How to Create a Google Drive Link, Very Easy – Many don't know how to make a Google Drive link, it turns out to be very easy, you know, if you've never made one and want to learn how to make a Google Drive link, you can try the method below.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage and sync service. Since its debut in April 2012, Google Drive has made it possible for its users to upload and store files online.

Interestingly, users can also share their Google Drive link with others. However, to start with, you have to create everything from scratch. It's easy to create a Google Drive link and share it with others.

List of How to Make Google Drive Links

Below is a way to create a Google Drive link that you can try, including:

1. Generate a Share Link on Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS

If you're a Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS user and have installed the Google Drive software, creating a link is easy.

Using Windows Explorer or Finder is a quick and easy way to achieve this. To get started, find the file you want to distribute.

It doesn't matter if it is a document, image, executable or any other type of file, the sharing procedure remains the same. Right-click the file and select "Google Drive" from the context menu that appears.

When a new menu option appears, select Share. It should be noted, on macOS and ChromeOS, there is no Google Drive option, just select Share (on ChromeOS) or Share using Google Drive (on macOS). From there, things are basically the same.

The first box displayed will allow you to send a link to a specific email address. You can do that if you want, but since you're talking about building shareable links here, there are a few things to cover.

In the top-right corner of the Sharing Settings dialog box, there is a button that says “Get shareable link.” To do so, just click the button. Once that option is enabled, a link will be provided.

Copy and paste a link from your bookmarks into an email or chat message, for example. But there's still more control here.

When you create a download link, the file will be available to everyone who has the link and can open it.

However, a drop-down option right above the link lets you change these settings. Changing global privacy settings for files is also possible via the “Other” option at the very bottom:

  1. Active (Public): This basically makes the file publicly available. Files can be found, searched, and downloaded by anyone.
  2. On (Link): Anyone with the link can download it. Not even a Google account is needed for this.
  3. Off: Only certain people can view the file. Therefore, Google must enter.

Yes, there's a lot to look into if all you're doing is simple file sharing.

The good news is that Google does most of the heavy lifting here, and the default sharing action is fairly private (your link is accessible to anyone, but only if they know the link), so you can share files quickly and efficiently.

2. How to Generate Share Link on Android and iOS

If you need to create a link on your mobile device, it's just as simple. Although many possibilities are more buried. Consequently, it is necessary to break down the process into many components.

Generate Links:

  1. First of all open it application drives. Then open the file you want to share
    Tap the three dots button in the app. Then, tap Share Link. On iOS, it actually says 'Get Link.'
  2. This is where the only real difference between Android and iOS comes in. On iOS, the link is copied to the clipboard, so you can share it. On Android, the share menu will appear, giving you more options.

Between Android and iOS, there isn't much difference. On iOS, the link will be copied to the clipboard, so you can share it. On Android, a sharing menu will appear, offering you additional options.

Your Sharing Dialog Box will probably look different from ours, as it is curated depending on your sharing history, installed apps, and so on.

Selecting the apps you want to share files with should be easy from this point onwards. Alternatively, you can use the “Copy to clipboard” option if you want to copy the link and share it manually.


Thus the article about How to Make a Google Drive Link, Very Easy. If you have read the article above, we provide 2 ways that you can use to create links on Google Drive.

Hopefully the above article can be helpful and useful for those of you who want to create a Google Drive link.

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