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Rancakmedia.com – With the development of technology, it makes it easier for netizens, one of which is the Instagram scale. Now there are Instagram filters for weight scales that you can try online, you know.

In fact, the Instagram app is quite popular online. Teenagers and other online users frequently use application this is to document their daily routine.

In this program, we can also upload insta stories. In the Insta story itself, users can post photos or videos of short duration by adding effects.

The effects or filters in this program are very interesting because they can make faces look more attractive or add certain items in the images or videos posted in insta stories.

Instagram Weight Scale Filters

Many filters go viral and are highly sought after for their uniqueness and intrigue. One of the most sought-after filters today is the Instagram weight scale filter.

Instagram Weight Scale Filters

In the Instagram or Tiktok application, recently a number of videos have appeared which reveal weight measurements using filters that match actual weight.

This ended up piquing the interest of others, who are now considering using the same type of filter. This filter is commonly referred to as a weight scale filter on Instagram.

This filter, as the name suggests, uses an on-screen measuring device to calculate your weight. Although I'm not sure if the findings are correct, this filter has attracted the interest of many people.

For those of you who are really wondering whether this filter can actually determine your size correctly or not. You can test the filter using the Instagram program.

Instagram Weight Scale Filter Name

Of course, to use this filter on Instagram, you must at least know the name of this filter or who published this filter on Instagram.

There are actually quite a lot of BB scale filters on IG. However, a filter that is currently viral and often used by many people is a filter called Weight Control.

The Weight Control filter on IG itself was released by the denis @korobov account. You can use filter search function or uploader account to search filter.

For those of you who are still confused about how to use or get this filter on Instagram. You can immediately listen to the entire instruction below.

How to Get Weight Filter on Instagram

If you are still confused about how to get this filter, don't worry, you can follow the instructions that we will provide below:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and open it first
  2. Then, search for the account @korobov_denis in the account search
  3. After that, open their profile, then enter the filter options on their profile
  4. you'll want to use the Lose Weight filter
  5. The filter will be saved to your phone if you select the download option
  6. Next, click the Try button to use the filter

After that, you can immediately create your design using this filter. Then you can publish the image or video that you have created with this filter to your insta story.


In the article above, we have provided information about the Instagram weight filter, besides that we have also provided the name of the weight scale filter. Not only that, we also provide a way to get a weight filter on Instagram.

Thus the article about Filters for Instagram Weight Scales, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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