How to Get Money from the Latest TikTok Lite – Now you can get money from TikTok Lite in the latest easy ways and methods, both for beginners or those who have done it before, let's look at the information in the following article.

The TikTok Lite app is an easy method to make money, and it can even be used to supplement one's money. Just look at how to make money quickly through the TikTok application.

If you need a little more spending money before payday, this is a particular way to get it.

What is the Tiktok Lite App?

Tiktok Lite is a simplified version of TikTok, but other than that, there's no difference. Because basically application it is an application produced by TikTok that can be used to view interesting and viral video content.

Even so, there are some differences in this Lite edition, such as a smaller size and lighter weight. From the looks of it alone, the Lite edition is pretty simple too.

When it comes to making money with TikTok Lite, it turns out that this app is much more than just a way to earn time. In other words, it is a tool that can be used to supplement your income.

The advantages of the Tiktok Lite application

Apart from being a moneymaker, this software offers many other benefits, including the following:

Has Small Size

Due to its smaller size and lighter weight, this application can be used on devices or cellphones with low memory quality. So that the internal memory is not burdened, the device is made smaller and lighter. As a result, running the application becomes very easy.


With a relatively small size, this application is lighter to use. To make our app more reliable, even when running on low-end hardware,

Also, since it is a video sharing application, the minimum application requirements are often greater. To avoid distractions when viewing viral videos, video content needs to load faster.

However, with the Lite edition, even phones with low specs can view videos without unwanted interruptions.

Application Functions Remain Same

TikTok Lite does have some differences from the original version, however, when viewed from a functional point of view, this application is not much different from the functionality of the regular edition of the TikTok application. Users can still watch all videos on TikTok even if they use the lite version of the application.

The app still allows users to post videos, increasing the chances of videos going viral. Although there is a difference in the time of making the video. Because the Lite edition can only render movies with a runtime of 15 seconds.

Whereas in the regular version of TikTok, users can produce videos with a larger runtime of up to 3 minutes. But for all the functions in these two applications remain the same.

Can Make Money

Making money with TikTok Lite is very similar to making money with regular TikTok. Because to earn money here users need to perform various tasks. Starting with producing small videos that are funny and viral.

Until just by looking at the vids. The more videos you watch, the more points you collect and the more money you earn.

Videos Can Be Saved Easily

Finally, this application is considered easy to use for storing films, using this application users can save all types of films. With a disclaimer stating that the filmmaker has approved the use of his and his videos by others.

Because it has become commonplace for some content providers to make their films private, so that they are not downloaded by just anyone.

Nonetheless, most TikTok users allow others to download their videos. So that other users can download the video and watch it later.

How to Earn Money from TikTok Lite

Many people do not realize that the TikTok application can be used to make a lot of money. Although until now only lightweight video sharing apps like TikTok have been associated with it.

Because there are many videos that can be appreciated with various types and genres. Tutorial videos have gone viral, thanks in part to the popularity of these types of videos.

However, those who are interested in making money through TikTok can do so by following the steps outlined in the section below:

View Video Based Content

The first approach to earn from TikTok can be done in a very easy and fun way. The idea that users can make money by viewing viral videos on TikTok doesn't seem very appealing.

TikTok Lite app users can earn points for every video they watch. The longer you watch the video, the more points you will earn. Video points provided depending on the length of time spent watching.

The more money you earn, the more points you collect. It's easy enough, right, how to get money with TikTok Lite.

Distribute Referral Code

Not only can people earn more income by viewing videos, users of this application can also earn additional income by referring others to use the TikTok application as much as possible.

Spreading the URL and referral code to register and create a TikTok account is the key. The points that will be earned every time you broadcast the link and the referral code itself is quite good.

So that by encouraging as many people as possible to take advantage and register a TikTok account. The income generated will be much greater. But even so this strategy is considered more challenging when compared to other methods.

Because the majority of Indonesian people already have a TikTok account, it will be a little more difficult to invite friends to use a TikTok account.

Create Interesting Video Content

The last TikTok Lite monetization method is very similar to the first. If you go the first route, all consumers have to do is watch videos to collect money and points.

To get maximum value from TikTok, users can create video content with the aim of earning points that can be exchanged for money. So income can increase a lot.

