How to Check Smartfren Numbers Easily – How to check a Smartfren number is one thing that must be known by all Smartfen service users, because if your number is lost, deleted, etc., you only have to check it. But there's no need to worry because we will recommend a way to easily check Smartfren numbers.

Various innovations have been explored by the telecommunications company, for example in 2015, Smartfren debuted its 4G LTE Advanced service which made the provider increasingly known to many cellphone subscribers. Moreover, this CDMA service provider offers 4G Internet service with a wide network coverage, serving up to 15,000 4G BTS in 200 cities in Indonesia.

Smartfren continues to offer consumers a variety of essential services besides contemporary internet access. Among other features, such as a simple way to check Smartfren numbers. It's easy and fast to check your Smartfren number. Check for more information.

List of Ways to Check Smartfren Numbers

Below are 4 ways that you can use to check Smartfren numbers, including:

1. How to Check Smartfren Number Via Dial UP

  1. Dial *995# on the call menu on the smartphone
  2. Select the OK/YES/CALL button
  3. After a while, the Smartfren number will be displayed on your smartphone screen along with other information.

2. Check the Smartfren Number via SMS

We can also try sending SMS messages as a second option. Don't worry, because this method can be used for free without paying any fees.

  1. Type “Info” on the smartphone SMS menu and send it to number 995
  2. You just have to wait until Smartfren sends you a message containing your Smartfren card information, including the card number that you are using now

3. Check the Smartfren Number with the help of the operator

The next way to check the Smartfren number is to ask the operator or Smartfren customer service for help. We can call 995 or 500 for Smartfren subscribers.

A direct connection to the Smartfren customer support representative who is currently calling will be established. With the help of the Smartfren operator, we can ask which Smartfren number we are using.

Smartfren charges per call for all customer service calls. However, you don't need to worry about exorbitant prices.

It costs between 300 and 500 rupiah per call to reach Smartfren's operator or customer service. By contacting the Smartfren operator, we can also ask about additional services that apply to Smartfren numbers.

4. Check the Smartfren Number through the My Smartfren application

Download aplikasi My Smartfren di Google Play Store atau App Store dari salah satu sumber di bawah ini:

Androids Download Here
iOS Download Here

  1. Then, use the email address to register
  2. Follow the next steps indicated by the application, such as email activation, verification token code and others.
  3. If the registration is successful, you will receive a notification and can immediately use the My Smartfren application to carry out all activities related to the SIM card, including checking the number you are using.


Thus the article on How to Check Smartfren Numbers Easily, you can use the 4 methods above to restore your deleted, forgotten, etc. numbers.

We hope that this article can easily be useful for all of you in finding numbers that have been lost, forgotten, deleted, etc.

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