How to Block Sold Motorcycle and Car STNKs – Have you recently sold your vehicle? Don't forget to block STNK, if you don't know how, see how to block STNK motorbikes and cars that have been sold in the article below.

The goal is to block motorcycle and car STNKs so that you are not subject to progressive tax rules, because you own more than one STNK.

It's easy to block STNK on motorbikes and cars for sale. This procedure can be done online in certain places, such as DKI Jakarta. In other words, what steps must be taken and what prerequisites must be met?

Selling motorized vehicles? Use a website online tax to fill out the required documents.

To get started, simply log in with your NIK (Personal Identification Key) or Central (business entity) NPWP. To complete the activation, the taxpayer will receive an activation email.

If you have activated the taxpayer, you can log in to take advantage of the service facilities provided at online tax. Tax objects displayed in the online tax are tax objects that have been filled in with the Taxpayer NIK/NPWP in the DKI Jakarta BPRD database.

After that, you can choose the type of vehicle sales report service to block your STNK. Don't forget to prepare some relevant papers for upload.

List of Ways to Block Motorcycle and Car STNKs and the Conditions

The requirements for the vehicle sales report document are as follows:

  1. Photocopy of the Vehicle Owner's KTP
  2. Power of Attorney stamped and attached photocopy (if authorized)
  3. Photocopy of deed of delivery and proof of payment
  4. Photocopy of STNK/BPKB
  5. Photocopy of Family Card
  6. Statement letter which can be downloaded at

The six papers are required. And if there is no copy of the deed of delivery and proof of payment or copy of STNK/BPKB, then you need to block the vehicle offline at the Main Samsat according to the area of the vehicle registered.

The requirement is to show the original KTP of the vehicle owner that is correct in the STNK along with a photocopy, original and photocopy of the Family Card, stamp duty, power of attorney attached with a stamp and the original KTP along with a photocopy if approved.


That's an article on how to block motorcycle and car STNKs that have been sold, in the article above there are 6 requirements that you need to do to block motorcycle and car STNKs.

Thus the article on how to block motorcycle and car STNKs that have been sold, I hope the above article can be useful and useful for all of you.

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