Fast Ways to Block Someone on Facebook – If you feel annoyed with someone on facebook, you can block them. How to do? Here's how to quickly block someone on Facebook.

Blocking someone on Facebook prevents them from seeing your updates on their timeline. you won't be tagged in any of their own Facebook posts or photos, or in any of your friends' posts you've shared them with.

They can't send you invitations to any groups or events. They will not be able to send you communications.

If you block someone, you will immediately unfriend them as well. When you block them, they won't get any notifications.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Desktop

Going to someone's profile page is the fastest method of blocking them. From there, select the three dots option that appears under the profile picture of the person you want to contact. Click the “Block” option, then click “Confirm” in the pop-up that appears next.

How to Block Someone on the Facebook Application

Look for the three dots in the top-right corner of the person's profile page. click three dots. Then click “Block”, then select “Block” again in the next pop-up box that appears.

Suppose you have blocked someone. What happens after blocking?

  1. Accounts will no longer be able to access posts, comments or photos
  2. The account may no longer invite you to join groups or events
  3. The account's ability to start discussions and send messages will be disabled
  4. The account will no longer be able to add us as friends
  5. Facebook will unfriend us with that account
  6. When you decide to unblock, you will have to resend the friend request
  7. Facebook will not send him a message telling him that his account has been blocked
  8. If you decide to unblock it, you won't be able to block your account for the next few years

Begitulah cara kamu memblokir seseorang di Facebook, baik di web maupun di application. Dengan begitu, kamu tidak akan lagi diganggu oleh orang tersebut di Facebook. Fungsi ‘blok’ hanya boleh digunakan dengan hemat.


In the article above we have provided a quick way to block friends on Facebook, you can do this if you feel disturbed by someone's account on Facebook.

Thus the article about How to Quickly Block Someone on Facebook, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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