Download the Offline Children's Educational Game Application – As parents, you must be worried if your child is playing games, we have a solution for you to download educational game applications for children so that your children can learn while playing games.

From games that introduce children to religion at a young age to games that teach colors, animals, cooking and the alphabet to those that teach counting and the alphabet to kids just starting their early lives and kindergarten programs.

Not only for children who are adept at playing smartphones, there are also games for newborns under 1 year old who are usually interested and often press the cellphone screen.

These baby games have been designed to meet the needs of children who are still learning how to process visual and auditory information.

List of Children's Educational Game Applications

In addition, this educational game for kids can be played offline, so it can still be played even when there is no internet connection.

List of Children's Educational Game Applications

For this reason, if you are confused about finding the right game to educate your children, below are 10 choices of the best educational games for Android smartphones that you can choose according to the needs of your baby, as follows:

1. Complete TK and PAUD Study Packages

Learning to count, read, write, read the Koran, draw, color, learn English and sing nursery rhymes are all included in this game.

Assuming that your child is still in kindergarten or around the age of three, this game is very educational for them.

Children's brains can be sharpened from an early age thanks to the game's educational content, which can be accessed at any lesson.

  1. Developer : ABC Education Studio
  2. Genre : Education, Kids
  3. Rating : 4.4/5.0
  4. Size : 23 MB

Download on the Play Store

2. Learning Hijaiyah + Voice

Hijaiyah + Sound seems to be a good choice for parents looking for a fun way to introduce the Quran to their children at a young age.

In this game, children will learn to distinguish hijaiyah letters from alif, ba', ta', to yes' which are done in a fun way.

Other games for children include learning to read and write hijaiyah letters, as well as games such as guessing hijaiyah diamonds, hijaiyah fish ponds, and hijaiyah letter trees, all of which can be found online.

Of course, this game can be a very good technique so that children don't get bored quickly learning hijaiyah letters.

  1. Developer : Solite Kids
  2. Genre : Education
  3. Rating : 4.4/5.0
  4. Size: 12 MB

Download on the Play Store

3. Learn Animals Names

There will be animals from all over the world represented in this game, from the common ones to those that are less common but still worth introducing.

For children ages 3 to 8, learning to differentiate animals by color, sound, and shape, and making words out of their names, is worth a try.

Seeing animals with distinctive shapes certainly makes children even more interested in the teachings offered by this Animal Name Learning game.

  1. Developer: Flash Toons
  2. Genre: Puzzle, Education, Kids
  3. Ratings: 4.5/5.0
  4. Size: 20MB

Download on the Play Store

4.Toca Kitchen 2

Children's educational games for smartphones are not only related to boys, but are also widely accessible for girls, one of which is the game Toca Kitchen 2 which is a culinary game that girls will definitely like.

Having quite complete features to produce different foods, this game is perfect for kids who want to learn to cook.

Children's imagination will increase when they can make their own burgers and other delicious food, as well as make a tower out of tomatoes.

  1. Developer: Toca Boca
  2. Genre: Kids
  3. Ratings: 4.2/5.0
  4. Size: 85 MB

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5. Rube's Lab – Physics Puzzle

This game for kids aged 5 and up introduces them to the interesting subject of physics while keeping them entertained and engaged throughout their learning process.

Various problems with an attractive appearance in physics and logic will be offered in it which will stimulate the child's brain.

Passing the level to the next step will make the child more curious about physics.

  1. Developer : Bouland Games
  2. Genre : Kids, Puzzles
  3. Rating: 3.9/5.0
  4. Size: 37 MB

Download on the Play Store

1. Complete TK and PAUD Study Packages

6. 3D Guitar Basic Keys

Anyone hoping to develop a love of guitar playing in their children at a young age should give this 3D Guitar Basic Keys Game a try.

With the help of these kid's educational guitar tutorials, kids can teach their kids the basics of playing the guitar.

Installing this game will initially give children the ability to learn the basics of music theory on their own before enrolling them in tutoring facilities.

Especially if young people seem to have a unique interest in musical instruments, this game will surely develop their talents which will carry over into adulthood.

As a parent, you just need to encourage and direct him to good things, right?

  1. Developer : Polygonium Music
  2. Genre : Education
  3. Rating : 4.7/5.0
  4. Game Size : 28 MB

Download on the Play Store

7. Lego Friends: Heartlake Rush

There are lots of kids out there who prefer tactile toys like lego. Besides being considered fun, Lego toys can also increase children's creativity by assembling various shapes such as structures using this Lego.

Lego Friends: Heartlake Rush, on the other hand, is an excellent game for children to play to stimulate their imaginations. In this game, your child has a group of friends who will help your child in adventures with various difficulties that will strengthen his brain.

The adrenaline and dexterity of children are stimulated as well as their learning in various tasks of this educational game.

  1. Developer : Lego Systems A/S
  2. Genre : Action, Kids
  3. Rating: 4.4/5.5
  4. Size : 88 MB

Download on the Play Store

8. Hello Kitty Lunchbox

The popularity and educational value of this game for women is no less significant. The Hello Kitty Lunch Box will teach creativity by generating unique food supplies from the various characteristics currently available in them.

Moreover, this game is also dominated by the popular cartoon character Hello Kitty, which of course makes women very interested in playing it.

Due to the many cute elements and vivid visuals of this game, your daughter will have a lot of fun while she learns and grows.

  1. Developer: Budge Studios
  2. Genre: Puzzle, Kids
  3. Ratings: 4.0/5.0
  4. Size: 60MB

Download on the Play Store

9. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet

The goal of Bubbu – My Virtual Pet is to instill in young players a love of animals.

Bubbu, the game's adorable virtual cat, is soulful and often indulges in delicious treats.

This lovely cat is sure to make a fantastic virtual pet for kids to learn to be patient and take care of animals.

Kids may take care of Bubbu like a real cat by feeding, playing and bathing him.

  1. Developer : Bubadu
  2. Genre : Kids
  3. Rating : 4.4/5.0
  4. Size : 86 MB

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10. BabyPhone

Game display on application This educational game Baby Phone looks just like a real keypad. Even babies as young as one year old can take part in this activity.

Inside, it includes a cartoon animal accompanied by a few buttons. When the button is pressed, an English nursery rhyme will be played.

In addition, the music that is played is also accompanied by animated graphics which are certainly quite entertaining for the baby.

  1. Developer: GoKids
  2. Genre: Education, Kids
  3. Ratings: 4.1/5.0
  4. Size: 65MB

Download on the Play Store


In the article above, we have provided a list of applications that you can use to download educational game applications for children.

After you read the article above, you can see a list of educational games for children, namely the Complete Kindergarten and Early Childhood Learning Package games, Learning Hijaiyah + Sound, Learn Animals Names, Toca Kitchen 2, Rube's Lab, Key Basic Guitar 3D, Lego Friends, Hello Lunchbox Kitty, Bubbu, and a baby phone app.

That's the article about Downloading the Children's Educational Game Application, I hope it can be useful and help all of you.

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