The difference between Calling and Ringing on WhatsApp Calls - Do you still like to be confused about the difference between Calling and Ringing when making calls on WhatsApp, whether it's when making a phone call or video call?

Everyone knows about WhatsApp, right? Facebook owns this popular messaging software, which allows its users to use various services for free.

One of them is the voice call feature or WhatsApp Voice Call. As the name suggests, this feature can be used by users to call other users.

It's as easy as clicking the phone call symbol in the upper right corner of the chat room. After that the screen will display the description and status of the voice call being made.

The screen will then display the desired username. Below, the user will show the status of the call, i.e. “Calling” or “Ringing”.

What is the difference between Calling and Ringing on WhatsApp?

This question can also be found on Quora. Also, a number of Quora users voiced their opinion.

An account by Jayesh Thakkar from India was the first to answer the question. According to him, WhatsApp's "Calling" and "Ringing" statuses are directly related to the availability of the internet network for the intended recipient.

When the screen displays the description "Calling" or calling, this indicates that the person being called is not connected to the internet, either via data or WiFi. It is conceivable that the internet connection of the person you are trying to reach is not working properly.

In this case, the called user will not get incoming call notifications on his WhatsApp. However, when later connected to the internet, the user will get a missed call notification.

Another Quora member named Sri Ayyagari said the same thing. According to him, there is also the potential for the summoned smartphone to be turned off.

Instead, "Ringing" aka ringing will appear on the screen when the intended person is connected to the internet. In this condition, the called user will receive an incoming call notification.

When the call connects or rings, three things may happen. First and foremost, the voice calling the number must answer the call. To indicate how long the call will last, WhatsApp Voice Call status will switch to “number mode”.

Second, there are phone calls that go unanswered. This occurs when the user waits for a long time, but the phone does not respond, even though it is connected.

Also, if the intended user's phone is on silent mode or the owner isn't nearby, this might happen, according to Thakkar.

A “Missed Call” notification or missed call in the user's chatroom will be sent to the person called as a result of this situation.

Third, the call is rejected. When a call is rejected, it indicates that the user being contacted is actively rejecting the voice call by pressing the “Reject” button.


Thus the article regarding the Differences between Calling and Ringing on WhatsApp Calls. We hope that after reading the article above, all of you are no longer confused about the difference between Calling and Ringing. I hope this article is useful.

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