Check NIK KTP without going to Dukcapil, very practical – If you don't have much time to check your NIK at the Dukcapil office, you can check your NIK KTP without going to the Dukcapil just by using your smartphone, you know, here's how.

NIK is a collection of 16 unique and important digits on KTPs, which are used to track or find out the identity of Indonesian residents.

NIK is used for various arrangements, such as making SIMs, registration for CPNS and accepting new students (PPDB).

List of Ways to Check KTP NIK without going to Dukcapil

If you want to check your NIK using a cellphone, here's how:

1. SMS

NIK checking via SMS can be done by sending the format: Cek#KTP#NIK to the number 0815-3636-9999 belonging to the Disdukcapil Kemendagri.

2. Facebook and Twitter

Contacting the official Dukcapil account is another option available to the general public. Disdukcapil's official Facebook and Twitter accounts are “Hello Dukcapil” and “@ccdukcapil” respectively.

Users of these two social media can contact via private chat, the format is #NIK#Full Name #Family Card Number #Phone Number#Aduan

3. WhatsApp

Send all name formats according to KTP, NIK, kelurahan/regency/regency/city to number 0813-2691-2479

4. E-mail

Follow the instructions below:

Send a message in the format #NIK#Full_name#Family Card Number#Phone_Number#duan
An email is sent to the address [email protected]
Emails will be processed within 1×24 hours.

5. Ministry of Internal Affairs website

Another alternative to check your NIK is to visit the Ministry of Home Affairs website:

On the website homepage, look for the e-KTP option and fill in the NIK. If the number is valid, the applicant will be directed to a display with complete data that matches the KTP.

6. Dukcapil Call Center

The shortest way to receive a response is to contact the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) Halo Dukcapil Call Center.

The call center's toll free number is 1500-537.

Before making a call, residents must prepare certain data that is requested by the authorities in the verification process.

The data needed include NIK and KK. If the number is invalid, the applicant can immediately request data/NIK synchronization.

You don't need to go all the way to Dukcapil to check your NIK KTP in this way. Compared to verifying directly with Dukcapil, this approach is much more convenient, simple and cost-effective.


In the article above we have provided 6 ways to check your KTP NIM without going to the Dukcapil office, namely via SMS, Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Ministry website, and the Dukcapil Call center.

Thus the article about Checking KTP NIK Without Going to Dukcapil, Very Practical. Hopefully the above article can be useful and help you all.

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