Rows of Emoji that are Often Misunderstood, Turns Out to Mean This – For us social media users, surely you are already familiar with emojis right? It turns out that there are rows of emoji that are often misinterpreted, you know. To find out, see this article until it's finished.

As of 2020, there are 3,136 emoji in the Emojipedia database. In 2021, this number will increase to 3,353, as 217 new emoji will be released.

These thousands of emoji feature a wide variety of facial emotions and facial expressions, as well as various shapes of items, including animals, food, fruits, musical instruments and more.

Because of the wide variety of emoji available, it's not uncommon for people to use them in situations where they weren't intended.

Rows of Emoji that are Often Misunderstood

There are at least five emoji that are often misinterpreted. Are as follows:

1. Joined Hands Emoji

The most misinterpreted emoji is this one. So far, the clenched fist emoji is usually interpreted as an emoji praying or apologizing.

The hands of two people high-fiving, according to some netizens, is what this emoji actually represents.

Even so, according to Emojipedia, this emoji is referred to as folded hands. This emoji is used to express thanks in Japanese culture. This emoji can also be used to describe a prayer gesture.

2. Two Middle Fingers Folded Emoji

This emoji might be interpreted as a metal symbol. The love-you gesture is an emoji, not a phrase. In other words, this emoji means "I adore you."

This gesture of the thumb, forefinger and little finger is also part of the American sign language which is used to show "I love you".

3. Pouting Lips Emoji

This emoji does resemble a smirk or a whistle. Kissing face is the official name of this emoji.

In other words, this emoji is used as a kiss sign, not a pout or a whistle.

4. Fart or Escape emoji

According to Emojipedia, this emoji is called rushing away, which resembles a cartoon-style gust of wind depicted as a small gray cloud with lines moving to the left.

This emoji is used a lot in comics and animation to signify that someone or something has fled quickly and eventually left behind a cloud of dust.

The rushing away emoji can be used to signify speed, smoke, and many types of wind.

5. Shocked or Reprimanded Emoji

To convey amazement, some people use the yellow face emoji, which has wide open eyes, arched eyebrows, and wide open mouth. The use of emoji is actually wrong.

This emoji is known as the silent face, according to Emojipedia. Usually used to express oneself when reprimanded or corrected by others.

There is a possibility that this emoji is interpreted to convey amazement, embarrassment, or even joy, depending on your point of view.

Users love the amazed face emoji to express surprise or astonishment.

This emoji is shown as a yellow face, with eyes and mouth wide open compared to the silent face emoji, as if gasping with astonishment.


In the article above, we have mentioned some of the emojis that are often misinterpreted by social media users, namely the joined hands emoji, the two middle fingers emoji folded, the pouting lips emoji, the fart or run away emoji, and also the surprised or reprimanded emoji.

Thus the article about Rows of Emoji that are Often Misunderstood, It Turns Out That the Meaning Is Like This. Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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