strength of a company compared to its competitors in the same industry.

News Highlights to find and highlight stocks that will be in the media spotlight. Later you will get updates about important company activities.

Broker fees are 50 percent cheaper, because they are only 0.10 percent, 0.08 percent and depend on each transaction amount. Interestingly, it does not contain Pph, VAT, or retribution fees.

For those of you newcomers, of course, you don't need to worry, because in the process of using it, the interface is quite comfortable to use, and seems simple. That way it won't take you long to buy and sell immediately to get as much profit as possible.

If you want to register, you can go directly to the Click Here page and get the biggest discount. For additional specifications, we will describe the application specifications below.

  1. File size 25 MB
  2. Number of downloads 1 million+
  3. 80 thousand reviews

The Best Agrodana Futures Trading Application

Agrodana Futures is one of the local Forex Trades which is of course ideal for you to test, because it is one of the results generated by the Agrodana Futures broker itself. There are several advantages of using an easy-to-use service based on technical and fundamental analysis.

It also provides a number of menu views, such as an economic calendar, economic statistics, instructional resources, and live quotes, among other options. You will also be able to access multiple news sources in the future, including CNBC, Router, and Bloomberg.

The Best Agrodana Futures Trading Application

Forextime FXTM App

The Forextime FXTM application is an application that you can use to conduct live and automatic forex trading sessions, in fact the application has been widely used by traders in 180 countries around the world.

So that means you no longer need to doubt the authenticity of this one application, because it is one of the safest software for trading.

What's more interesting is that this program was created with the aim that it can be used by everyone, from beginners to experts. So that in the process of using it itself you don't need to be afraid of overdoing it, because it is made very practical and comfortable to use.

Here's an example of leverage that appears to be adjustable and gives you the ability to develop profit-making possibilities. It's just that the leverage offered depends on the unique knowledge and expertise of each user.

Spreads, both fixed and variable, are now available for use. So that later after you complete your trading activity, the corporation will immediately execute a withdrawal request in just a few minutes. The execution time of this application can also be exchanged in milliseconds.

In another aspect, you can also find comments from the market research team of the organization in the daily sessions. Apart from that, you can also use all the feature sets of trading tools freely, so you can draw conclusions about more appropriate and correct choices. After that, the app is compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows computers.

Hanson Forex Investing App

For the next best and most reliable trading app, Hanson Forex Investing, made right in 2018 with all the features. The trading platform and breaking news are seamlessly integrated into the Horex broker app, making this possible.

It doesn't stop there, there are various additional facilities that you can take advantage of, such as open positions, to Stop Loss and Take Profit. Here we provide application information.

  1. The number of downloads is 100,000
  2. The app rating is 4.7

The Best HSB Trader Trading App

HSB Trader is also one of the perfect apps for you to use if new users need to test their mettle doing business in forex trading. This application allows easy access for each user so that they can monitor market price developments from time to time.

Then an additional application can help you learn analytical trading methods, especially fundamental or basic procedures. In addition, there is also information in the form of writing articles that discuss tips and how to trade forex.

Trading Interceptor Trading App

So, for the next application, we make sure it is suitable enough for those of you who directly download the application, because if you are looking for one of the media for analysis and forex trading then the answer is Interceptor. With this app, you will be able to keep an eye on and quickly find the biggest currencies and equities.

Trading Interceptor Trading App

There are 160 smart indications and sketching tools in total in this app, which makes it very attractive. Initially, certain apps could only be used on PCs, but now they are also available on Smartphones.

In this application there is the term trading management capability with full touch screen support along with screen modes that are separated into four layers, so that afterwards you can continue to monitor various markets comprehensively and simultaneously.

It's the same with the Netdania application, because this one application has cloud support and you can use it as a tool to access analysis, trading data and price alerts from any device. In addition, the app is packed with built-in trading tools, such as an economic calendar, trading simulator, data release notifications, intelligence reports and a risk scanner.

Not only that, the Interceptor Trading application has gone through validation procedures and has been managed by the FCA in the UK and ASIC in Australia. That way, you no longer need to doubt the application, so that later you can use the application, you can directly download it at no cost and support for iOS and Android users.

