How to Use the IG Glow Up X Horn Filter – Many netizens use the IG Glow up X Horns filter, but many netizens don't know how to use the IG Glow up X Horns filter, see below to find out.

Instagram is one of the most used social networking programs today. Users can upload and share photos and videos directly through the application. Apart from that, on Instagram you can also post movies of longer duration using the reel or igtv functions.

IG filters, on the other hand, are the most used today. The filter itself is an effect that changes the appearance of photos taken with the camera and uploaded to Instagram.

IG Glow Up X horn filter

The Instagram filter library includes a wide variety of filters. Starting from the effect of color tones, stickers to AI. Filters that are widely used by a large number of users are gradually gaining popularity and becoming standard.

The IG glow up x horn filter is one of the most popular filters today. Many are looking for these filters to be able to take advantage of them and keep up with trends. Watch to the end.

IG Glow Up X Horn Filter

As usual, this filter effect is also trending on Tiktok social media. As a result, a large number of Instagram users are now trying to find filter effects on application.

The effect of this filter itself will give the effect of a red horn-shaped sticker on the head and make the face look brighter and smoother.

However, the filter effect that is currently going viral must be identified first, before you can try it yourself. The horn filter that went viral has a name: Filter.

IG Glow Up X Horn Filter Name

We were able to use Instagram's search effect option to find this particular Instagram filter, as we always do. you can access it by going to the narration and moving the effect to the far right.

To find it, you can directly enter the term horn or glow up horn filter x. After that, you can try different horn filter effects.

Alternatively, we can find these filters via the filter creator's Instagram account. This filter's Twitter handle is @ikyfck. You can go directly to your account and look for a filter named horn or preferably a glow up x horn filter.

How to Use the IG Glow Up X Horn Filter

At this point, we can go ahead and try out this viral filter horn ig effect. To learn more, just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Open and start the Instagram program on your phone
  2. Then access the insta tale feature by clicking on the story button or swiping on the main screen from left to right
  3. Slide the effects to the far right until you find the browse effects button before you take a photo
  4. Just type the word glow up x horn to find the viral horn filter effect
  5. Go to @ikyfck account settings and select the @ikyfck filter
  6. Click the Try button to try the filter
  7. Click the Download button to save the filter effect to your computer's hard drive

Isn't that very simple? After you have successfully taken a picture or video with this filter. Be sure to post it on Instagram stories too. That way you have successfully used the trending ig glow up horn filter.


The Instagram Glow up X horn effect is indeed viral on social media, if you just found out about it you can search for and use this Instagram filter.

In the article above, we have given the name of the IG Glow up X horn filter, and don't forget how to use the IG Glow up X horn filter.

Thus the article on How to Use the IG Glow Up X Horn Filter, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you, good luck.

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