How to Play the Shopee Run Game and Get Prizes - Currently, the Shopee Run game is very much talked about and played by Shopee users because it offers very attractive and profitable prizes. Everyone is aware that Shopee is one of the largest and most popular online buying and selling applications, which is used by almost all Indonesian people.

Shopee is more than just a marketplace, often running promotions through events and games. Coins, certificates and cash back are some of the more attractive incentives on offer.

There are several Shopee games to choose from. The Shopee Run game, on the other hand, is much more popular nowadays. As a result, we will discuss some tips for winning. Check out the following reviews!

A Brief Review of the Shopee Run Game

One of the games on Shopee that Shopee users might play. Currently, the Shopee Run Game is much sought after and played by Shopee users because it provides tempting rewards.

And to get rewards in the form of discount coupons, money, products, cashback, free shipping and others, you have to compete against other players who may have the talents and abilities above you or you may even face ordinary opponents. only.

The first time you play the Shopee Run Game, the first prize is diamonds. In addition, you have the option to exchange your diamonds for various attractive prizes. Take this game seriously if you want the attractive prizes mentioned above.

However, if you are still not clear about how to play it, don't worry, because we will cover everything in full below.

How to Play Shopee Run Game

We must use our agility and speed to overcome the many obstacles in this game, all of which are waiting to hinder our efforts.

Please try the following method.

  1. Open the Shopee application on your device
  2. Click the Me button in the lower right corner of the Shopee page when displayed.
  3. Then, use the Shopee Coin button to open this game.
  4. If you are new to playing then you will be playing at the basic level. And the level of difficulty according to the level level
  5. To start the game, press the Play button. And all you have to do is slide the Shopee chicken left and right so the chicken reaches its destination
  6. And don't forget to keep collecting the stars you get. Because of this star's ability to enhance game features.
  7. And earn diamonds, which can be exchanged for exciting Shopee items.

That's our assessment of how to play the Shopee Run Game so you can receive beautiful gifts from Shopee.


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