How to Make Apple Watch a Screen to Help Vlogging

How to Make Apple Watch a Screen to Help Vlogging – Good news for you Apple Watch users. The problem is that you can apparently use a smartwatch as a monitor to take pictures or a viewfinder, instead of just taking pictures or as a remote camera.

Releasing The Verge on Wednesday (6/1/2021), this power was first expressed by the Twitter account @PeterSciretta. He mentioned the Apple Watch as the device that really helps video recording, especially for vlogging routines. The smartwatch can be kept on your arm or strapped to your iPhone.

So, you can do vlogging with the main camera without worrying about whether your position is right. Just watch the monitor display on Apple Watch to adjust your status.

The steps to make the Apple Watch as an iPhone viewfinder are not that difficult. On your Apple Watch, open the Remote Camera program. It will automatically open the camera program on your iPhone, and you can switch it to the video mode, control it, and record.

Android users don't need to feel left out, because the Wear OS device can act as a camera viewfinder when connected to a Pixel smartphone. The Apple Watch trick will work with the popular video camera program FiLMiC Pro. This way, you can get all the benefits that the 3rd faction program has to offer, plus remote viewing on your watch.

Of course, if you're looking to make new vlogging preparations, this might not be the greatest step to take, especially if you don't have an Apple Watch yet. At a fraction of the price of the cheapest Apple Watch (Series 3), you can even get an Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter that lets you power your phone so it doesn't run out of battery, and a small camera monitor.

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