Android Application Suitable for the Month of Ramadan – With the development of technology, there are many android applications that are suitable for the month of Ramadan that you can download and use if you are busy.

In the month of Ramadan, everyone is competing to get lots of rewards and worship, if you don't have free time you can download the application below so you can increase your rewards anytime and anywhere.

You can practice in various ways nowadays along with advances in technology, one of which is through the use of an application. Yes, there are thousands application Ramadan for Android that you can download to increase your faith.

Android List for the Month of Ramadan

Android List for the Month of Ramadan

Below are some Ramadan applications for Android that you can download for free to complete your worship. You can download it for free from Google PlayStore, namely:

Imsakiyah application

The first application that you must have is the imsakiyah application. Yes, you can use this application to calculate the time of imsak, and also the time to start praying. So, through this application, you can find out when is sahur, when is imsak, when is it time to break the fast.

There are various application suggestions that you can download, such as Muslim Pro from Bitsmedia, Imsakiyah Schedule 2021 M 1442 H from Adjiofficial or the latest projectdroid, and so on.

How to use it Easy to use, and you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Friends, just enter your city, then this application will show the exact time of imsakiyah. So, my friend may be better prepared for worship.

Al-Qur'an application

Second, is the application of the Al Quran which is of course very useful for friends to pray and read the holy verses. If you read the Quran throughout Ramadan, you will get higher benefits than other months.

This application must always be available because it can give you the option to read the Qur'an anywhere in your spare time.

There are various suggestions, especially the Indonesian Al Quran from Andi Umpam, Muslim Pro from Bitsmedia, MyQuran from Wali Studio, and so on.

Alarms application

Next is the alarm application. Then, maybe you are wrong in your assessment of whether this application is included or not. This application, on the other hand, is very important to wake you up when it's time to eat suhoor.

There are various alarm applications that you can test, even the default application can also be changed according to the schedule. But if you don't want to be complicated, there are suggestions for applications such as the Complete Imsak Siren from Tenan Business Studio or from Putra Haryati Studio.

Compass or Qibla Finder App

Apart from the alarm, you also have to have a Ramadan application for Android, namely a compass that functions to show the Qibla direction. This application is very helpful for friends who want to go far where they have to pray in several different areas.

According to where you are in Indonesia, Qibla or west can be seen with this application. You can get Qibla Finder from 9D Tech Islamic, which is one of several apps available for download.

Apart from that, Islamic World Qibla Compass and Intuitive Lab Qibla Compass are also available. The use of pre-installed applications on your smartphone is OK.

However, it is a bit different in that compasses usually use North or north as the baseline and not west.

Nearby Mosque Finder Application

Apart from that, a Ramadan app for Android mosque finders is also a must have, especially if you prefer going to new places. If you're looking for directions to the nearest mosque, this app is great.

You don't have to worry about missing prayer times because our app will show you the mosques that you might visit soon. The recommended application is the Nearest Mosque from Bajuyuli. Apart from that, there is also the Mosque Finder from Omar Al Hamid, and many more.

Dhikr Application

The last thing you need is a Dhikr application that you can use for your morning prayers. Because the information is very complete, it is useful for friends who still can't use it.

The recommended application is Prayer and Dhikr After Prayer Offline from Islamic Studies. Then there is the Complete Dhikr and Prayer from the Official Ustad Firsobat Andirja, and others.

Dhikr and reading prayers are not the only options. Tasbeeh Counter Lite from Sevapp is one of the few apps that makes counting dhikr easy.

Actually there are still lots of Ramadan application lists for Android that you must have. This is a great place to start. You can research more on Google PlayStore to get more useful apps according to your needs. I wish you all the best with your fast.


In the article above, we have provided a list of applications that you can use to worship in the month of Ramadan. If you don't have much free time, you can download the application above and use it anywhere, anytime.

Thus the article about Android Applications that are Suitable for the Month of Ramadan, hopefully it can be useful and help all of you.

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