Turns Android Phones and iPhones as Webcams

Rancakmedia.com – It's no longer strange if you use your laptop as a webcam, but do you know how to turn your Android phone and iPhone as a webcam? if not, find out how in this article.

Laptop camera quality is generally a problem faced by many people. Not only cheap laptops have poor quality cameras, even expensive laptops can be equipped with standard quality cameras.

Maybe you can use a smartphone camera with better quality as a webcam for your PC or Mac, of course. How to?

How to Turn Android Phone as Webcam for PC

It is possible to use the camera on your Android phone as a wireless webcam on a Windows PC. And for that, we will use application Android that has been available for over a decade, called DroidCam.

This is a free ad-supported app, but also offers a premium edition for $ 4.99 which removes ads and allows additional features, such as support for higher quality movies.

Step 1: Download DroidCam on Android phone

Download this app from Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step 2: Launch DroidCam and Grant Permissions

After installing the application, launch it. This will give a help screen, just tap “Next”, then “OK”. Don't worry; Despite the fact that the help screens make it appear that way, we'll take you through each step.

After selecting “OK”, the application may ask for the necessary permissions to carry out its work. Then click "Allow."

Step 3: Download DroidCam PC Client on PC

Now it's time to set up your PC to use your phone as a webcam. Download DroidCam Windows Client here to use on PC: DroidCam Windows Client

Then open the downloaded DroidCam Client setup file and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the DroidCam Client is installed on your PC, it will find it as an icon on your desktop.

Step 4: Connect PC Client and Android Application

Open the “DroidCam” software which is now on your PC desktop. The “Connect” window will appear, as seen below (right).

In it, make sure the WiFi symbol is selected and “Video” and “Audio” are enabled, as shown in the image below, so that your phone's camera and microphone can be used.

Now check on your smartphone which still has the active DroidCam application. “WiFi IP:” will be followed by a series of numbers and a period. Write down the number and dot on the desktop application, where it says “Device IP”.

Then on your PC, click “Start”, and done, your phone's main camera will now act as the PC's webcam. It will work automatically with Skype, Zoom, and other desktop tools you may need to use for video conferencing.

If the software still uses your laptop camera, open the video settings and change the camera option to “DroidCam Source”. Then all you have to do is lean your phone against the wall and enjoy the show.

Click “Stop” on the Desktop Client when you are done using your smartphone as a webcam.

How to Use an Android Phone as a Webcam for Mac

It is possible to use your phone as a webcam even if you have an Android smartphone but an Apple Mac or MacBook PC. “Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac” will be our app of choice.

Step 1: Download the Iriun Webcam App on your Android Phone

Just download and run the app that we will use to turn your phone into a Mac webcam from the Google Play Store. Once you launch the app on your phone, it will ask for the necessary permissions to operate, grant them. It's time to use your Mac.

Step 2: Download and Install Iriun Webcam for Mac

Download “Webcam for Mac” from the following link onto your Mac or MacBook. Install the software by running the downloaded file and following the on-screen instructions. Launch the software once it is installed on your Mac.

Pretty much as long as the Iriun Webcam application is running on your phone and the client application that we just downloaded on your Mac is also running, the application will connect automatically. Now you can use your phone as a wireless webcam on your Mac by simply placing it in the desired location.

Once done, simply stop the Android app or desktop client from disconnecting from each other and the Mac will revert to its default webcam (if applicable).

How to Set iPhone as Webcam for PC

Similar to the last example, you'll be using the Iriun Webcam program to do this.

Step 1: Download the Iriun Webcam App on iPhone

Download the Irun Webcam App from the App Store on your iPhone.

Then launch the app and give it the required permissions to operate. you will get a “Waiting for connection” message when you tap “Let's go!” Then. Leave the program running as it is and let's move on to your PC.

Step 2: Download and install Iriun Webcam for PC

On your Windows PC, download “Webcam for Windows”. After that open the installer you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. When the software is installed, run it.

You will be able to use your iPhone camera as a wireless webcam for your PC and any apps you have installed on it.

How to Use iPhone as Webcam for Mac

We'll be back with the Iriun Webcam app, which is the simplest method to turn your iPhone into a wireless webcam for your Mac or MacBook.

Step 1: Download the Iriun Webcam App on iPhone

Just open Appstore on iPhone and download Irun Webcam App. When downloaded, launch the app on the iPhone and allow the necessary permissions, so that it can operate properly. The iPhone component is complete after you see the message “Waiting for connection.” Let's switch to the Mac and leave the iPhone behind for a while.

Step 2: Download and Install Iriun Webcam for Mac

On your Mac/MacBook and download “Webcam for Mac”. Open the setup file you just downloaded and let it guide you through the setup procedure. Once the software is installed on your Mac, just run it.

When you launch it on your iPhone, it will immediately establish a connection with the application you installed earlier. And you're done! Your iPhone camera now works as a Mac webcam.


In above article we have given how to turn Android as Webcam for PC, How to use your Android phone as webcam for Mac, How to set iPhone as webcam for PC, and also How to use iPhone as webcam for Mac.

Thus the article about Changing Android Phones and iPhones as Webcams, I hope the above articles can be useful and help all of you.

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