Free Cartoon Photo Editing Application – In the article below, we will provide recommendations for photo editing applications that you can use for free, and you can share them on your social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

With this application, you can simply modify photos into 3D cartoons, anime and paintings. Take a photo with your smartphone camera and then add effects without fiddling with manual photo editing.

The Coolest Cartoon Photo Application

The amount application available, so you don't need to be confused about having to choose which application is the coolest. Because here we only present cool applications.

So, it is clear that this app is ideal for you. Just select the most attractive one to use. The coolest and free cartoon photo editing apps are as follows:

1. ToonApp

The first application is ToonApp. In one swipe, people can design their own cartoon photos. ToonApp's AI filters turn cartoon photos into the most enchanting examples of anime. Moreover, you can easily turn your photos into creative paintings and pencil drawings.

2. Cartoon Pictures

The photo application becomes a second cartoon, which is called Cartoon Image. Various free anime photo editing capabilities are available in this Cute Wallpapers Studio program.

Make your photos look cartoonish with the help of our cartoon photo editor, which includes a selection of the best cartoon art filters and pencil art effects.

3. Cartoon Photo Editor

This is one of the best free camera apps. Lets you add interesting and artistic effects to your photos or fresh photos from the gallery.

With it, users can turn photos into 3D cartoons, anime, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings, thermal vision and much more.

4. Cartoon Photo Editor : Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art

No less cool than other applications. This apk is also the most incredible free photo editing. You can cartoon yourself and make pencil sketch, pop art or cartoon photos from your photo gallery or selfie camera.

It also features the most amazing auto focus feature. Apart from that, you can use this cartoon photo editing application on PC.

5. ArtistA Photo Editor

ArtistA Photo Editor is the next coolest cartoon photo app. 50+ unique art filters and art effects make this the best photo editing tool ever! Able to turn photos into cartoons using color pop filters, oil painting effects, pencil sketch styles and artwork on canvas.

6. PicsArt

PicsArt is already quite popular and is considered the best photo editing app on Android and iOS. This best photo editing app is loaded with free to create capabilities Your photo becomes a cartoon, pencil caricatures to characters in comics. Interested! Get your copy of PicArt – Photo Studio from the App Store today.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr, an app similar to PicsArt, offers editing capabilities and some cute cartoon effects. Photos can be turned into cartoons, oil paintings and other types of art using various free 3D cartoon effects and filters. With it, generating photo card images will be much easier.

8. MomentCam

Developer Hightalk Software Corp built an app called MomentCam, which lets users turn photos into anime characters. It's interesting to note that the app will mix photos of your face with the in-app cartoon characters to produce hilarious results.

9. Avatoons

For those of you who are looking for an application to edit photos into cartoons, then Avaton is the most appropriate choice. With it you can easily turn your picture into a cartoon, because it is equipped with a face detection feature and a biometric feature that will produce a very similar cartoon image.


Another amazing cartoon photo app is Sketch Camera. This app is capable of real-time sketching and gives the coolest live cartoon effects on camera.

As a result, there is no need to spend time editing photos to turn them into cartoons. A wide variety of visual effects are at your disposal, including anime, oil painting, and more.

11. Pencil Sketch Art

The next free cartoon photo editing is called Pencil Sketch Art. Many of the coolest 3D card effects can be found in this program.

Apart from that, there are other tools to enhance your photos. Using this application is just as easy, just add a photo from the gallery, then choose the cartoon effect you want.

12. Moments Cartoon Caricature

There aren't many other photo editing apps like Moments Cartoon Caricature. Using the live camera, users can turn photos into cartoons. It is interesting to note that this app's capabilities, effects, and filters can be used for free.

13. Cartoon Photo Editor – Camera Art Filter

This application can also be used to create cartoons from photos, as the name implies. It's also completely free, and has lots of fun effects.

Apart from cartoon effects, it also provides additional effects such as drawing effects, sketches, lighting, artisto, caricatures and many more.

14. Dollify

The next free 3D cartoon photo editing application called Dollify only provides 1 angle and an unvaried art style. However, make no mistake, the editing features are really cool and the results are similar. You can even change hair color, accessories, eye color and more with this application.

15. Cartoon Photo Filters-CoolArt

So the coolest app to turn photo into next cartoon. Cartoon Photo Filters – CoolArt app provides free cartoon filters and effects.

The easy-to-use user interface makes it easy to turn photos into tons of anime characters and oil paintings using this app.

16. Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

To find the best free cartoon photo editing software, look for programs that provide a wide variety of cartoon effects.

Get the Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor app right now. More than 30 cartoon effects are pre-installed, so you can start using them right away. High quality end product so shareable on Instagram.

17. Cartoon Camera HD

Anime, oil painting, and even Muslim cartoons can all be made from photos using an application called PhotoFX.

Using fun effects and free of charge, this software turns you into a greeting card right from your smartphone camera. Amazingly, you can change the quality and resolution of the photos according to your needs.

18. Cartoon Photo Maker

Offers you the coolest cartoon effect effects. It's definitely worth checking out. The best app to turn photos into cartoons has an intuitive user interface. Interestingly, all the functions in it may be enjoyed for free, you know!

19. Meitu

Meitu is already used by more than 50 million people. Considering that this software offers some of the most creative cartoon filters to use as your character's avatar, this is understandable. Interestingly, it also provides various free filters that will make your photos even cooler.

20. Prisma Photo Editor

A free cartoon photo application that is no less amazing than the others, especially Prisma Photo Editor. With it, you can edit photos quickly, just select a filter, your photos will immediately change like a painting. You can edit cartoon photos with Mononoke, Dallas, Gothic and other effects.

21. Photo Grids

Even though it is marketed as a photo collage application, Photo Grid actually has almost the same capabilities as those found in online cartoon photo applications. Choose from a variety of amazing effects, such as Sketch, 8-bit, Comic Book, and Cherish with this app.

22. Zepeto

Looking for the coolest 3D cartoon editing app, then you must download the Zapeto app. Avatars can be made from photos using this application, which offers many options to customize them free of charge. The great thing is that ARMoji, like Animoji, can be created on the iPhone.

23. Tooncam

Anime cards can be made from photos using the most popular photo-to-cartoon app, Tooncam. The editing capabilities of this application are quite sophisticated. Interestingly, this free application can be used online or offline.

24. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor is an add-on application for cartooning your photos and digital cartoons. The coolest 3D cartoons can be created by modifying photos in this program. This app is worth checking out as it comes with lots of useful features and is completely free to use.

25. ToonMe

The last application for editing photos into the coolest cartoons is ToonMe. With it, your portraits can be recreated in cartoon or vector style automatically by taking advantage of the power of Artificial Intelligence functions. ToonMe is a free tool that can turn any photo into a cartoon in one click.


After reading the above articles, you can easily turn your photos into cartoons, anime, paintings, pencil drawings and many more.

Apart from the applications we mentioned above, we also have another article, namely about application to edit photos into cartoons on the iPhone.

Thus the article about the Free Cartoon Photo Editing Application, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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