This is how to unregister card 3, done when changing numbers – Many don't know that this is how to unregister 3 cards that you can do yourself at home. There are several ways you need to do to mUnreg Card 3, see below.

List of Ways to Unreg Card 3

There are 4 ways you can unregister card 3, namely via the website, SMS, 3store, and also with 3care, here's an explanation:

1. How to unregister card 3 through the website

This method is suitable for those of you who may frequently visit three features on the website. Here is a tutorial on how to unregister card 3 through the website:

  1. Visit the registration website 3 Click here
  2. Select the unreg menu
  3. Fill in all the required information (NIK, telephone number and others)
  4. You will receive a password sent to your cellphone via SMS
  5. Enter the code in the requested box
  6. Check the box on the text "I am not a robot"
  7. Click "Send"

2. How to unregister card 3 via SMS

While texting may seem old-fashioned today, it's a very common method of deregistering a 3 card.

Open application SMS on your smartphone and tap first. In that app, select the option to write a new message. Fill in the number 4444. In the message field, enter the format UNREG#NIK#.

For example like this: #UNREG#12345678910#

Your request for an unregistered card 3 has been received and is being addressed, and you will be notified shortly.

After you get confirmation that your card number 3 has been disconnected from the NIK, you can continue.

3. How to unregister 3 cards using 3Store

You can choose the two methods above to unregister the 3 cards that are still in your hand. So, the following method is specifically for those of you who have lost card 3.

Yes, even if the 3 card is lost, the user can still cancel the registration by visiting the local 3Store store.

Customers can also ask the cashier to replace the lost card number with a new one.

4. How to unregister card 3 through 3Care

If you don't have time to visit 3Store, you can contact 3Care services through the following platforms:

  1. Telephone: 132 (300 rupiah/call for prepaid) or 0896 44000 123 (paid)
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. WhatsApp Click here
  4. Facebook : 3 Indonesia Click here
  5. Twitter: @3CareIndonesia Click here


Thus the article regarding This is How to Unregister Card 3, Done When Changing Numbers, you need to know that there are 4 ways, namely by using the website, SMS, 3store, and 3Care.

If you have read the article above properly, we are sure that you will have no trouble unregistering 3 cards, because the method above is a very simple method.

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