Pay Zakat Fitrah Online, Using These 3 Sites – Did you know that since this pandemic many people are afraid to leave the house, if you are afraid to pay zakat fitrah in person we have provided a website that you can use to pay zakat fitrah online.

Payment of zakat fitrah can be done online. The amount paid is in the form of rice or groceries weighing 2.5 kg or 3.5 liters per person.

However, rulers such as Sheikh Yusuf Qardawi receive payment of zakat fitrah in the amount of 1 sha' of wheat, dates or rice.

Must pay zakat fitrah in the form of the amount of rice eaten. This implies that the amount of zakat fitrah can change in several places because it follows the existing pricing norms.

How to Pay Zakat Online Easily

Below are several ways to pay zakat fitrah online, as follows:


  1. Open browser
  2. Open the official page BAZNAS
  3. A zakat payment form will appear
  4. Fill and complete the zakat payment form, Click Continue to payment
  5. Choose a payment method, Click one
  6. Then click pay
  7. After making a payment via transfer, confirm by opening the address Click here
  8. Fill and complete the Zakat Payment Confirmation Form
  9. Upload proof of payment
  10. Enter Captcha
  11. Click submit

B. Zakat House

  1. Open the zakat house page at
  2. Select the 'zakat' option then click 'zakat fitrah'
  3. Click 'zakat here'
  4. Fill in the fields provided, such as input the amount of zakat fitrah, payment method, full name, cellphone number, email, and additional information needed
  5. Click 'Pay now'
  6. Select a payment method from the list. If you use a digital wallet to make payments (ovo, gopay, linkaja), you will get a notification when zakat money is sent to your method.
  7. Check incoming or open warning application
  8. Before paying, first read the purpose of zakat fitrah in your heart, then click the Pay Now button
  9. The payment has been successfully completed

C. Dhuafa Wallet

  1. Visit the page
  2. Select “Zakat” as the type of contribution you want to choose
  3. Then select "Zakat Fitrah" for a special contribution
  4. This is where the nominal role of zakat fitrah
  5. Name, mobile number and email address must be complete
  6. Choose the payment method you want. E-wallets, virtual accounts and bank transfers are just a few options
  7. After that, click “Donate Now!” to complete the donation process


Thus the article regarding Paying Zakat Fitrah Online, Using These 3 Sites, if you want to pay zakat fitrah online, you can use the site above to pay zakat online, I hope this article can be useful and help you all.

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