Especially if the video is viral and seen by many people, 3,000 points will generally be given for just one video. Imagine if in a day users could make more than just videos. Then the points accumulated will be greater.

Creating interesting film content is certainly not easy, but the main thing is that the film you make must be interesting and also provide many benefits for other TikTok users.

How to Install the TikTok Lite Application

Before you can get how to make money on TikTok Lite, you must first download the application from the following link:

  1. Open your Android phone then enter the Play Store to get it the TikTok app.
  2. Click on the download button above and wait for the download procedure to complete.
  3. If the application has been downloaded successfully, then the next step is to install the application.
  4. When the app is installed, the TikTok Lite app can also be used. Create a TikTok account by opening the app.

How to Register for the TikTok Lite Application

If you already have the app installed, go ahead and create a TikTok Account so you can benefit from tips and tricks for making money on TikTok Lite later. Here's how to create or register a TikTok account:

  1. Go to the phone app store and search for TikTok Lite.
  2. After that, you can use your phone number, email address, or Facebook account to register.
  3. Complete the registration procedure and make sure you can use the TikTok Lite application by verifying your registration.
  4. If you have successfully registered and created an account, you can immediately get additional income from TikTok,

Tips and How to Use Tiktok Lite to Get Money

In order to earn a lot of money from TikTok, users must not only know how to make money through TikTok Lite. But you should also know the tips for using TikTok Lite below:

Complete All Missions

To start, you have to fulfill all the tasks that are given to you every day. The objectives presented are really quite easy. This task consists of watching several types of films with a certain period of time.

The more time people spend watching or listening to videos, the more points they get. Because points are awarded according to the rules every time you complete daily tasks.

Invite Friends Every Day

In fact it effectively introduces a lot of new users or friends to get a TikTok account. Quite a lot of points to be earned.

Therefore, make sure you can only input 1 person or friend to register on TikTok Lite. That way the potential to get very large amounts of money can be wide open.

Have More Than One Account

Since the points you earn from TikTok are very few, it takes tenacity and determination to make a living only through TikTok. TikTok can be used as a mere diversion for some users.

But not a few who end up choosing to use more imaginative techniques to make a lot of money from TikTok. One of the ways to earn money from TikTok Lite is to use multiple accounts.

By creating multiple accounts and registering to collect as many referral codes as possible. So you can link your TikTok account and get lots of points.

Having multiple TikTok accounts also opens up the possibility to collect bonus points. Because you can get more points by using more than one account.

Withdraw Balance Immediately

After that, the fastest money to withdraw your TikTok earnings is to make a withdrawal as quickly as possible. Especially if you have more than enough balance. Balance surpluses must be avoided at all costs.

Because TikTok itself sometimes struggles to withdraw large sums of money. Therefore, it's best to withdraw funds using Dana or OVO because we also don't know whether the point system on TikTok will continue to operate or no longer exist.

Don't Use Mod Apk

It's no secret that every application nowadays has a mod apk version which is deliberately created by a third party to make the application version identical to the original application. However, it is loaded with much more and much better features than the original edition.

It's not uncommon for the availability of third-party programs to cause many people to choose to use the mod apk instead of the original version. Among them is the desire to collect as many freebies as possible with this application.

This means that mod apk is very popular, and it's easy to see why. But if you want to earn lots of money from TikTok Lite, you should avoid using mod apk. Because it has a high risk of loss. Because there are various dangers that may be experienced when using the mod apk.

You will no longer be able to use or create a TikTok account if you are permanently banned from TikTok. Therefore, you should avoid using mod apk applications. Because of the many dangers it poses.

In general, TikTok is hesitant to allow users to take the money they earn from the platform. Especially if the account is hacked, banned, or all points are lost due to some problem. If all of these things happen, users will have no way to protest or report abuse.

Because users do not take advantage of the original application but use applications from third parties. Indeed, third party programs or mod apk are illegal applications that are not official, although they have many benefits.

This application is very risky to use, especially if the user wants to earn a lot of money through the TikTok Lite application. Therefore, it is not recommended to use any third-party programs.

How to Exchange Money on TikTok Lite

Apart from that, I have discovered how to make money on TikTok Lite and have collected quite a bit of money from point calculations. Then the next thing to do is convert the points into money and withdraw them.

