How to Overcome Unreadable SIM Card – Many often experience that the SIM card that is being used is suddenly unreadable, it turns out that this is how you deal with an unreadable SIM card that you need to do.

The unreadable SIM card problem does not only affect Android users, but iOS users as well.

This is why figuring out how to fix an unreadable smartphone SIM card is so important.

List of Ways to Overcome SIM Card

If the SIM card is not detected when the phone is switched on, try the following:

1. Open and Clean Sim Card

It is recommended that smartphone users access the SIM card slot and remove the brass on the SIM card.

Generally, if the area is not cleaned for too long then there is dust which makes the SIM card unreadable.

The way to clean it is to take a dry cloth or tissue, then carefully wipe the brass coating on the SIM card body. If it has been cleared, then we can retry the SIM card on our phone.

2. Reset Network

If your SIM card is not recognized, try to put it back in another slot. If our cellphone is equipped with two SIM card slots, transfer the SIM card directly.

After sliding, it is recommended to reset the existing network on our device. Switching networks can also be done by navigating to the Settings-Network or Internet-Mobile Network section of the Settings menu.

After that we can set the APN according to the network and operator used.

3. Try on Another Phone

If the two techniques above are not optimal, it is recommended to try the SIM card on another cellphone. We do this to see if our SIM card is bad or something is wrong with our phone's connectivity.

This unreadable SIM card fix is considered as one of the fastest techniques to trace the cause of the problem.


In the article above, we have provided several ways you need to do to deal with an unreadable SIM card.

And in the article above, we have provided 3 ways you need to do, namely by opening and cleaning the SIM card, resetting the network, and finally trying to use it on another cellphone.

Thus the article on How to Overcome an Unreadable SIM Card, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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