How to Make Colored Writing in WA with the Application - Many WhatsApp users are looking for ways to make colorful writing with the Whatsbluetext application that you can use easily.

WhatsApp is a social media that is very suitable for interacting with those who are far away wherever and whenever. WA itself is one of the most widely used social media.

The WhatsApp application itself has several functions that help communication. Sending text messages, photos, voice messages, and video calls can all be done using this app too.

In fact, on the WhatsApp application itself you can send stickers that can express themselves digitally by utilizing moving pictures or images.

Recently, how to produce colored text on WhatsApp or WA without using the Whatsbluetext APK application and application is being viral on social media. Inquisitive minds want to know.

Whatsbluetext APK Colored WA Writing

Whatsbluetext APK is an application that can be used to generate unique texts, one of which is used to create colorful text very quickly.

With this app, you can create stylish text in a variety of styles, apart from pre-shaded colored text. For example, like beautiful text or unique ornamental text.

After creating a unique text with this application, you can also post the text on your various social media such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

So, do you want to try using this application to be able to produce colored text or text on WA or WhatsApp, which is currently going viral? Here is the download link for the apk.

Download the Whatsbluetext APK application

This application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for free under the name Fancy Text + Sticker Maker (WAStickerApps) which is comparable to the Whatsbluetext APK application.

Detailed Description

  1. Fancy Text Name + Sticker Maker (WAStickerApps)
  2. Version 2.0
  3. Developer Akshay Makadiya
  4. Update 27 December 2018
  5. File Size 17MB


How to Make Colored Writing on WhatsApp

There is a lot of confusion when using this application to make colored text or text on WA or WhatsApp. This is a step by step guide to get the most out of the app.

  1. Open the application that was installed earlier
  2. Tap the Fancy Text icon, then type the text you want to create
  3. Select the selected writing style, select colored writing to make the text with color
  4. Press the Copy Text button to copy the text
  5. Paste or paste the copied text on WhatsApp


In the article above, we have provided an application that can be used to make colorful writing on WhatsApp. Not only the application, we also provide a way to make the writing colorful.

Thus the article about How to Make Colored Writing in WA with the Application, I hope it can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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