And here's how to exchange money on TikTok to be withdrawn to the user's account or e-wallet:

  1. The first step that must be taken, of course, is to access the TikTok application. Then proceed to the balance page.
  2. Select the e-wallet balance to be transferred.
  3. Continue by selecting a digital wallet to use such as Dana or OVO to withdraw funds.
  4. The digital wallet you need to withdraw your TikTok balance will be displayed after you complete the Steps.
  5. The final step is to verify whether the balance entered is correct or not. If you have successfully entered, the balance withdrawal procedure has been successfully carried out.

Is TikTok Lite Safe and Really Makes Money

When TikTok users in Indonesia found out about the app, many of them quickly set out to verify that it was paying their users.

Collecting as many points as possible in various ways, including viewing videos, making viral videos, and inviting friends, is clearly the key. This was done none other than because he wanted to get extra money from TikTok.

This also shows that TikTok is really safe and will provide compensation to its users who have managed to collect a lot of points from this application.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it's impossible to say for sure whether TikTok Lite is safe or useful at this point. Even though there are already people who can verify that this TikTok application can make money.

But until now there is still no service that is used to report errors that are made if you are unable to receive money from the points that have been collected.

It is still useful to get the above outlined TikTok Lite monetization methods for individuals who want to earn their TikTok Lite revenue.

How To Make Money From Tiktok For Beginners

Your ability to produce high-quality video content is greatly influenced by your ability to get a large number of subscribers.

Exploring the originality of your video content is interesting for its success as a source of engaging video content.

If your video goes viral and is liked or seen by many people, your followers will increase automatically. One of the most popular TikTok users in the world Addison Rae Easterling with 54 million followers.

Successfully raised more than 5 billion dollars from TikTok. Work on getting new followers or existing followers every day.

For your account to be monetized by TikTok, your followers need to be in the region of 10,000 to a million followers.

Content that people like

Interesting and unusual content will be enjoyed by many TikTok users, or maybe even have an impact on social life in the community we know as influencers.

Making money on TikTok is all about getting your content seen by as many people as possible. Because on all social media platforms, viral content will attract viewers to see the content you publish.

Your Identity and Be Yourself

The key is to make you easily recognized, the most important thing you do is Build Branding (Build Identity) or better we get to know the brand.

A distinctive brand, name or Logo is the backbone of every company to make money. Create a TikTok account that has a definite market niche, what or who your targeted customers might be about Culinary, Traveling, Romance, Hobbies and Hobbies or household goods.

So you must have a clear picture of the videos you share and of course publish them regularly.

How To Get Money From Tiktok Lite Without Inviting Friends

Check out the tips that we will provide to get money from the tiktok lite application without the hassle of inviting friends.

Join TikTok Events

Invite as many people as you can to a TikTok event. TikTok contests often award winners in cash or merchandise.

Events organized by the TikTok application can be attended by all users, of course those over 16 years of age. Events may award prizes in the form of coins, which can be exchanged for cash or merchandise.

Events are sometimes carried out over a long period of time, therefore attending events is one way to get money from Tiktok to finance it.

Advertising Services

Anyone interested in collaborating with Tiktok can take advantage of the company's marketing and advertising capabilities.

Utilizing TikTok ads is very useful and great for showing off your product to everyone. The Tiktok algorithm allows you to customize how your products are displayed.

How To Get Money From Tiktok Fast

Do you have a large enough fan base? Of course this is very good for you. Many internet shop owners may ask you to help them market their goods, and this is not uncommon.

Customers often ask you to refrain from promoting identical items in terms of marketing. Customers from various industries and product categories can still place orders with you.

TikTok Influencers and TikTok Artists

Collaboration methods between businesses and influencers in promoting items. You have the potential to establish yourself as a reliable source of information about brands.

Even though Tiktok itself includes a Creator Marketplace, this service is too expensive for the average user.

To become an interesting influencer, you must be able to consistently provide high-quality, engaging content.

Because the more interesting the content you provide, the more viewers and followers will take advantage of your services.


Tiktok Lite is a simplified version of TikTok, but other than that, there's no difference. This application is an application produced by TikTok that can be used to view viral video content.

Users can still watch all videos on TikTok even if they use the lite version. TikTok Lite app users can earn points for every video they watch.

The more videos you watch, the more points you collect and the more money you earn. This application is considered easy to use for storing films, using this application users can save all types of films.

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