How To Prevent Hacking Of Internet Devices By Hackers With The Following 7 Steps

How To Prevent Hacking Of Internet Devices By Hackers With The Following 7 Steps – A few years ago Wikileaks leaked data called “Vault 7- Leaks“ which showed that the US Secret Service (CIA) deployed an army of hackers to spy on it. Here are 7 tricks to prevent such eavesdropping.

The easiest way is not to use the internet. But this way is also the most difficult to do. The reason is that everyone in the modern world must have a device that is always connected to the internet, be it a computer, smartphone, tablet or everyday household appliances.

  • Check Internet Connection

The alternative, check all equipment connected to the internet. Many appliances in the house, without our knowledge, continue to exchange data with the manufacturer. Or even worse, there are components that are intentionally installed to send data. Check via, which devices are connected to the internet and how to protect them.

  • Use Passwords

By using passwords or other password techniques, internet users can control the flow of data that they download or upload. Usually features on smart devices have options for data transfer security settings. By setting this option, you manage the data transfer, and not the device we own.

  • Use Safe Network

In developed countries, having a WiFi network at home is common. It is recommended to protect the WLAN with a sufficiently secure password and password. If using an open WiFi or Hotspot, try to use a network that has security features installed.

  • Regular Updates

Not only internet network security, but also the device operating system that you have must be safe. Manufacturers who care, always update the software they install on their devices regularly. According to Vault-7 CIA hackers are known to attack security holes in Apple's operating systems that are not updated.

  • Close Camera and Microphone

The sophisticated devices that you have are usually equipped with camera and microphone features for digital communication. If you don't want your private life being spied on, cover the camera and microphone with duct tape. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also took this safety measure. Its motto: a company as great and as safe as Facebook, is worried about attacks by hackers like Vault-7.

  • Download the Safe App

The app is the main tool on the smartphone. Make sure you download a secure app that doesn't collect and send data from your device to third parties. Although quite a lot application secure, hackers are also smarter, by trying to intercept information as it is written, before it is encoded by a secure app.

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