Exchanging Shopee Coins for Money, Here's How

Rancakmedia.com – It turns out that exchanging Shopee coins for money is very easy, see the article below to the end and we are sure that you can easily exchange Shopee coins for money.

Please follow the advice below on how to convert Shopee coins into money so that your shopping activities also generate money. You only need to use the expertpulsa.com website without leaving the house.

List of Ways to Exchange Shopee Coins for Money

Below are the steps you need to do, which are as follows:

  1. Visit the Pulsa expert site at Click here
  2. Because exchanging Shopeepay to a digital wallet is only intended for members (except DANA for non-members), please register first by clicking "Register".
  3. After registered, return to the front page then scroll down click "All"
  4. Select the DANA, Gopay, OVO or other digital wallet menu. Make sure application Your digital wallet supports withdrawals at convenience stores
  5. Enter the cellphone number that you use in your digital wallet account
  6. Determine the nominal balance of the digital wallet that you want
  7. Use the payment method "QRIS (Shopee, funds, ovo, etc.)"
  8. Enter the security code and click "Checkout"
  9. After that, take a screenshot of the QR code that appears
  10. Open the Shopee application, on the start page, click the scan icon
  11. Click the gallery icon in the upper right corner, select the QR code screenshot, then click tick
  12. If the QR code is correct then an image will appear, click "Continue"
  13. Use the Shopeepay payment method and tick exchange Shopee coins
  14. Click pay now and enter your Shopeepay PIN
  15. If all steps have been completed, your digital wallet balance will increase
  16. To withdraw it, you can withdraw it to a bank account. You can read how in the article below
    How to Transfer FUNDS to a Bank Account for Free
    Methods and Fees for Transferring OVO Balances to Bank Accounts
  17. Or you can also cash it directly through the nearest minimarket.
  18. Good luck!


In the article above, there are 18 steps that we have summarized for all of you to exchange Shopee coins for money with only one website.

Thus the article about exchanging Shopee Coins for Money, Here's How, I hope the article above can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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