Tips for securing email so it's hard to hack  – Did you know that email accounts can be hacked by people you don't know? You need to know tips on securing email so it's hard to hack, see this article until it's finished.

A verification code provided by email is often required to verify an account. If a user forgets the password for an account registered with an e-mail address, a code consisting of several digits is often required.

If an email account is hacked or hijacked by irresponsible individuals, they can commit various cybercrimes, which of course will harm you.

Among other things, committing fraud, slandering email owners, borrowing money and accessing various other accounts on the internet related to email. When it comes to serving as an account verification tool, an email address is just as important as a phone number.

Since it is an important verification tool, email accounts must be protected in some way so that they are not easily hacked. Then how do you secure your email account?

Definition of e-mail

Email or email is a way of sending letters in digital form through the internet network. Only by using a laptop, computer or smartphone.

Simply put, e-mail is the exchange of messages between humans using electronic devices such as computers, laptops, or smartphones that are connected to the internet network.

Email Type

Below are the types of email that you need to know, including:

1. POPMail

The first type is POP Mail or it can also be called the post office protocol which is a special type of email that can be opened and carried through the internet service provider used.

2. WebMail

The second type is the most popular email in the community. This email is like email services on Google and Yahoo, which can only be accessed by opening the website page.

3. Forward Mail

Finally, this type is often used for users who frequently change their email address.

This type can be said to be an intermediary, because it functions as an intermediary for e-mail addresses.

List of Tips to Secure Email

Below are a number of steps you need to take to secure your email so that it is hard to be hacked by strangers, as follows:

1. Use Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication can provide an email account with an extra layer of security by sending a security code via a phone number.

Indeed, there is no certainty that activating this function will prevent online data theft. Even if someone has your login and password, you can still use this function to verify your identity because you have to enter the verification code sent to the phone number or e-mail associated with your account.

2. Use a Strong Password

To protect e-mail, choose a strong password in the form of a combination of numbers, characters, symbols or capital letters, for example *cont0hpassSword.

If you have trouble remembering this combination, you can use a free password management program from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Jangan mencatat kata sandi kamu di catatan atau aplikasi serupa. Hal ini disebabkan oleh fakta bahwa dokumen tersebut tidak dienkripsi, sehingga rentan untuk disalin oleh siapa pun.

3. Don't just click on the link in the email

Phishing is the practice of tricking people into clicking on malicious links in emails they receive.

If the click is successful, the hacker can collect a lot of personal data belonging to the victim, including their email account. Therefore, do not blindly click on any links in emails, especially those provided by unknown senders.

4. Don't use public Wi-Fi

The second recommendation is not to take advantage of Wi-Fi networks provided by different public places (such as restaurants, cafes and airports) (such as restaurants, cafes and airports).

While convenient and free, taking advantage of Wi-Fi in public locations poses a security problem because users don't know who is connected to whom or who built the hotspot.

There are several ways in which hackers can gain access to critical data when people use their devices in public locations.

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) sabotage attacks, fake hotspots, and data collection and recording as it passes through the network are some of the methods used by some of them (also known as packet sniffing).

If users are not diligent, important information such as login credentials and passwords can fall into the hands of irresponsible people.

5. Always Updating the Operating System

Frequent updates are a sign of a safe tool. The fact is that whenever a system is upgraded, the developers almost always include security enhancements as well.

As a result, users also have to upgrade the OS on their own computers or mobile devices. But remember, system upgrades must be done using the latest system but also a system with a stable version.


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about email, as follows:

Why Email Can Be Hacked?

Gmail accounts will be easily hacked or hacked because passwords and security questions are made too easy to guess. For example password using name and date of birth, and security question regarding date of birth etc. This makes many amateur hackers able to log in or log into your Gmail account.


In the article above, we have mentioned 5 tips for you to do so that the email you have is not easy to be hacked by people you don't know.

Thus the article about Tips for Securing Email so that it is difficult to hack, I hope the article above can be useful and help all of you in securing email.

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