Android Home Design Application  – Do you have a dream house? Have you ever thought of making your own home design? Here's a home design application that you can use on Android.

List of Home Design Applications

Pada artikel di atas kami telah memberikan daftar aplikasi desain rumah sendiri yang dapat kamu download di ponsel Android kamu, sebagai berikut:

1. Floor Plan Creator Application

This Floor Plan Creator application provides an actual appearance, so it is suitable for those of you who are looking for an application with an interior design that seems realistic.

You can design quickly and easily with this application because it offers a variety of features. 3D Tour Mode is a feature that makes it easier for users to design the appearance of rooms and homes.

2. Home Design 3D application

The next choice of application is Home Design 3D. Room or house designs can be produced in 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions in this application.

This application contains features that can build a complete and comprehensive home design. Such as room design, floor pattern, desired color and wall theme and interior accessories.

3. Planner 5D Application – Interior Design

This 5D Planner application provides a 2-dimensional view and 3D design your home. This application also has a catalog feature that can provide ideas for many interesting features.

By using this application you can build a detailed domestic place with a realistic and authentic appearance.

When developing your own home design, you can also be creative and change freely using the available editing features.

4. Design Home application

Design Home, a home design app, includes games that make it easy for users to personalize their homes.

Next, you should be aware that the furniture is available for purchase. The ability to harness one's design creativity is evident in this setting.

5. Room Creator Interior Design application

This Interior Design Room Creator application can help you design a residence according to your preferences, with a complete and clear 3D image design.

Using applications made possible by technological breakthroughs can make multitasking easier.

6. Houzz Interior Design Ideas application

Because the Houzz Interior Design Ideas application is different from other design applications, it provides a variety of previous designs. As a result, sketching or designing is not the purpose of this app.

Only the photos in this application that you like can be selected. You can choose a design depending on the style and category of interior design.

7. Kitchen Planner 3D Application

This 3D Kitchen Planner application can be used to design a kitchen. This application displays kitchen designs in 3 dimensions.

In terms of features, you can use this application to find out which colors and models of kitchen furniture are most attractive to you.

8. Homestyler Application – Interior Design & Decorating Ideas

This application was made to make it easier for people who need a room or house design. This application is not used to create designs in the room of the house.

However, this application only needs to take a photo of the space you want to design which is then combined with the corners of the room to produce the right design. This application also provides presentations in the form of 3-dimensional designs.

9. Magic plan application

The home design application that you can download for free on the upcoming PlayStore is Magicplan. This application provides an estimate of the expenses required to design a residence. You should use the Magicplan application if you want to make a renovation budget for your suitable home application.

This application is very useful for architects who need media to convey ideas to customers in home decoration. In addition, this application can be downloaded for free and used freely.

10. Application Home Design 3D Outdoor or Garden

This beautiful free design app is the Home Design 3G app, which provides a 3D design perspective. This application is used to design outdoor locations, such as parks, gazebos and swimming pools.

This application contains more than 100 things that can be used in building outdoor designs.

11. Room Planner App: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

Another free app is Room Planner App: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D. By presenting a 3-dimensional view according to the name of the application and also in a 2-dimensional perspective. However, this application has a high capacity of 400 MB so it requires a large memory as well.

In this application you can design furniture and walls with paint, ceramics and others according to your preferences. And this furniture model is also a unique item from IKEA.

12. HomeAdvisor App: Contractors for Home Improvement

The HomeAdvisor app: Contractors for Home Improvement is another free app that can be used in addition to the apps listed above. This application also includes the feature of predicting the expenses needed to build a project.

Of the many design application lists for Android, there are applications that can be used freely to be creative and you can download them for free.

Along with advances in technology, it turns out that there are many applications that can make it easier to produce a house design, some of these applications even include features to estimate the costs needed to build a house.


In the article above, we have provided a list of 12 applications that you can use to design your dream home using only an Android phone.

Not only home design applications on Android, we also make articles about application to create a PC home design which you can read there.

Thus the article about the Android Home Design Application, I hope the above article can be useful and can help you all, good luck.

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