How to Use the 02 Meter Application to Measure Oxygen in the Body – As we know the 02 meter application is very useful, many netizens are looking for ways to use it 02 meters app To measure oxygen levels in the body.

The percentage of Covid-19 users has decreased or even decreased oxygen saturation. As a result, individuals with Covid-19 experience decreased oxygen saturation.

Quoted from, oxygen saturation itself is a measure of health that can assess the level of oxygen in the bloodstream in your body. Human oxygen saturation can be lowered by various viruses.

Still according, a typical person's oxygen saturation varies from 95 percent and above, whereas for people with chronic conditions normal oxygen saturation is in the range of 90 percent.

Menariknya, saat ini ada puluhan aplikasi yang mengklaim dapat mengatur saturasi oksigen dalam tubuh. Salah satunya adalah topik diskusi hari ini: aplikasi yang dimaksud.

O2 Meter Application

The O2 or 02 Meter application is said to be an application that can test oxygen saturation using a cellphone camera that is connected to your hand.

Other important organs like heart rate, blood pressure and breathing apps can also be measured with this app apart from oxygen saturation, according to the developers.

Lots of people ask the truth of this application. Well, for those of you who are wondering about the level of accuracy of this app, you can check it out at the end!

How to use the 02 meter application

You can use this app after downloading from Google Play Store or other providers. Maybe you are confused about how to use this application.

Here's how to do it:

  1. To get started, get the app download from the Google Play Store
  2. Then start the app and give app permission for camera access
  3. Select Oxygen Saturation from the drop-down menu that appears
  4. To get started, press the Start button
  5. Place your index finger on the camera so that it completely covers the camera screen
  6. Wait a few minutes until the checking procedure is complete
  7. Then look at the results

As a reminder, a person's typical oxygen saturation level is around 95%. However, there are those who question whether this application is accurate enough to assess oxygen saturation?

Is this App Accurate?

We ourselves repeatedly tried to assess oxygen saturation by holding a finger in the camera for a few minutes, then testing it without inserting a finger at all.

Even if you don't put your finger on the camera, you'll get 99 percent oxygen saturation in your image. We have to ask, is this app right in all the details?

It is stated in the disclaimer of the O2 Meter application that if the application is not recommended for use as a medical device, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Also, this app is also not designed to diagnose any particular disease or illness and it also says that it has not been tested or confirmed, so accuracy on individual phones may vary.

As a result, for those of you who are looking for the right results. Instead of relying on this 02 or O2 Meter app, talk to your doctor.


The O2 or 02 Meter application is said to be an application that can test oxygen saturation using a cellphone camera that is connected to your hand.

This is information about how to use the 02 meter application to measure oxygen in the body, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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