Understand How to Secure Old Cars which are Now the Target of Thieves

Understand How to Secure Old Cars which are Now the Target of Thieves – Cars from 1990 were not spared from theft. Auto parts are stripped and marketed on the black market to users in need. As happened in Jepara, Central Java.

The local police managed to catch a gang of old car thieves. This gang of thieves is known to be targeting the Toyota Kijang produced in 1990-1995. This case can be used as an example for you to be introspective and improve your favorite old car's safety lock. The high number of old car theft cases can be motivated by various factors.

First, because the owner is too ignorant because he feels that his car will not be stolen. Another factor is that older cars are generally not equipped with safety features such as the immobilizer feature in the latest cars.

Section Head in the National Technical Leader section of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), Nurkholis said that to prevent theft of old cars, first of all the owner must always make sure the parking location is secure.

Then, before leaving the car after parking, make sure all doors and windows are completely closed.

"Then before leaving the vehicle, check once again that the doors and windows are perfectly locked, I'm afraid someone won't lock it, you know, it's an old car," said Nurkholis.

He also said don't let the doors and windows have problems or damage. Make sure these parts work perfectly even though they are no longer young.

"Also make sure that all door and window locks function properly, if any are damaged, they are immediately replaced," he said.

He said the owner must also ensure that the car key has never been duplicated by someone else. If in doubt or if the key has ever been lost it is best to replace it as a whole or as a set.

The head of the Daihatsu Workshop, Prince Jayakarta, Dolf Valentino, added that today's old cars should also be packed with modern security devices to make theft more difficult.

“Install alarms and diagonal sensors in the cabin. People often install only sensor alarms, the diagonal is not installed. So when a thief breaks the glass to get things or the car doesn't sound like a siren, aka mute. Then if a thief opens through the door with door alarm technology, the siren will definitely turn on," said Dolf.

Dolf reminded that it is better for car owners, even if they are old, not to leave personal items in the cabin as an effort to prevent crime. It is also recommended that your old car's glass be covered with dark film to protect privacy inside.

Source: cnnindonesia.com

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