Download the Getname Application and How to Use it – Do you already know the Getname application? If you already know and want to download the getname application, you can download it using the download link below.

Currently there are various mobile phone applications that can help facilitate human daily tasks. Starting from playing games, non-cash transaction activities or fun.

But there are other programs that can spy on or monitor the owner of someone's number on the internet. One application that is being sought after recently is the Getname or Get Name application.

Reportedly by using this application you can find out the name of an unknown person or number. So, is it true? Check out the app description and download link here.

What is the Getname Viral Application?

So, as we mentioned earlier, it is reported that with the Get Name application, we can track who a user is from a cellphone number by simply entering the number.

If you get an SMS or phone call from an unknown number and want to know who owns the number, you're not alone.

We can now trace the owner of an unknown phone number by simply entering the number into the Getname app's tracking tool.

The Getname app doesn't really exist but is comparable to the Get Contact app. The main character in the Kites Break series tries to take advantage of this kind of app, which causes the app to go viral.

You can check who owns the name number by using the Get Contacts application, which was previously known as this function. Other options include blocking phone calls, for example.

Get Contact Application Features

The Get Contact application itself has long been officially launched on the Indonesian Play Store and has been widely used.

Using this capability, you can determine who owns the phone number stored in another name's phone. Following are some of the app features:

  1. Features for confidential and encrypted communications
  2. Find out the contact name from the number stored in someone else's phone
  3. Use Caller ID or owner name to identify calls from unknown numbers
  4. Spam Protection to guard against incoming spam calls to cellphones

How interesting isn't the feature provided in the application? By using this application, we can immediately see the contact names on other people's phones.

Download link for the Getname Viral application

So the Getname application or actually Get Contact itself can be accessed on the Google Play Store or App Store. You can download it for free via the following link.

Detailed Description

  1. Get Contact name
  2. Version 5.4.0
  3. Getverify LDA Developers
  4. Supported OS 5.0 and above
  5. File Size 43 MB

Link Download Get Contact Google Play Store
Link Download Get Contact App Store

After the application is installed correctly, this function can be used to hunt down our phone number names on other people's phones or unknown contact names. I'm curious how.

How to use the Get Contact application

It's quite simple to get started with this app. When starting, make sure the app is downloaded to your phone. If you can, follow this quick guide:

  1. The Get Contact app on your phone should now be available
  2. Then agree to the terms and conditions of the application
  3. After that, you can enter the application using your email or Facebook account
  4. To create an account, you must confirm your identity via Whatsapp or Telegram
  5. To find out the name of a specific phone number, just use the search option once you enter the app
  6. Then click on the tag, a list of names from unknown numbers or your number will appear stored by other people

How simple is not it? If you are curious about the names of your contacts on a friend's or someone else's cellphone, the Get Contact application can be useful.


In the article above, we have provided information about the getname application, the features of the getcontact application, the download link and also how to use the get contact application.

Thus the article about Downloading the Getname Application and How to Use it, hopefully it can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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