How to Get Money from TikTok Lite – Many don't know that TikTok Lite can make money, how do you do it? Here's how to get money from TikTok Lite quickly and easily.

Tiktok Lite is a small version of the original Tiktok app. Just like the standard Tiktok application, this Tiktok application can be downloaded via an Android or iOS device.

This application is certainly now popular on the internet. Watching videos and introducing friends are two ways users can allegedly earn millions of rupiah with this application.

Don't be surprised if lately you may often meet friends or other people on social media who encourage you to use the Tiktok Lite application because you can benefit.

How to Get Money on the Tiktok Lite App

For those of you who still don't know how to make money using the Tiktok Lite application. Don't worry, because this time we will cover the full instructions.

How to Get Money on the Tiktok Lite App

Lately, many have been wondering, can Tiktok Lite make money? In other words, how can you make money with Tiktok Lite?

The event with cash prizes from the Tiktok Lite application itself is not much different from the events displayed in the previous Tiktok application. Users can earn money by fulfilling tasks.

To get 100000 free points, players have to do things like view or submit videos, invite their friends, or enter other people's Tiktok Lite codes.

The amount of 100000 points alone is equivalent to Rp. 10,000 in Tiktok Lite balance. It's as simple as following the instructions and entering the Tiktok Lite invite code.

How to Withdraw Money on Tiktok Lite2

If you want to make a withdrawal, you can use a bank account or e-wallet such as OVO or DANA, as we said before.

Here's how to withdraw money on Tiktok Lite, namely:

  1. The first thing you have to do is open the application TikTok Lite you
  2. Then, click the Tiktok application coin symbol
  3. Then, press the withdraw Rp button (amount of money) with (amount of points)
  4. Choose how much money you want to spend in nominal terms next
  5. After that, click the Withdraw Balance button
  6. Enter the bank account information, either OVO or DANA, where the funds will be disbursed
  7. Then Confirm to make a disbursement

We did not specifically discuss the tutorial on how to withdraw money on Tiktok Lite above. But for those of you who want to know the complete guide, you can try how to withdraw money on Tiktok Lite.

Tiktok Lite Withdrawal Limits

After getting enough points, you can immediately withdraw or withdraw money using a bank account, or e-wallet balances such as DANA and OVO.

The Tiktok Lite app has very limited functionality in terms of withdrawing and withdrawing. Users cannot make withdrawals unilaterally with a smaller or larger nominal.

Now, the withdrawal limit for Tiktok Lite itself is limited to a maximum of IDR 300,000. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of 500 silver IDR per transaction.

Other nominals that can be withdrawn include IDR 10,000, IDR 20,000, IDR 30,000, IDR 50,000, or the entire amount of your balance which is above IDR 50,000 and below IDR 300,000.


In the article above, we don't only provide ways to get money on TikTok Lite, but we also provide ways to withdraw money and withdrawal limits on TikTok Lite.

That's an article about How to Get Money from TikTok Lite, I hope it's useful and helps you all, good luck.

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