Free Football Live Streaming Application – If you are looking for a soccer live streaming application that you can use for free, you can refer to the article below to find out a list of soccer live streaming applications.

Even if you don't have cable or satellite television, you can still watch it on your computer or smartphone.

However, the subscription fee is expensive. Therefore, there are other ways to watch football matches from leagues around the world, especially through live streaming applications.

Because it is an application, you must prepare a gadget to download and install the application. Use the app's features as soon as you enjoy them. Especially watching the desired football match.

Football Live Streaming Application Recommendations

There are quite a lot of applications of this kind that you can easily find and install on your gadget.

However, don't make the wrong choice so you won't be disappointed in the future. There are paid applications and some are free. Of course, each has its own set of positives and negatives.

You should know the specifics of each application before making a final decision. Here is a list of football live streaming applications that are recommended for all of you.

1. Free TV

An Android-based free TV service application that can also be used to watch live football matches.

No need to worry about the visual quality because the broadcast is in HD. Various local and international football matches are available for viewing.

You can download this application for Android 4.1 minimum. The download size is only 20 MB, so you don't need to be afraid to waste your gadget's storage space. This software is available to download and install for free from the Google Play Store.


One more football live streaming application that is recommended for you to install on your gadget.

Surabaya, East Java, is home to this web-based television application. There is no denying the quality of this locally developed app, created by the country's own youth.

You already know that SBO TV offers a wide selection of IPTV channels. It might be anything from a movie or TV program to a sporting event.

You can also watch live broadcasts of football matches. The file size is only 20 MB and you can download and install it for free.

3. Vision+

This application belongs to the MNC Group which broadcasts broadcasts from RCTI, MNC TV, Global YV and iNews TV stations.

In its development, Vision+ also broadcasts international networks, such as Al Jazeera, France 24, and DW. you can watch everything live. If you are a football fan, be sure to watch the live streaming of Liga 1 Indonesia.

To watch it, you must first download and install the application from PlayStore which is free. There are many choices of interesting TV stations, especially those showing football matches.

4. Yalla Shot

You are also advised to check out these live football streaming apps. It is named Yalla Shot and broadcasts athletics events, such as MotoGP as well as football matches from various leagues around the world. Starting from the Premier League, Bundes League, La Liga, and others.

This application is a live score for those of you who want to know the scores of various soccer matches quickly.

Since this is a live score, you can still watch your favorite football match without worrying too much about how the goals came about.

5. RCTI+

Like Vision+, this application also belongs to the MNC Group which broadcasts all TV broadcasts that are still in the same group as the corporation. Football matches, both local and international, are often broadcast on the MNC Group's television network.

You can see it directly on your TV screen. However, sometimes the picture quality is not good. It's different when watching on the RCTI + application, the visual quality is guaranteed to be good and won't disappoint.

That way, you can watch football matches from television stations that broadcast them. For example, the 2020 AFF Cup match which just ended. TV stations RCTI and iNews broadcast all matches.

6. SuperSport

There are still football live streaming applications that you can choose and install on your gadget. Developer SuperSport Online brought this one under the name “SuperSport.”

This app features live football matches from many world leagues. Apart from football, the app also streams several other athletic events live.

For example MotoGP, tennis, golf, basketball, American football, and so on. To be able to apply it, you must install it on your gadget with minimum Android 6.0 OS specifications.

7. Video TV

You can also watch live football matches with this application. You can watch English Premier League free broadcast.

In addition, there are also Champions League matches which are attended by well-known teams from various countries in Europe. As a result, don't let it pass you by.

But unfortunately, you have to subscribe to Vidio TV if you want to watch all of its premium features. you are only asked to pay starting from IDR 29,000 every month.

In it there are several sports and entertainment programs that are sure to be cool and suitable for the whole family.

8. Mobdro

Even though this football live streaming application is less popular, its features are complete enough to be enjoyed.

Especially sports programs featuring international sports networks, such as ESPN, beIN Sports, WWE TV, and others. you might enjoy watching it every day.

In addition, many football matches can be watched live on television. Usually broadcast on weekends, especially Saturday and Sunday.

You can find this application on the PlayStore with a download size of only 17.6 MB. If interested, please just install it on your gadget.

9. Super Soccer TV

You might think from the name, this application is specifically for streaming live football matches. Ranging from local to European leagues are covered in full on Super Soccer TV.

It is known that this application also works with local TV stations affiliated with the soccer team. For example, MUTV, Chinese Super League, Bundesliga, Garuda Select and many others.

As a result, you will be able to watch the football match in question. Watching it is possible using a smartphone loaded with the application.

10. UseeTV GO

One more soccer live streaming application that is recommended for you. Especially for those of you who have subscribed to the Indihome internet network.

Because UseeTV GO is already part of the package, you can watch the football match of your choice there.

It is known, the developer of this application is PT Telkom Indonesia. Only 18 MB of data is required to run the application.

Android 4.4 or higher is required for installation on most mobile devices. Of course downloading and installing this application is free.

Vidio TV-style functionality can be found in this application. UseeTV GO, on the other hand, provides access to additional Fox Sports and Usee Sports channels.

The quality of the show is good, and it doesn't disappoint the viewers. To watch it, you must install the Set Rotation application, as well as a mouse to install your navigation.


If you are looking for a football live streaming application that you can use for free, you can use the 10 list of applications that we provide, you know.

In the article above, there are 10 applications that you can download on your smartphone's PlayStore, along with the applications Gratisoe TV, SBO TV, Vision+, Yalla Shot, RCTI+, SuperSport, Vidio TV, Mobdro, Super Soccer TV, and also UseeTV GO.

Thus the article about the Free Football Live Streaming Application, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you, enjoy watching.

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