The Xingtu application for viral photo editing on TikTok – As we know, the Xingtu video editing application is currently viral on TikTok, and of course many Android and iOS users are looking for it.

Various kinds of applications on your smartphone have their respective features. Video editing and photo enhancement are just a few of the many possible applications for this tool.

There are a lot of them application these which are available to download and install for free on our mobile devices. But not all apps offer the same fantastic features.

Viral Photo Editing Application on Tiktok

One of the applications that netizens have been hunting for lately is the Xingtu APK application or in Chinese, interested in downloading this application?

Viral Photo Editing Application on Tiktok

Xingtu APP or APK is a photo editing application from China which is now viral on Tiktok. This application has recently been sought after by netizens who also want to use it.

The filtering capabilities of this app, which are very unique and fun to test, have helped it become very viral. So this app is great for those of you who are always looking for innovative filters.

Many netizens have recently been looking for interest in this app, which is understandable. Even if you've already found your way to this page, you might expect to find a download link for this app.

Fortunately, you can also get this app for Android and iOS. The following is a download link for the Xingtu APK application for Android and iOS that you can test.

Download 醒图 APK Android

Although this application can be downloaded by Android users, it's just that this application cannot be found on the Google Play Store. Using an Android phone? Here's how to do it!

Here's how to get a viral photo editing application on Tiktok:

  1. Go to URLs
  2. Then, as usual, go ahead and download the app
  3. Install or install the application
  4. Allow use of software from unknown sources during installation
  5. Wait for the installation to complete before going any further
  6. Open the app

After downloading or installing the application, you can immediately use a number of interesting filters in this application. Then how to get the Xingtu APK application for iOS?

Download Xingtu APK iOS

For those of you iPhone users with the iOS operating system who don't want to miss this application trend. The following instructions will guide you through the application of installing this program.

  1. Launch the App Store on your app device
  2. Tap on your profile section, then select the Country or Region menu
  3. Next, select an option. Change Country or Region
  4. Take control of the entire mainland of China as your own
  5. Add additional information by default, click the Next button, then Done
  6. In the search, type Xingtu, then download the Xingtu app that appears.

Isn't that simple? After downloading the app, you can go back to the App Store and update your country or region settings to Indonesia.

How to Edit Photos on Xingtu APK

This application still uses Chinese, so it is unexpected that many people have difficulty running the image editing application.

If you're still having trouble figuring out how to edit your images with this app, here are some pointers. We will teach you how to easily edit pictures in the Xingtu app.

  1. Open the Xingtu application that has been installed
  2. Then give the application access to be allowed to go to the next step
  3. Click the black + symbol to edit a new photo, then select a photo to edit
  4. Tap the button in the lower left corner, then press the filter button to select the appropriate filter
  5. Adjust the location of the photo as desired
  6. Click the button on the top right corner to save the modified photo

When finished, you can use this application to make your images more attractive and look cool. It's also pretty easy, how do you use the app?


In the article above, we have provided a link that you can use to download the Xingtu photo editing application that is currently viral on TikTok.

Xingtu APP or APK is a photo editing application from China which is now viral on Tiktok. This application has recently been sought after by netizens who also want to use it.

Thus the article about the Xingtu Viral Photo Editing Application on TikTok, I hope this article can be useful and help all of you.

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