Netdania trading application

Who would have thought, that forex trading is a procedure that involves significant analysis and attention to the current market environment. So that with the Netdania application you will be helped and able to understand the situation that is happening in the field. In essence, the application itself has the goal of generating new ideas and being able to produce these trading techniques.

Here, you should also know that the application has collected more than 20 thousand data covering financial instruments and thousands of stocks in real time, or in real time. Later, you will be given guidance on when to join and exit the market, and it seems interesting for this form of trading application that demands mature conclusions.

Besides being easy to use, this application is also able to display the latest market information that is happening as well as updates in the economic calendar. Not only that, you can also exchange methods with other traders.

Then the application also presents several real time stock indices including Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones, Nikke 225, TSX, ASX200, Hong Kong Hang Seng, MICEX, Nifty 50, CAC40, IBEX35, SM120, DAX 30, FTSE100, EuroSTOXX50, and MIB40 The following is complete with industry statistics ranging from gold, silver, platinum and oil.

This program is also enabled by cloud technology, so you can more easily synchronize different data across all types of devices. You can also sign up for updates on the latest economic scenarios so you can guarantee that you've never overlooked a trade that has the amazing potential for lucrative rewards.

MIFX Mobile Trading App

MIFX Mobile itself is a trading application service whose trust cannot be compromised, because this application has been available since 2000 and was built by Borex Monek. Now this application is widely used by traders from various places in the world.

Among the many applications of this application is the ability to make transactions directly from MT4 without the need for any other third party software. Additionally, One Click Withdraw and Price Alerts allow you to keep tabs on linked pairs you've identified as favorites at a later date, making it easier to withdraw your winnings once you've made them. The rest of the information is as follows:

  1. The number of downloads is 10,000
  2. The rating is 4.2

Trading Application Meta Trader 4

Moreover, Meta Trader, a popular trading application among individual investors, offers the best and most reliable trading software. Not only can you use this application for forex trading, you can also use this application for trading stocks, forex and others related to internet-based mobile finance.

Using a variety of charts, including historical and real-time data, the application can also offer an overview of various financial markets, including the stock market. Things like that are obviously very important and valuable to monitor the prices and offers that appear.

Various analysis tools ranging from Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliott along with the latest financial news information are also provided. That's pretty cool, huh? so that later you yourself will not miss any information related to trading procedures.

Trading App TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a well-known, well-established, substantial and recognized trading platform in the United States. In addition, this application is capable of providing thousands of investment tools that you can use to generate significant returns. The key is not only for FX trading.

What makes it unique is its implementation which allows the forex trader to minimize the odds to the greatest extent possible, giving the impression that the money is not going to waste.

As developers have taken advantage of publicly available introductory information on the internet, this practice has become commonplace. As a result, learning the ins and outs of forex trading, whether you are a new user or a new trader, will be very easy.

Trade Optimizer application

Trade Optimizer, a premium application with wide usage among traders, is our final choice for a reliable trading application. Apart from being satisfied with ease of use, you will also be provided with various premium status features, such as positioning, post-trading analysis, and tools for risk analysis.

Trading App TD Ameritrade

Tips for Choosing the Best and Most Trusted Trading Application

To ensure that the technique you use doesn't result in any more losses due to wasted capital or money due to irresponsible parties, here are some considerations you should keep in mind when determining the best and most trusted trading application.

Listed below are some of the things that are known from trading platforms and stocks with established legality:

  1. Demo Account
  2. Recommended Spreads
  3. Regulation
  4. Forex Trading Tools
  5. Help Service
  6. Security
  7. Transaction Fees
  8. Fund Withdrawals and Deposits
  9. platforms
  10. Order Execution or Order Fulfillment

So, that's a compilation of the biggest and most trusted trading applications that have now been confirmed to be safe and able to provide pleasure for all users and the traders themselves. What are you still sitting on your hands about? Let's seize the moment and take advantage of the possibilities that exist.


Trading is a process of buying and selling currencies which can be said to have become a lifestyle of today's contemporary era. If it is true that this trading application is trusted, it is clear that the potential for profit will be much greater, that is the information we can convey, hopefully it can help wherever you are, Thank you.

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